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  1. I applied the new patch 4.03 to my version of CMBN which is 4.01 so now my start screen says 4.00,I never could find a 4.02 patch,just trying to figure this out.
  2. It works just highlight the link and right click on the go to link.
  3. i'll tell you what I like is more cowbell,sounds like You need more cowbell.
  4. This one will test your metal,it's a down and dirty fight almost text book fight good use of armor and infantry is a must,i like this one too.
  5. All my cm scenarios and Qb have a btt. ending all my save games have bts.that's all games cmbn rt cmbs.
  6. I have windows 8.1 all games and modules work fine.My comp is 3.30 ghz with 6 gigs of ram.on board intel graphics.All runs fine.
  7. Theres a time of day clock on the direction dial upper right hand corner.
  8. I have juju's ui no problem here, but vins antimated text did cause a problem took it out everything is fine.
  9. I just mix things up like sound files and find the best for me.I almost have more fun doing that than playing the game.
  10. I suggest a complete module.Lets call it Market Garden.And i'm going with 3 underwear change for the win.
  11. It is the very best wargame on the market.Im no spring chicken.Played board games for years.Welcome to the fight.
  12. when your driving down the road and see a small group of houses,and above it the sky in big white letters it says village.
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