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  1. Thanks for replying. I cannot say I noticed the rarity level, will look out for that in future. I also had a look in the game files thinking there maybe a list detailing the cost of units. I doubt I would ever try to do a spreadsheet, because it would be so complicated. I doubt that anyone just buys a Battalion without cutting sections out, IE trucks or jeeps or or other items. I reckon most people tailor a Formation to their own preferences. I may well go into QBattles screen and just get a ball-park figure, or just do as I have been doing and just add units Adhoc and try to a bala
  2. Hi enjoying Combat mission WW2 titles. I however spend most of my time in the Editor making up fictional battles. I would like to make a battle witn 10,000 pts per side. But in order to do this accurately I have noticed there doesn't seem to be a Points or rarity purchasing screen, or am I missing something. If there is none available it seems to quite an emission...Considering how well the game and the editor is put together. I suppose I could keep switching back and forth from the quick battles editor, but it seems a very slow way of doing things. Would be very interested to hear from
  3. Thank's for the information.. My "teams" were in open terrain, I will keep the groups together, unless I hit urban terrain, thanks again.
  4. Hello been playing Red Thunder lately, I have been splitting my Russian squads into teams. I do this to try and keep losses down. However I have noticed even my Veteran troops which are rested tend to break and run very easily. My question is would I be better to take the losses by not splitting into groups, is there some kind of morale penalty for deviding my group into 3 teams instead of leaving them in one big group ? They still break even if I have a leader unit nearby. Thanks again for reading.
  5. Thanks for the advice, a bit late tonight...Will try tomorrow,
  6. Hi just wondering if it would be possible to use a German overcoat mod for the Normandy module ? I was going to use it with an autumn mod. I could just use the Final Blitzkrieg module, but I want to use British/Commonwealth forces and these are unfortunately not included. Anyway I thought I would ask the experts...Before messing up my game !
  7. Ok thanks for informing me. I have been making a few of my own maps. I own the WW2 modules, I just thought it would save a bit of time by swopping a map made in Normandy and putting it into another title. I just wondered how they would play. I will make some more maps for each title. I thought I would ask first, thank's again for the help.
  8. Firstly apologies if this has been mentioned before. I was wondering if it is possible to swop maps from One module to another, if so how is it done ? Thanks again for any help or advice.
  9. Sorry for the delay in answering. I read the post about up and coming features for the next module. Certainly plenty to be excited about and food for the imagination regarding creating my own scenarios. I am looking forward to seeing the Berlin maps and a few ad-hoc German units, I doubt I will see the module until next year.......I along with many others will have to be patient. For part I am just learning the game and been adding to the titles regarding WW2, so plenty to keep me occupied throughout what will no doubt be a long dark winter.
  10. This game has some amazing light effects. I was watching some video's by "Josey Wales" Final Blitzkrieg. The battle "I think was around dusk. The light on the snow was brilliant. In fact watching some of the videos prompted me to look again at a game that was "gathering cobwebs". I updated the Engine and bought The Red Thunder and Final Blitzkrieg modules. I am toying with buying the Vehicle pack, for Normandy module. I like the scenario editor and making my own battles, although I gain inspiration from those that came with the game. My battles are a little to big at the moment. One gets
  11. Like people keep saying "Amazing game Amazing depth". I am very much tinkering on the edge's.
  12. Thank's for the information. I am using "Normandy and Commonwealth forces using latest engine 4. In this case that doesn;t help me. I will have to put them in Half tracks or Lorries, or use a Motor Battalion. Hopefully in the future the Developers make a module for FB to include British and Commowealth forces also the ability to have my lads ride on Tanks , although dismount before getting in "the thick of it". Stephen.
  13. Just a fictional scenario, really getting to grips with Map making units and AI. Going off topic, can British Infantry ride on Tanks ? Probably something daft I'm not doing.
  14. Thank's for replying. Yes certainly an amazing feature, I think probably unique in PC Wargaming. May restart my senario again and move troops up under cover of darkness. I am just gettng back into Combat mission after a long break, I used to play Barbarossa to Berlin "quite badly" back in the day. So looking forward to the new module for Red Thunder. Anyway thanks again for letting me know.
  15. Hi just made up my own scenario. I have set the start time to 7am....September so it's still quite dark. The battle is 2 hours long, what I was wondering does the light change as the battle progresses, or does it stay the same ? I have not come across anything like this on the Forums, so I thought I would ask.
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