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  1. Lol! No pun intended, but I wish it was. Although it does bring to mind depictions of Ancient Greek warriors on ceramics.
  2. Sorry, I couldn't resist the crack. I'm quite sure anything you do will be magnificent!
  3. Yeah, but the Artists have had about two years to prepare for it! LOL
  4. Well, possible explanation could be in really old coding. If there's coding from say CMBO (CMx1), one of the rules in Advanced Squad Leader (ASL), upon which CM is based, was that a unit had to retreat to the nearest cover within (n) number of hexes, even if that brought the unit to a hex adjacent to the enemy. Now before everyone poopoos that thought, CM began by Steve and Charles as an attempt to develop a PC version of ASL for Avalon Hill or Hasbro, whichever owned the rights to ASL at that time. Perhaps there is an errant line of reused code that's been hidden since that time.
  5. Welcome to the forum Rutek! This is a great place to learn. May isuggest that you check out the CM Shock Force 2 Maps and Mods forum. We have a lot of top-rated scenario and campaign designers on here. I believe there is a scenario design tutorial in the documents folder of CMSF2 also. Good luck, and again, welcome aboard!
  6. Hey! I resemble that. Of course it might have something to do with me being retired and playing CM or flight sims until 3 a.m. or so
  7. It appears to me that someone has a sense of humor! Judging by his name, the OpFor has bigger problems anyway.
  8. Well, that type of movement would depend on what the commanding officer allowed, if he even knew. I think I could say with pretty much certainty, the U.S. Units would never allow their troops to be exposed to the possibility of fire in that way. Perhaps they had lost a number of vehicles. And the troop compartment was already full, or it has no troop compartment. It doesn't look like an infantry troop carrier. Maybe a recon vehicle or a fire support vehicle?
  9. The Wounded Warrior Project here in the U.S. is probably one of the greatest "self-help" programs in history. The way the Legislative and Executive Branches have allowed the Veterans Administration to become a dumping ground for the "good-old boy" buddies of the Legislative and Exectutive branches to fill Management with incompetents is absolutely disgusting. For the most part, the employees work hard and try to do a good job, but they're paid way below their civilian counterparts, and get blamed by the bean counters whenever there is bad press. If the managers are held responsible (leading fr
  10. Now that's really an unfair statement as you of all people should realize! I fly in IL-2, which charges for the base game Battle of Moscow (BOM), the Battle of Stalingrad (BoS), the Battle of Kuban (BoK), the Battle of Bodenplatte (BoB), and Flying Circus (FC), each of which cost $60 to $70 USD and each include some airplanes. Then you can buy "collector" planes for each game and campaigns for the series. I also fly in Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) that provides a free download with the Caucusas map and a TF-51 and an SU-25T also for free. You have to pay for individual maps such as
  11. They will never step forward because, it's always easier to tear down and feel superior than to build.
  12. I suspect that it really doesn't have that much to do with "Judeo-Christian" ethics. In Exodus, after Joshua took Jerico, he ordered any soldier who had blood on his clothing, his body, or weapons to spend something like seven days away from the general population for "cleansing." If I'm not mistaken, the Commandment is not "Thou shalt not kill," but "Thou shalt not do murder." The 11th century Crusade was invented by the Pope to get the Warring Nobles of Europe out of Europe . The Crusaders killed whoever got in their way regardless of whether they were Islamic, Jewish, or Christian! I believ
  13. We have enough AFV's so we don't have to ride on tanks. Even the Marine AAVs, as thin skinned as they are, in enough supply that infantry doesn't need to ride on a tank. Back in the day, my M2 60mm mortars would have been dropping rounds on and around the tanks. Not to hurt the tanks, but to take out the infantry. I wouldn't want to be anywhere a tank. It's just too dangerous.
  14. Can "buddy aid" on a "trigger man" recover the "trigger?"
  15. Think that's old tech? When I started first grade in elementary school, we had an assembly for the whole school the first week of classes. The assembly was to teach us how to use a rotary dial telephone, and what a dial tone, ring, and busy signal sounded like. The rotary dial phone was just being introduced. Eisenhower was running for President. Three years later, we still had a party line with one of my uncles. You'd pick up the phone, tell the operator the number you wanted, and she'd connect you. If a call came in, one ring meant it was for us, two quick rings meant it was for my uncle. I
  16. Today they use that tinfoil to make head wear for the Congress and Senate!
  17. I didn't realize that it was three parts. I just copied and pasted one of the links into my browser. Do we really need to DL all three?
  18. You know, I've noticed that there seems to be a tiny cadre of the same folks posting these types of complaints. Kinda makes you wonder
  19. LOL! Good grief that was a long time ago! Why I think WBZ still played music then!
  20. I like campaigns. I use them to learn the capabilities of the different Red and Blue forces. In CMBS, I've played the US campaign and I'm on the last mission of the Russian campaign. The Ukraine campaign will be next. I play H2H with a friend, and we'll generally alternate Red and Blue sides. Playing the campaign allows me to learn the capabilities and weaknesses of each force. Also, most campaigns can be replayed. The pathing to the next mission can change based on the victory or a decision the user makes. Plus, the campaigns tend to start with a "relatively easy" mission, and become progress
  21. If I remember correctly, all of the campaigns use the concept of "core units" where's specific selection is identified as "core" throughout the game. When you suffer casualties or vehicle losses, the casualties or losses carryover through the campaign. Some times even ammo resupply is limited. Resupply is determined by the campaign designer. Most times, the designer doesn't identify the core units, and might even leave them out of a subsequent mission so the player can't identify the core and use other units as cannon fodder to preserve their core units.
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