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  1. Gee, and I always saw that as a benefit of aging when you consider the alternative:)
  2. The U.S. licensed the French Brant (sp. ?) 60mm mortar as the M2 during or just after WW I. They were definitely capable of indirect fire. The USMC still uses the upgraded mod at the company level (a section of three tubes in the weapons platoon). The section is commonly attached to a reinforced rifle platoon. We often fired them indirect. I'd like to see BF allow indirect behind hedgerows as was done.
  3. Of course that will have to change if BF ever does a Pacific theater. The Marines definitely used FAC (they developed air-ground coordination since the Banana Wars). Navy and Marine FOs used it regularly. USMC air-ground is still a thing of beauty.
  4. I guess that would depend on your definition of "operationally." I believe the Marine Raiders carried some Boys rifles during their raid on Makin in the Pacific theater.
  5. Don't be ashamed by getting your butt kicked it takes a good while to learn how to use your assets. I spent years as a "small unit leader, infantry" (rifle platoon sergeant and weapons platoon sergeant) in the USMC and still have my butt handed to me on a regular basis because I had little experience working with armor. Remember, armor is there to SUPPORT infantry. Use your grunts as a screen for your armor and your armor will survive longer to reduce the strong points that your infantry has to take. My regular H2H opponent was shocked in CMBB - The Library - when I sent my infantry through
  6. The quality of the AI in a solo game is probably directly proportional to the scenario designer, some very good and some not so. I suggest if you purchase, play some solo to really learn the commands and operation of the game, then go to head-to-head for the most challenging game play. I don't think that even the most adaptable AI can hold a candle to the unpredictability of the worst human opponent.
  7. "A man's worth is measured by the strength of his enemies!"
  8. Elvis, thank you for the info about the FT. Excellent AAR, I'll be sorry to see it end. I'm sorry to hear you'll be hitting the "ceasefire." I don't think I could do that. Even in a game my USMC side keeps telling me "Hey, you're gonna die anyway. Slow them down as much as possible, and make it hurt!"
  9. Is the FT fuel limited? Is there a value for it in the UI? Inquiring minds want to know!l:D
  10. I understand how that could cause a problem, but IIRC, my moves were all "hunt," "move," or "slow" commands that continued as "fast" or "quick" moves. I could understand extending as the same command, but not changing to another command. Razar Naga mouse btw.
  11. Dyslexia perhaps? Did you hear about the dyslexic Soviet Atheist insomniac? He lies awake all night wondering if there really is a Dog.
  12. I saw something like this also as British(warrior mode) in an H2H of "My Honor is Loyalty." I had finished my move commands and decided to review them before hitting "Go." As I reviewed the move of each unit, I noticed fast or quick move commands emanating in random directions from each move terminus. I deleted the extra moves thinking I had messed up some how, and continued the game. I use a Mac too (Mac Pro). Perhaps it isn't specific to RT.
  13. Another suggestion; read through the Market Garden Beta AARs by Bil Hardenberg (Germans) and C3K (Brits) in the stickies in this forum. Also read the beta AARs by Bil Hardenberg (Russians) and Elvis (Germans) in the Red Thunder forum. Extraordinary in their depth and prose and you'll be able to glean much from the excellent players.
  14. Welcome aboard PatGarret! I too am an ASL player and know the learning curve associated with CMBN, Market Garden, CMFI, and Gustav Line. As you can probably tell, I have all of them. My suggestion is that you play the smaller all infantry scenarios against the AI, and try out ALL the commands to learn what works for your style of play. Then progress on to the combined arms scenarios and do the same. After that find a patient partner for head-to-head (H2H). The real plus is that you don't have to keep a 3-inch manual, dice, and combat tables next to you. CM does all that for you! Also, c
  15. I must say that although I've played the first four missions of "The Scottish Corridor," I haven't played the RtN campaign yet. Most of my play has been H2H against a friend who is very quick to learn what works and rarely makes the same mistake twice, so I really have to devote all my energies to beating him. We're currently playing a huge meeting engagement battle related to Operation Epsom (The Scottish Corrridor) of 120 minutes called "My Honor is Loyalty," so I don't have any issues with large sizes or long times in battles. I have really enjoyed Scottish Corridor and appreciate your e
  16. I just finished a H2H "Under the Eyes of the White Manor." It's 55 minutes, and is IMHO, well balanced. It's a bocage, fields, very small village, and some farms. It's very good for learning to penetrate bocage, and for using bocage, buildings, and terrain for defense. All in all, since I managed a Tactical Victory defending as the Axis, it was enormously enjoyable.
  17. I'm not advocating retaining the existing behavior. I'm simply stating that moving an AT gun is possible, albeit slowly, and in some cases is a tactically viable option. Yes, they should be modeled to a more realistic behavior, but if you want to try, you can still do it. Another anecdote, I'm told that when the TOW was first introduced to U.S. forces they were told it couldn't be fired from a moving vehicle, couldn't change targets in mid flight, and two couldn't be crossed. At least until the Marines said "Why not?" and did it.
  18. I'm running H2HH on Lion (10.8.x) if that's any help.
  19. I'm afraid I must disagree this assessment. I just finished a PBEM playing as the Axis in "Under the Eyes of the White Manor" where I had AT guns. One came under fire after taking out a Sherman and a number of infantry. I lost the machine gunner of the ammo bearers from suppressing fire, and decided the present location wasn't a healthy environment. I packed up the PAK 40 (4 minutes plus) and commanded it to move behind another hedgerow to its rear. It took about 10 minutes to reach the new location, but deployed and faced in time to destroy an M4 in the last few seconds of the last minute of
  20. I had an M-60 MG squad in my weapons section in the Marines. My gunners would change barrels about every 1,000 rounds or less depending on the rate and duration of fire. If the barrel got hot enough, it could actually droop until you were shooting into the ground. One gun would change it's barrel and the other would pick up it's rate of fire to cover the lack of fire from the gun that was out of commission until it was back up (no more than 15 to 20 seconds). Each gun had a "T&E (traverse & elevation) bag" with a barrel change and an asbestos glove. My 60mm mortar crews would usually t
  21. Can we actually move an AT gun without a vehicle? I tried to move a German AT gun in one scenario, but after about 5 minutes, it still didn't move even though I was able to give it a "Move" command. This was in version 2.01.
  22. I've been lurking on the sidelines, and have thoroughly enjoyed your spectacular writing style. The only thing I would consider a mistake would be not buying at least one para 6-pounder. It would have been brought in in a glider and moved by the jeep. On the other hand, I think many reading this AAR made a huge error in believing you a "bloodthirsty impulsive" who ricocheted from one crisis to another. I believe that your aggressiveness is what will be the deciding factor in this battle. Even though you didn't capture the intersections to prevent Bill's forces from reinforcing other units, you
  23. If there's no manual on the disk, you can download it on the BFC site. I downloaded my manual before they released the module. It's just an addendum to the CMBN manual with the new stuff not covered before.
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