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  1. I love this game, but yeah I feel like this forum has a hyper sensitivity to criticism like some of the above posters said. No one is above criticism, and if reviewers are saying the graphics are bad then thats their opinion and they can still enjoy the game whilst critiquing that aspect of it. I still have my issues with the game, low FPS issues, graphically i agree it's not very appealing, BF are not very quick at responding to issues with the game (The steam version of CMBS still doesn't have pouches for the US army models, a month after release, hasn't been any acknowledgement of this issu
  2. @IanL sorry to bother ya mate just want to know if this has been noted as an issue. seems like only CAF is affected in SF2.
  3. I have also been told the brits lack their NOD models too, how can I contact a beta tester? and yes I will mention syrians as well, are there any other modelling issues?
  4. bump, has this been acknowledged? according to @waffelmann the syrians also have equipment strangeness going on. I dont care about an immediate fix I just want to know BFC have acknowledged the issue and it is going to be fixed. Also canadians do not have NODs physically depicted on night missions..? is that intended? PS: also just noticed canadians do not have any headsets at all, wonder how they are communicating with each other.. all the other BLUFOR factions have these except canada. I think there is quite a few missing details with this faction
  5. bump, 10 days now, still no dev response.. is this being fixed or what? its a really annoying visual issue
  6. @Battlefront.com The steam version is bugged, US army soldiers do not have pouches on their vests. Is battlefront aware of this?
  7. Sorry I will clarify, [AR] Automatic rifleman has regular 30 rnd STANAG pouches instead of box pouches whilst his weapon is using boxes. I also noticed the grenadier lacks grenade pouches too, I believe everyone has the same vest set up.
  8. Canadian infantry all use the same vest loadout, so the AR and grenadiers do not have their grenade/box pouches, i mention this before last year and it still hasnt been fixed.
  9. So the Canadian soldiers ingame currently do not have the correct pouches for their gear (I.e. the grenadier has no grenade pouches, the AR is using regular 30rd mag pouches) whilst every other faction has this set up. Will the Canadians get updated?
  10. 3 COY HQ with attached observers view the terrain ahead whilst 1st PLT secure a local farm in the distance 2 PLT conduct fires on known enemy positions i am loving this game, i think i must have an obsession with the C7 because I only enjoy playing as the canadians or the dutch. im kinda new to CM (started with SF1, only played that an CMBS before this) but I this game has managed to capture my love for modern warfare far better than CMBS. (btw how do i hide unit icons?)
  11. i use them on elevated positions, they still dont see anything
  12. i really think this should be player controlled, i understand the point of them simulating being real soldiers but when it gets to the point of javelin teams not engaging something that is clearly inrange and in viewable distance, it gets very frustrating
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