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  1. Hi All: Looking for an opponent for the current release of Breakthrough 1.05. Your choice of side.
  2. Hi Guys: I am sure this has been discussed before but what is the best way to ensure early USA entry into the war? In my current game as the Entente we are through 31 turns i.e. fall 1916. USA is leaning 31+ and Germany has declared unrestricted sub warfare some time ago. What are the best things to do now for USA entry?
  3. I have been using the same anti-virus software for some time and I have never until now, had any problems with any BF updates before. Normandy 2.12 loaded fine. FI 1.12 will not with my anti virus turned on or off. It's not my anti virus software's problem that I can detect or fix.
  4. Excellent AAR. Best of luck for your planned counter attack.
  5. Agreed. I am stuck in the middle as well. CM 2.12 works. FI 1.12 will not work no matter what I do.
  6. Thanks AshesFall for the excellent after action report and the in-depth analysis of general strategy and tactics in AoC. All of these games including Breakthrough and AoD are such fascinating and fun and challenging games to play. Congratulations on a brilliant recovery that lead to such a quick victory. I didn't think is was possible. (it wouldn't have been for me that's for sure!)
  7. Hi Guys: I have looked and looked but I can't figure out how to launch my planes from my sea plane carriers. How does this work? Thanks. Mark
  8. Hi All: Looking for a Call to Arms game. I will play either side. Only played the AI so far. This is one great game! Looking forward to hearing from you
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