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  1. Cool. Will definately do that for my next game Now if there was a way to get this to work for the country just attacked for one turn ...
  2. I really hope this 'readness' bonus get eliminated at some point. Japan doing something like this in the real war was impossible for a whole lot of reasons the games does not account for. If anything, the only bonus you should get is against the country you just went to war with. Why on earth would units in China 100's of miles away attack better just because Thailand was invaded? So when Germany invades Luxumburg German units get a bonus in Africia? Really? I am sorry this is totally idotic. Is this modable in any way as I would love to be able to diable this feature if possible.
  3. From the blog you cannot access, the PZ III by '42 also outclassed the T-34 T-34 vs PzIII The main German tank in the period 1941-43 was the PzIII. It weighed roughly 22 tons and was armed (in that period) with a 50mm gun. The PzIII made up 28% of German tank strength at the start of operation Barbarossa. Roughly 72% of these had the new 50mm gun, the rest the 37mm. These guns could only penetrate the T-34 from the sides at close ranges while the Soviet tank could destroy the PzIII from long distances from all aspects. By summer ’42 it made up 51% of German tank strength.
  4. While the Germans were surprised by the T-34's there were only 1,200 or so in service in june '41 http://www.wwiivehicles.com/ussr/tanks-medium/t-34.asp So not a huge number by any means given the scale of the Russian front. So having a tech level is one thing, but have massive numbers of armor at that level is entirely another. So the Russians should either be very limited on the number of armor upgrades they can do per turn in '41 or earlier or make the cost of upgrading higher for the Russians. The higher cost could be be time limited too. Any invasion in '42 or later would not have t
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