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  1. I am just here to spit my fantasies without reading what else is written so bare with me. I know these things take a lot of work but let me enjoy my fantasies DLC1: East Germany vs West Germany DLC2: UK, France, Dutch vs Poland, Czechlovakia, Hungary (lol I know this is toooooo much work, it can be divided further) DLC3: Norway-Sweden-Finland vs WINTER USSR DLC4: Italy vs Yugoslavia-Albania DLC5: Israel-Turkey vs Egypt-Jordan-Syria Alliance DLC 6: Korea-Japan-OZ-NZ-Taiwan vs Best Korea-China I am honestly not very interested in a Vietnam title at this point
  2. I am from Turkey so steam had been god-sent for me. Political ups and downs where I live have seriously wrecked TRY against USD, and thankfully steam adjusts the prices geographically. I paid 5 times less than I would for CMSF (no hard feelings please! :P) - Previously I paid a ton of dollars for blacksea which later come out far cheaper on steam. That was a loss on my end Turkey is a huge potential market for the game but people would not consider even looking at the prices with USD tags on it.
  3. Hello everyone. I am a bit of a noob with this game but I love it. I am somewhat confused with the modding so I was curious if anyone had a modpack that is "lore" friendly to the period-setting which improves the graphics-gameplay-immersion?
  4. Hey man, do you have a mod pack for CMSF2 as well? I loved this one!
  5. that was so painful to watch....but really, what were they thinking exposing themselves in plain open field where they would have to run hundreds of meters under turkey shooting?
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