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  1. Hi returning player.. Tried loading up Normandy - 3.0 Played a quick battle and noticed a problem some of my men had guns but the men were invisible. Downloaded a campaign to see if i could replicate results --- see below. Nvidia Drivers are updated and my rig handled this game before... any ideas
  2. I had the same problem, in the same spot -- i moved the unit various ways (ie Quick- fast- slow) nothing helped even split the squad and tried and it didn't work. Thankfully didnt need the squad for the victory
  3. ahhhh CMH and H2HH so confused things crapped out for me AGAIN
  4. I feel like rob ford -- Red Thunder will be my crack !!! release it NOW NOW NOW NOW:)
  5. Hey good news - GAJ.. set up some tests for me and helped me resolve the problem.
  6. If your on twitter follow https://twitter.com/ww2today and https://twitter.com/RealTimeWWII great stuff from history http://ww2today.com/26-january-1944-surviving-a-red-army-gun-barrage?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+WorldWarIIToday+%28World+War+II+Today*+%29
  7. Hi, H2HH was working for almost a month. I tried ending a game and then adding a game and it didn't work. Lotsa script errors... So, i uninstalled it. Re-installed version 2.10.7 (also deleted the roaming APP text file referred to in other places) Now when i click the EXE file it doesn't load up I have tried running as administrator no luck either. Any ideas (running vista) as i said h2hh was running before.
  8. HI, Can someone link me to a site where opponents for CMBN can be found? I am new here and unfamiliar where to look. Conversely, if there are any "Mentor" types willing to play a small map with me i would appreciate it.
  9. Wow thanks for all the feedback. I really appreciate the comments and insight. I am sure I will have more. A couple of hours ago, i discovered dropping off truppen from halftrack requires that the halftrack actually sit still for a few seconds as the men depart. Yikes. I really hate a unit getting whacked when your not watching and not having any idea of what it was from/ where it was from. I remember playing CM:Barbarossa to Berlin(SP) and rewinding to see the battle per turn played out. Maybe i will go back to that.
  10. So i just bought the game, and loving it. I do have a few questions about game play. ( point me to any guide tips and such, i did peruse the manual) 1) is there a way to see LOS for each unit? i think in other games there was? i now you get the baby blue line when you are targeting but something else? 2) if you park a PUMA ( or any unit really) and give it the hide order. it wont fire on enemy units, Correct? It can be killed if spotted by enemy units 3) Its difficult to watch every unit at once. How/what is the best way to determine when a unit is being sniped at / hit/ observes something? I now you can back up the tape in the 30 sec game turns, is there a similar option for real time? 4) sometimes the mortars are out of control. i gater thats because the leader unit isnt near by. Any hints about placement of leaders so they can see the battlefield/not get knocked off and still communicate with their peeps? 5) I love the scout unit feature 6) can someone point me to operational strategy of recce units? I find they are cannon fodder() and nothing more, any tips about best use, application, deployment - particularly the armour elements?
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