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  1. Now I can play Red Thunder !! Awesome work JuJu, thank you!
  2. It's a "hot" summer for the Germans Yes, that is the dust and smoke mod from Aris. It works perfectly on the russian front
  3. Am I the only one seeing those blue lines crossing the terrain ? I loaded several scenarios and QB and they always appear
  4. Thanks Baneman The game helps a lot. Great work Battlefront !
  5. If your intent is to take all the objectives, yes i think Paper Tiger made this goal very diffcult to achieve.. But if you read the briefing carefully it gives you some hints on what you should do.. First, look at the points allocated for each objective : - Windmill (50vps) - Hotel (150vps) - Plasmolen West (100vps) - Plasmolen East (50vps) The hotel gives you as much points as the two plasmolen objs and the windmill insures you a victory (200vps > 150vps) Then look at the bonus points. You get 100vps for preserving your force but only 50vps for destroying ennemy units.. Plus the
  6. Try to disable the shadows and shaders, it helps a lot with the fps
  7. http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5066/details I play with this one, it changes your world
  8. It won't appear in the support roster (where you see all your artillery available). For exemple, you can't call an artillery mission with a british 51mm mortar, they only do direct fire
  9. I think the command Acquire is only for picking ammo inside a vehicle If you move your mortar team over your destroyed team they should do the buddy aid and get back the mortar rounds
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