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  1. I'm currently playing the second mission of Semper Fi: Syria. My Jav team fired a Jav from the top floor of a building at a target. Since I was receiving fire, I decided the move out of the building to an AAV parked behind another building to acquire another Jav. I entered the AAV on one turn, but when I went to acquire the Jav on the next turn, the team already had it without the command to acquire. I don't know if they would have acquired by just being next to the AAV. I'm pretty sure that infantry will share ammo with their own squad only. I positioned a Recon Team that was down to
  2. Oh yeah!!!, I just checked it out on the Few Good Men Scenario Depot, and it looks amazing. I will have to download and play it. Is EW enabled? That could interfere with receiving video from a drone.
  3. Yes, I admit that I might have overreacted to the post. However, I honestly saw nothing out of line with the supposed Taliban statement. As I said previously, that is exactly how ALL Marines are trained to break out of an ambush kill zone! You assault the ambush directly, which usually involves running directly at the enemy. While it seems counter-intuitive, you will lose fewer than if you try another maneuver because those other maneuvers keep you in the kill zone longer. The only time you try a different method is is it isn't possible to directly assault the main ambush party, at least that'
  4. I fought a PBEM as Red against a Blue UKR. My opponent was able to take out a number of my T-90s that had ERA, but not ARENA. I think the ATGMs were Skifs or something - two tubes mounted on top of a wheeled AFV. That was actually a pretty close victory for me, and I was a bit surprised by the vulnerability of the T-90s to the OPLOT cannon-fired ATGMs also. I learned that even if the T-90 pops IR smoke, reverse in a different direction than straight back.
  5. In one of the PBEMs I played last year, I had Blue with two Ravens and a Grey Eagle (one Raven to Start and one Raven and Grey Eagle as reinforcements). My opponent had six Tunguskas. One of my Ravens was brought down by a Tunguska that my opponent had moved in close to my lines (I learned a valuable lesson from that one). I spotted that Tunguska and another with my fwd scouts, brought up Strykers with 40mm AGLs, and took them out. Then I used my Grey Eagle, which is invulnerable to AAA and SAMs to find the rest of the Tunguskas. My opponent had brought all his Tunguskas up close to the line t
  6. Holy moly! I just noticed my horrible typing. That last line should be "the modes. If ... Wrong place OR with too late AN area."
  7. How were you using the drones, point, area, or linear? Using point means that you basically have a good idea that something is there, and you're just verifying it, and has the best chance of spotting it. Linear will give you almost as good a chance of spotting along the path, but only out to about 50m to either side. Area is the least accurate method because your chances of spotting something are directly related to the size of the area you are scanning. I've used drones a lot as blue ( I don't remember using them as Red though ), in both AI battles, and PBEM. I've been able to detect vehicles
  8. I completely agree. My Uncle (my Mother's younger brother) was at the Chosen (Army) and was awarded the Bronze Star with Combat V for that action. His older brother was Navy, and was torpedoed. He survived. Their oldest brother was an Army weather forecaster in Europe before, during, and after D-Day. My Father and I, Marines. My statements were specifically directly focused at the absolutely ignorant comments by Frenchy56. Inter service rivalry is fun, and we all engage in it to an extent, but we usually make sure that we say it in a way that projects that it is in fun.
  9. Well, I don't know how "normal Marines" train to fight an ambush now, in my day, even the non-infantry (MOS other than 03xx) trained at least annually to fight ambushes. The best way to reduce an ambush is to get out of the kill zone by assaulting the main ambush force. Wow, pretty harsh statement, especially when you consider the history of Marine fights. When Marines landed to reinforce the Pusan Perimeter (that was during the Korean War by the way) the Marines were still wearing the WWII canvas leggings. When the Army intercepted a North Korean message to the front that commanded th
  10. It might just be the UI. I know from playing a PBEM mission in CMRT that Soviet HMG teams will deploy on EVERY waypoint in a movement, and I don't give them that command. It's probably because the HMGis on wheels and therefore already deployed when they stop. That's probably the same for the Brit 51mm mortar. If it has a bipod and baseplate attached to it, there's no need to deploy it when it's placed on the deck. With a U.S. 60mm mortar, the baseplate, bipod, and sights are all separate units and have to be assembled to the tube. Same thing with the MG. you have assemble the traverse and
  11. For me, the most effective use of XO and 2IC has been to shore up the morale of nervous, panicked, or broken units, an also medic. The Weapons HQs help to maintain comm between the CO and the weapons squads. I honestly don't know the purpose of the 2IC. Is that a unit specific to the Army?
