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  1. I knew that your "polite" behaviour was not honest. And always put a boot in...
  2. But also a liar. The first post was edited before a reply and was ignored. The second one that received the stupid comments is not edited at all. But vileness and lying has probably the full backing of Battlefront.
  3. I can't find anything in the Control Panel settings. How can a forum account be deleted?
  4. If you tell me, how an ongoing PBEM-battle can be edited in the editor and how removing the snowflakes does not destroy a huge battle that is built on the reduced vision, I can believe you. Otherwise what you call "Sorry, just want to help" is only a phrase covering ignorant behaviour. QUED.
  5. When the company itself uses ad hominem attacks why should long term forum members be any different...
  6. 1. I know what I see on my computer. Why you claim that opinions make the awful looking GFX at low resolution with low framerates here go away is beyond rationality. It's the same with non working anti aliasing in movie lighting on Nvidia cards. It doesn't work although it was promised to be fixed but if people with high resolutions don't care, the fact doesn't go away. That the proportional size of the snowflakes becomes bigger, the smaller the resolution is, is also something that doesn't go away with thousands of "opinions" of people playing with much higher resolutions. A fact is a fact and if one says it's a fact, it doesn't change anything if 1000 people say "I don't care" or "I don't know what he is talking about". What you called "helpful" comments from people not even recognizing the problem, or over and over again suggesting such brilliant things like going into the editor, without even reading the thread first, speaks volumes. In good forums long term forum members are the first who understand a problem - you could ask yourself why here they are the last ones. Not reading threads, ignoring the discussion but posting useless garbage has your backing, but asking if these people are feeble minded if they do so, is not accepted! How could a new registered customer dare to call a duck a duck if this duck has always been quacking "politely" for so many years? No wonder why there are so few regular posters and I already regret that I registered despite the recommendation of one of my PBEM friends. 2. Reading this thread from the beginning makes clear what was action and what was the reaction to very stupid answers. I'm wondering if you really have never recognized what a fight it is for new customers to get heard if they don't crawl into someones' ass first? You obviously are not willing or capable to be just and to protect users, that can't stand and do not accept this bad trolling and provoking behaviour: 3. YOU are the one who projects his political opinion into the discussion to attack me. You even claim to know what my political opinions were. :eek: How arrogant is that?! But it fits to the arrogance of some of the long term forum members perfectly. You are hiding behind forum rules only if they appease you, while on the other hand you allow other forum users to provoke and troll others. Probably the only thing you really want is to ban me because I dared to bring a fresh wave of honesty and uprightousness into this slowly dying incestuous community. But I can tell you, that it is not me who destroys this forum, but those posters who believe they know more about CM only because they are long term forum members and believe they can treat all new forum members as CM newbies. Like I said: selfrightousness. And they have ther full backing and you don't even recongize this problem, but you think you have the right to make ad hominem attacks! A good forum can only exist if the rules apply to all and if not long term forum members are allowed to develop a selfrightousness and trolling behaviour. Or how your "helpful" users in their "helpful" manner "politely" use to say: Good luck!
  7. It's one of the leader's tasks to care for an adequately wide spread unit - split the squad into teams and spread them - problem solved.
  8. No, my English is good enough to understand that you said that I should be glad for such "helpful" comments!!! Which I find extremely arrogant, btw. The sad truth is, that without shouting and giving some of the selfrightousness forum "leaders" a speech they finally understand, the first post had been simply ignored, then after a more detailed and visually more impacting description it was ridiculed, answers were provocative, in many forums such a behaviour would be seen as trolling. But not here. Here you defend absolutely useless posts as "helpful" and demand from customers with their problems to even be thankful for BS-comments! Thank you Battlefront.
  9. What specifically do you understand as "helpful" in sburkes or Leslies comments?
  10. Did I mention low resolution and low framerates? Incredible.
  11. Steve, in combat the pulse is very high. Have you ever shot at a target with the size of one apple over more than 100 meters with a pulse beyond 120? Every bet you will not hit. And once the apple begins to shoot back with automatic fire, I double my bet that you will become unable to hit at all. Every infantry and his rifle seems to become a sharpshooter as soon as they are aiming at german HTs.
  12. Thomm, thank you for a decent, not trolling reaction. Vulture, sadly not. This was possible in CMx1 despite it had beautiful snow, but not with the huge white flickering dots now. With a 1280 resolution watching from level 1 makes some snowflakes as big as human heads and even worse, with lower framerates they are not moving, but only blinking.
  13. Depends on your answers. Then there can't be a problem, can it? Resolution? Framerates? Idiot? Wait until an icon disappears and two turns later you recognize the team is long gone... I usually watch the replay several times, such a big battle I would watch at least ten times to know exactly what is going on. With the great "snow"-GFX, I prefer to lose units instead watching the great action again. Your help and your suggestions are nonexistent. Good luck and dream on.
  14. What else must someone do, than indicating that low framerates and a lower resolution kill any joy to play such a battle, until the ignorants who obviously have never played such a battle shut up?! MikeyD: In real life you have 24+ frames per second, don't you? sburke: show me how you open the editor in a PBEM game! Ever heard about playing double blind?! Are you both feeble-minded that you don't recognize the problem? It's shame that such an awful implementation of a GFX can ruin one of the best battles and fanboys even defend that there is no option to switch it off. If you have such friends you don't need any enemys. I'm a huge fan of CM and it's the only game I play. But if a GFX is that bad that it becomes hard to bear, then I guess there are more people out there who don't lose a word about it and just quit such battles before they even play them. "Go into the editor", "in real life i can't switch it off, too." Human stupidity is indeed borderless.
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