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    sypox got a reaction from General Liederkranz in Patches for the 4.0 Upgrades are now available   
    BARs & Brens
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    sypox reacted to slippy in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    I can totally appreciate and sympathise that  things do not go according to plan. Whilst we are all waiting for the patch to be released, i'm sure none of us want it released until it is thoroughly tested. My only gripe, time and again, is to do with communication, or lack of, between developer and user.
    BFC Elvis has now posted above, which may have taken him about 5 minutes to do, if BFC had posted this two or three weeks ago then at least it shows some thought towards communication and transparency between the two parties, and goes a long way to keeping everyone onside i believe personally.
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    sypox reacted to Bill101 in Russian Capital disappeared   
    Losing the capital isn't the only necessity for having a country surrender, as there is a calculation once the (last) capital is lost that is based on the number of units remaining.
    So if the Red Army still has a force in the field then a delayed surrender is a possibility, but if you can whittle it down then their surrender shouldn't be too long in coming.
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    sypox reacted to MikeyD in Ooooh... Aaaaah... CMSF2 homepage is up!   
    Just last night I was going through a pile of updated scenarios for the release (Beta tester privilege) and I was thinking to myself "This title looks good, this title looks REALLY good." What started life as a mere game engine update to an old title has turned into a polished first-class product to be proud of.
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    sypox reacted to Mord in New Uncon Models?   
    Any way we can get some screens of the new Uncons? It's been 50 days since the screen shots in the CMSF2 thread where Steve said they needed to be fixed. MikeyD has since stated they were fixed. It doesn't look like Bil is gonna have any in his AAR thread, so. I am only asking because I know @Sgt.Squarehead is dying to see them. I don't think he should have to suffer any longer than necessary.
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    sypox reacted to Bulletpoint in s h o c k f o r c e 2   
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    sypox reacted to Kieme(ITA) in Kieme's modding corner   
    All mods released recalling topic
    A list of ALL mods released within this thread until now, organized by genre, with their direct download links.
    Terrain and environmental mods:
    Ground mod (HD) pt1 https://app.box.com/...fg7et7668q0egdg
    Ground mod (HD) pt2 https://app.box.com/...j3bad939iks1n9l
    Alternative crops https://app.box.com/...r7w6dzrnsf11piz
    Reworked foliage https://app.box.com/...f1jwjax2wix1o7x
    Reworked horizon https://app.box.com/...szl3cd0qamdkrm8
    Alternative overcast clouds https://app.box.com/...wju3wq9ttmjoqfi
    Improved doodads https://app.box.com/...3q3p05qdl9ld8ws
    Buildings and structures:
    Alternative walls (HD) https://app.box.com/...t85ik1b08fb2nh4 OR (standard) https://app.box.com/...bgyx6uimvvyrmdh
    Modular buildings (HD) https://app.box.com/...eke1u99f5jowptc
    Modular buildings add-on 1 (HD) https://app.box.com/...qsj7b68xyp0ffxx
    Modular buildings add-on 2 (HD) https://app.box.com/s/3b38gl6wykb1h1sqmovv4z5gicof4krf
    Modular buildings add-on 3 (HD) https://app.box.com/s/3jvzj9rmgdbpg14gpcgbok88qk3ik8es
    Modular roofs pf1 https://app.box.com/...rlaub62hs2h0fv9
    Modular roofs pt2 https://app.box.com/...emmodn5b44qklnh
    Improved roads (HD) https://app.box.com/...yk9jx7f6gnhra04 OR (standard) https://app.box.com/...1imrd2qzjawar7s
    Troops and soldiers:
    Reworked russian uniforms https://app.box.com/...8cz7adh3s1pz0vk
    Reworked ukrainian uniforms https://app.box.com/...7riaboi9uty98u8
    Reworked USA faces https://app.box.com/...8wxgnbj6a70cq0e
    Reworked USA faces -50% glasses add on https://app.box.com/...yz48ujqqf2g7j7w
    Reworked USA faces more faces add on https://app.box.com/...97xjl5sfb2ibdyn
    Reworked USA uniforms https://app.box.com/s/br9tjcxrbr2451oe5h1bp7e706ywojuc
    Ukrainian Army vehicles:
    T-64BV https://app.box.com/...c5frk9z83nuxva5
    T-84Oplot (digital) https://app.box.com/...l2tisg6o07hgjw0
    T-84Oplot (green) https://app.box.com/s/zwyqv1lnih6tjacvtgjuo78eqvyvaioq
    T-64Bulat (three-tones) https://app.box.com/...3xxf4whsf6n5zhe
    BMP-2 https://app.box.com/...sl2sjfz9r70xcf7
    BTR-4e (digital) https://app.box.com/...6jyr7trg674up2t
    BTR-70m https://app.box.com/...4rwj8z19s3kl8qz
    BRDM-2 https://app.box.com/...alv4dv8xmvydtnh
    MTLB (+variants) https://app.box.com/...bh3z9lz0u0p21of
