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  1. 44 minutes ago, Cambronne said:

    Is the points system an engine issue? I mean will the CMSF2  units have points attached? We play a global campaign based on Hearts of Iron and CMRT combo, using Combat Mission to conclude the HOI battles from the tactical point of view.  But as it is,wanting to run in parallel a CMSF based campaign, we find it difficult to replicate HOI units into CMSF since there are no points to simulate the unit combat power. And this is more important in modern warfare since there are tons of  internal sensors, optics, armor material and other modifications that make a seemingly similar tank/unit completely different from others.

    You get points when purchase units in a quick battle. But how to translate the HOI points value in CM is another question.

  2. 1 hour ago, Michael Emrys said:


    The last time I recall this subject coming up on this forum maybe a dozen years ago, someone posted that the way to deal with that is to fill up the sink with water and hold the can under water while you open it. I pass that along for what it's worth.


    This is the trick for dealing with the sealed odor. Also washing the fish in fresh water will make the real flavors to make magic. Bottom line is to not be fooled by your nose. Same thing with fresh durian fruit.

  3. 12 minutes ago, Artkin said:

    She is unsure about the side skirts and their protection from HEAT rounds. However, the side skirts are designed in three parts. The top most slab of armor is designed to withstand non-continuous 30mm fire. 

    The part under that is designed for lesser small arms (Assumed 14.5)

    And the bottom most part of the skirt is used for thermal protection. 

    Thermal cloaks are standard issue for the vehicles. They are primarily used in the winter however. 

    In the other months, tree branches are used to cover the vehicles. 


    Is there a norwegian word for opsec?

  4. 7 hours ago, Michael Emrys said:

    Pretty much since BN came out I've been wondering if the Probe mission can be recoded so that the primary objective is the identification of enemy units and their distribution. This is usually what probes were meant to accomplish in RL. At present, probes are just another kind of attack with the same kinds of objectives as all the other attack missions, namely destruction of enemy units and occupation of terrain. It might also be desired to have at least some of the reconnoitering units break contact and exit the map back to base in order to brief higher command elements of their findings. The other option is to maintain contact and observation, but without engaging in combat.


    Touch objectives is suitable for probe missions. Objective to verify enemy presence or observe important road networks works well. 

  5. 1 hour ago, TheForwardObserver said:

    No idea whether it's workable on BFCs end, so as a substitute I have a modded version of the game, where I've edited the Javelin skin to look roughly like a laser designator (missile/tube alpha channeled out, CLU left intact), changed it's icon to the LLDR icon (changed LLDR icon to a manpack radio icon) and I equip my FISTs with these.  For my platoon FOs I try to grab M4s with TWSs from casualties.  


  6. I think all try to make the game be better is lie , they use the trust of their customers for one last  time , we will see nothing will be change when the game be out!!

    Every development studio sure want to release its products as soon as possible. Compare a later release with more issues and bugs fixed to a rushed release with a reception of "unplayable", which do you prefer?


    Boost your patience and you´ll pretty soon get your hands on a great game.

  7. As can be seen I plotted the aircraft to an area right in front of 2nd MRC.. I plotted this a few turns ago so didn't really have much good intelligence on where the enemy units were located, or where the reinforcements will come in.. so I plotted this area in the middle of where his setup zone was and crossed my fingers. They will come in on turn 15 or 16.

    Will the attack be done randomly within the target area or do fixed wing support have logic to spot targets within the area before the actual attack?

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