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  1. To correct, I certainly do not see CM NAM with massive bombing etc. .. not at all! (air support and artillery limited as in CMSF, nothing more) It is true that not only must patrol missions in the "jungle" in hidden advancing, it would be boring and not very fast interresting. Anyways it was just an idea and especially there has long I expect a "good" game tactics / strategy on Vietnam, but in the meantime I am not tired at all CMSF Syria ...
  2. Hi, I think the engine CMSF or CMSF2 is quite suitable for a version of the Vietnam War. I know the question was asked already and it would be difficult to manage the portions of dense jungle. This is in my opinion not really a problem because there is not necessarily that of the jungle in Vietnam : - Delta du Mekong rice fields with unobstructed - Urban combats (a bit like Full Metal Jacket) - large open spaces kinds airstrip - etc ... When the units and vehicles, the system of units and existing vehicles is quite suitable. For helicopters, he may be it would be huge, but this is something else ... It's just a proposal, saving course, all of the many details of such a mod/Addon. What do you think? Sorry for my english Thks.
  3. - The possibility to disable (or not) the duration of the mission, QB, launch or simply the option of unlimited duration (for fun) - addition of a command : Never to fire - addition of an adjustment of camera movement (parameterizable smoothing) - ability to create groups or simply unit with keys 1-0 - force to fire with grenades (or special weapons (LAW ...) ) Thank you again for this great game!
  4. I just found it was because of the firewall and blocking applications under If it can be used for other ...
  5. Hi, I have a bundle with CMSF Marines and I recently added NATO. My problem is that all activations have functioned very well, but when I start the game, I only have the base game without CMSF Marines modules and NATO. I have version 1.32 and all modules patched, and XP Pro SP3. I already tried everything uninstall and re-install but it changes nothing because I do not have the LicCtrl icon in my control panel. I have another Win7 disk, and there it works! But anyway on Win7 icon LicCtrl appears good but does not work, so I do not care because in the game I have all the functional modules. I do not see where this damn file that controls the licenses ...:confused: The problem does not come because I installed the game on two different systems of time? Thks (sorry for my english)
  6. oh yeah totally okay! and what would also be nice is to have a new unit: Sp├ęcial Force US Delta Force :cool:
  7. Ok thank you. Yes indeed, I saw that about the new version in Ukraine ... and I am happy to return to modern battles! I'm not too WW2, but that it is only my opinion so I'll look forward to the release of the new version of modern combat. In the meantime, I have something to do with Shock Force yet because I bought there some time and am addicted !
  8. Hello, Is it planned to update news for CMSH ? Thks.
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