    MTLBu https://app.box.com/...7z988tn5rhft6zw
    BRM-PRP https://app.box.com/...4etbn1wg88cvcjm
    UAZ-URAL https://app.box.com/...q0v82xrhnv8b2z1
    Tunguska https://app.box.com/...8luj5zzvgsyrq8z
    MT-12 https://app.box.com/...l1apiqq7hv1qhfn
    US Army vehicles:
    Abrams https://app.box.com/...3gmrqkblhum95ia
    Abrams tank names add on https://app.box.com/...9tsjsl4yolekpaa
    Bradley https://app.box.com/...0zd8pylvea4j763
    Bradley desert era add on https://app.box.com/...b0vv2kahj9uo3sp
    Bradley graffiti add on https://app.box.com/...hsi84qez2x45v4c
    Bradley vehicle names add on https://app.box.com/...r9a1ugab6zjneki
    Hummer https://app.box.com/...claiqv2b2fwr2do
    Stryker https://app.box.com/...dd453pfjawtae0f
    M1200 https://app.box.com/...qdhbrgcj3m7klfb
    M1200 vs-17 optional https://app.box.com/...i379lmzccm7u3p2
    M1200 vehicle names add on https://app.box.com/...tya89575i8s2e95
    M1064A3 https://app.box.com/...14n7vw0ok91b8ti
    LMTV https://app.box.com/...3exicb4w5f31h9a
    Russian Army vehicles:
    T-72B3 - light green https://app.box.com/s/8eur26fc1lhidwa3tg7jaod86ciqcimt
    T-72B3 - dark green  https://app.box.com/s/akgz9isilqy1xuila6uergp8qdymg1sd
    T-90A - camo https://app.box.com/s/h97wmn4yhonwqzoxvteis394jy3l0436
    T-90A - green https://app.box.com/s/10ws24qpg2ocoxhf73dehcxfd66ebnl1
    T-90AM - camo https://app.box.com/s/cv6qpg0lqn9c8px4w8b6xzilecahbsrc
    T-90AM - green https://app.box.com/s/ff1r784wb2sk7cgxl8l0rr9169ap3u46
    BMP-3M - camo https://app.box.com/s/m1wn11nhw48ftkbozuhl5z4lsoqsh553
    BMP-3M - green https://app.box.com/s/iy6iayfjfqn951fvmo44dtixtgdgdzmm
    BMP-3-k - green https://app.box.com/s/mowro433fzj30l9226sqez8jsvm1kt67
    BRM-3k - camo https://app.box.com/s/ggehoowiw4irfugh0pgffse7nn9r73vl
    Krizantema - light green https://app.box.com/s/qdlglo955m795sr2kkfvapdxehogsfif
    Krizantema - dark green https://app.box.com/s/u7y7ois0imy77jxb7z4s88r17frn4tx5
    BMP-2-k-M - dark green https://app.box.com/s/3zqr2zbyaz7pjc1a598isn2a7boacmln
    BMP-2-k-M - light green https://app.box.com/s/5va39km5skgld4z1wxdwjc7dnx1ffvfl
    BRM-PRP https://app.box.com/s/8g5bik7uc8rsm8qpf4wrtx1x29msng2b
    BRDM-2-M-AT5 https://app.box.com/s/tj4cfslxv1i33qncdqhtg4qn7ihjud39
    BTR-82-80 - camo https://app.box.com/s/epo5cea3s33l42p55vzr04lm5cov1o2l
    BTR-80-82 - green https://app.box.com/s/2gm061govy27eoxgp9cftxgmpclvr31y
    Tunguska - green https://app.box.com/s/y40xg7xlincl3jjsh0qi2w2ma7u7cums
    Tunguska - camo https://app.box.com/s/19z7fuib25jo1muct7yzx5fgznl8fx1d
    Tigr - green https://app.box.com/s/xaj3pfohjezyfmo1jzfitlxmmkjvv938
    Tigr - camo https://app.box.com/s/7n52uuxmjn6jjfr2o6mhc0jozr3zx6nh
    Additional flavor objects 1 https://app.box.com/s/z745hm21a86oo924wkzelqib9dsdticc
    Additional flavor objects 2 https://app.box.com/s/puyx6ropwm502j9zpjmm5v1r0y31vltc
    Additional flavor objects 3 https://app.box.com/s/5iuxnrjqt05olpodsy0bsu0kcqpqr6vz
    Additional flavor objects 4 https://app.box.com/s/z2aeqpm7ecsznnpgjn5sdnvmgtzql9ax
    Additional flavor objects 5 https://app.box.com/s/odn7zwh274fd2chzwfvhtafmqoya04mj
    Optional highway (TAG) https://app.box.com/s/jfwkivms84094nno5lyb20eyt4fh8x7t
    Optional highway total conversion https://app.box.com/s/um40u18msvxpjpflwjzmdh3f73rt3i0s
    Optional highway total conversion editor buttons https://app.box.com/s/p12rlix2lpbui9n8r1zmq0rza93qa2ag
    Total: 1.7 GB
    Top dowloader is: Kieme CMBS Modular Buildings (HD) with 401 downloads, followed by Kieme CMBS Ground Mod (HD) 371 downloads.
    Top downloader vehicle is: T-64BV, Bulat and BMP-2-k UA with 252 downloads.
    -Still missing some Russian vehicles, mainly the MTLB + variants. Which should come next. Then a few other odds and ends and reworks of UA vehicles. Still need to mod all game's bridges (under way). Then rework the independent buildings (some, at least). Maybe make a dirty/used variant for the personal/heavy infantry weapons.
    -Master downloads: I tried with some options, but the master downloads would be very large files, and my upload speed is very slow, that would mean hours and hours of upload time and my connection is not that good, I often get error messages due to connection drops/hangouts/lag spikes, so at least for now I cannot provide master (collection) downloads.
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    sypox reacted to Vein in Veins CMBS Effects   
    Big gun muzzle flashes and explosions




    Small Arms Muzzle Flashes

    Flames and Hit decals

    At the moment if you want them PM me and I'll send you a dropbox link. To PM me click on my name and on the right you will see the button: 'Send me a message'.
    When the Repository is up to speed I'll add them there.
    Smoke and Tracers are also in there.
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