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  1. I didn't make an analogy here. I said the comment comparing 911 now and 911 50 years ago was a really bad one since they have nothing in common except the name. I'm not really a part of the discussion about the game engine, just pointing out a logical mistake that someone made
  2. Actually that's not a fair comment because the current 911 has very little in common with a 911 from 50 years ago
  3. There is one issue with GT games that makes them not a true alternative for me - I mean the lack of multiplayer. If that changes then who knows, but at least for now CM is the only real option for the multiplayer types like me.
  4. I'm not a programming wizard but I don't think that's true. I mean, there are Mac versions of games which use DirectX on PC so this is very doable I think. And if that's true, it doesn't mean losing that part of the playerbase. And yes, the engine upgrade would be a great thing, it could help performance on newest hardware, get rid of zigzag roads you mentioned, perhaps change the way the environment works and add some more variety not only on per tile basis and many other things, not to mention the graphics upgrade. But I guess we'll see quite a few more of the current engine games sinc
  5. I guess it's that flamethrowers are a new thing so that they can still be updated in some future patch, much like machine guns were. Hopefully the matter of flamethrowers not affecting friendly units even if the flame lands in the middle of them can be fixed as well...
  6. I've a lot of games on Steam and I never had problems logging in or accessing the website, the kinds of problems I have with BFC site. Battlefront.com really is unique in its anti hacking/blocking system harshness.
  7. Oh yes please, your mods have definately changed the way the game looks - more gritty a bit less "straight from the factory" looks etc. Already using your German vehicles from CMBN but the Soviet vehicles could definately use your magical touch
  8. I'm from Poland and I have my internet from the biggest ISP here, Orange (a large European telecom) and about 1/3rd of the time I can't access Battlefront website or the forums. I'm sorry but "find a different ISP" would probably be a decent advice if people were using some shady small companies for ISP, but not a big European telecommunications company and the biggest ISP in their country. Besides, BFC site is the only one that has such problems. No other website is ever blocked this way. Ever. So it seems the anti spam/hack system on BFC site is very unique in its restrictiveness and
  9. Hello, not sure if this has been posted yet but it seems flamethrowers will not harm friendly units? I don't know if that's intentional or not but when I area fired on my units in a QB (sort of testing new toys ) and I noticed the flames do not harm any friendlies. The fire just washes over them in pretty waves but nothing else happens. This might be abused a bit when assaulting/defending buildings for example as you can just fire on the building with the flamethrower team without fear of hurting any friendly units inside (unless the building collapses ). Anyway, is there any c
  10. I find this discussion interesting as some of the views presented, go totally against my whole experience playing PBEM's, talking to other players etc. I specifically mean playing using intuition only and not using tools at your disposal like using "target" to check LOS. The problem is that there are often situations when theoretically you should have LOS on something but you don't. Or it seems you are covered and there should be none between you and danger but there is and your troops die in horrible and unexpected ways. In both these cases the LOS tool proves invaluable. Of course nobo
  11. There was no partition of Czechoslovakia along with the Germans, stop spreading misinformation. The Polish goverment took back only what was taken by the Czechs in 1920 when Poland was weakened and engaged in a war against the Soviets. The timing was not perfect but there was absolutely no agreement with the Germans and there was no "partition of Czechoslovakia". It was basically a mirrored move of what the Czechs did in 1920. So please be careful of what you are saying as Poland was at no point an ally or colaborator of Nazi Germany.
  12. Actually, multiple tactical nuke strikes were part of Warsaw Pact plans in the event of war, ensuring quick advancement and taking of objectives that would otherwise take weeks/months to achieve in WWII conditions. Nukes were much more than a deterrent. There was a misconception in the West, starting in the 60s that the Soviets understand a total destruction concept and share the policy of nukes as only a deterrent while this was not the case. Nukes were considered by the Soviets as a sort of more powerful artillery, helping to achieve goals on a tactical level and help Warsaw Pact troops
  13. I realize that and I never use it myself in game. But as screenshots go, especially the ones made by Bil, I prefer the ones where he uses movie mode, they just look prettier to me. As for the game colour palette, you can see how it looks like in the other AAR, by Elvis. It's a bit too colourful and bright for my tastes (same as stock CMBN or CMFI) and I will probably use some texture and colour palette modification as soon as it comes out. For now, I like what Bil does with the screenshots a lot. But like I said, it's all a matter of taste.
  14. I guess it's personal preference because I like Bil's screenshots in movie mode more than stock colours...
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