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  1. Yep. I had a vehicle run around to the enemy side of the slope and take a hull down position to my side with his rear pointed toward the enemy. Exactly the opposite of what I wanted. Scratch one Sherman. Oh well. Gonna keep playing with it.
  2. Yes, I have seen that video. That is where I learned the procedure in the first place. So if I am understanding you correctly; the game is drawing the LOS line from the original position, but it is actually determining LOS from the ball? If that is the case I am not moving the vehicle far enough forward. I'll give that a try and blame any knocked out vehicles on you. (Joke.) And yes Usually Hapless' videos are great. Thanks for all the replies.
  3. For the life of me I cannot get the Hull Down Movement Command to work for me. Here is what I am doing. I select the vehicle I want to move to a hull down position. I select the Hull Down movement command. I click on the furthest point where I want the unit to move. I select the colored movement path so that the white ball is highlighted. I select target from the combat command list. And when I try to select a target it reverts back to the unit's original position instead of from the end of the path, and of course it tells me the target is out of sight. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. And tell me the correct procedure to get a vehicle to be hull down to a certain location. Thanks.
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