  12. When I was in the U.S.M.C., the TO&E weapon for Officers and Staff NCOs was the M1911 45 caliber pistol. That was because the Marine Corps felt that if we had an M-14 or M-16, we'd be more apt to actively participate in the fight instead of managing the fight. Of course, since the first person Marines would shoot was one without a rifle, we all drew a rifle from the armory. Our basic allotment (BA) of ammo for the M-14 was 180 rounds (nine 20-round magazines). The BA for an M-16, was 240 rounds (eight 30-round magazines) which weighed about the same as the 7.62 BA for the M-14. When
  13. Really? I'll have to look into that. Looks like I missed those in the manual also.
  14. Sorry for wasting your time folks. I was using the paper manual that shipped with my original version to research, and opening the latest PDF manual, it clearly states that Sappers will throw their charges when within grenade range. That wasn't in the original, so I asked the question.
  15. I apologize in advance if this question has already been asked and answered, but I've done searches and read the manual to no avail. I'm playing a scenario where the Axis have a couple of Assault Guns, and I just have a few ATR and some pioneers/sappers with demo charges, besides my infantry. I was wondering if the charges could be used to attack the Assault Guns, and if they can, how?
  16. That's great! I'm happy to stand corrected. I'm glad to hear that the military is at least doing something. As I said in one of my original statements, in our day, it took years for the VA to recognize PTSD as a combat related disorder. I reckon I' still a bit bitter from how my friends and comrades were treated. Thank you for enlightening me.
  17. We had something similar when I was overseas with the Marines. We, the unwilling; Led by the unqualified; Doing the unnecessary for the ungrateful; Have been doing so much for so long with so little; Can do anything forever with nothing!
  18. I had read someplace that they did that with Marine Raiders. I think it was in a reference to Elenor Roosevelt, who's son was a Marine, but it was so long ago that I really don't remember the specifics. The Marine Reserve Unit that I served in, when I worked for Boeing in Wichita, shared a building with an Army Reserve unit. I was friends with the Command Sgt. Major. He wore a patch on his seat shoulder that said "Merrill's Marauders." At that time he was one of eight still living. I am honored to have known him and that he considered me a friend. He was one of the nicest people I have ever me
  19. Thank you for that. My experiences were 1969 to 1973. Do you know when then changed the process? How long between coming out of combat and back in the world? What was the time relative to WWII and the Korean War?
  20. But but but .... You mean there's a difference? ok, I'll try. My squadron went on depolyment to Naha Navy/Airforce base in Naha Okinawa for live missile shoot. It just so happen Ed that we were there over November 10, the Marine Corps Birthday. We'll, we had one heck of a party. It was such a good party, that the girls who were brought in from town to be our dance partners, were hastily withdrawn, ostensibly for their safety. After the party, we had to walk across the golf course. The next morning, as I sort of oozed out of my rack and stepped outside, the Marine insatiable urge to scroun
  21. Weather forecasting is very difficult because of the dynamic atmospheric conditions. We have a standing joke here in MA resulting from a famous forecaster saying that the weather was partly cloudy. At the time he said that, it was snowing, and we got 6-inches of "partly cloudy!" When WBZ built a new TV studio, the forecasters demanded they put a window the weather room.
  22. CMSF2 "Semper Fi: Syria" Campaign, Recon team detects and disposes of a Syrian HQ unit that had retreated beneath the waters of the creek. Not even the icon was showing. I said to myself "WTF? That was interesting!" I had seen them move into the water some turn earlier, and figured they had decided on suicide rather than face the Marines, even though both choices have the same result. Moved on and finished the mission.
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