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    Sparky II reacted to slysniper in The Scottish corridor - A amazing Job   
    I just wanted to point out what an amazing job was done on this campaign.

    Even the way it is designed to give many levels of play depending on how the player does is just a work of art.

    I can truthfully say it is the first time that I have ever felt that a designer and the AI has really beaten me. Yes I mean beaten.

    Now for many of you, I know you have played this and likely long ago, maybe some even more than once. But here I am still working through it for the first time. I just finished the "A Bloody Encounter" and will be Rollin into the next mission at some point. But the last few missions have been no winning affair for me and I see I recently dropped to Green level. So a humbling encounter for sure.

    But the thing that is most amazing is, I feel it is rightfully earned. The play has been balanced and I have had my chances. Position of defensive units have been great and time again I have moved myself into killing zones knowing they could exist, but finding myself forced to do it because of my goals and path of my attacks. It has been a nightmare and one I have enjoyed every step of the way. A panther did a number on some of my Churchill's a game or so ago. Now in this last battle an AT gun has his way against more of my Churchill and again I just could not get arty in there to eliminate the problem. My infantry have found themselves to be taking losses in every way possible. If I am cautious, they will find themselves in arty barrages. If I push them and keep them moving. I find the scouts are not finding all the surprises in store for them.

    Maybe I am just at the wrong end of the numbers in this battle this time, but I think it is more than that and have found defensive units placed excellently. Good job to whom it is owed to.

    I normally play just for something to do if my HtoH turns are a little slow. But this might be the first campaign I ever will replay just to prove to myself I could do better by focusing on it and not taking it for granted.
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