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  1. Hi Schrullenhaft, CMFI was already in my NVIDIA list.... It's very strange as it appeared suddently after months of plays... Like if an update or patch or scenario screwed it all......
  2. Ok, found how to turn off FXAA, but no change, the text is still crewy. I have a laptop with NVIDIA Ge Force 330M, W7 :confused:
  3. Sorry for that stupid question, but I've a similar problem with text that pop up suddently, after dowloading patches/scenarios from repository. It may be that this problem came at that moment, I don't recall exactly. Now, how do I turn off FXAA??
  4. Bil, A lot has been told on the quality of your AARs and game play. And I can only subscribe!! Maybe you may want to give or share more details with us on some game mechanics. i.e explain the orders combination for your machine gun team in the windmill (screen in your post #84). and/or how you determine firing arcs, etc. I know you already gave such info, but we would be glad to discuss t with you or learn "how to". many thanks again for your great job FLS
  5. using windows 7, connecting as admin... strange, isn't it? But I found the folders in another place, not in game folder.... As I say: When IT is working, it means there's something wrong.....
  6. Hi Bil, my second post in this forum is dedicated to you and your superb AARs. I'm really enjoying! I hope you will continue offering the community such a great AAR. best, FLS
  7. Hi, I'm having the same problem, no "scenario" or "game files" folders when looking at with windows epxplorer.... :confused:
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