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  1. LOL! Masterful stroke my friend, masterful! Downloaded and installed last night (AKA early this morning). I’m playing the first mission of the 10th Mountain campaign “Encore” on my gaming PC. Now to install it on my Mac Pro and see how it runs in “High Sierra.” I can’t update to Mohave because I have an Envidia GTX 1080 graphics card that needs the driver for Mohave, and Apple and Envidia are in a pissing contest, so Apple won’t approve the drivers.
  2. Aw, that was really unfortunate about the Eagles-Patriots game. I always love when the Pats win😁 (too bad there’s no GOAT emoticon). However, having worked on an issue with Steve on a Christmas Eve, and many other times with you, Steve, and others, I have the greatest respect for your Support group (?). You have never let me down.
  3. I think @Arktin was just referring to @BFCElvis post script on the previous page. Plus, this is FI after all, and there might still be some M5’s around with canister.
  4. U.S. Marines used “Foo Gas” defenses during the war in Vietnam. A friend who was in the infantry showed me some 38mm photos he took when his battalion base was attacked. He had to smuggle the film out when he rotated back to the States because they showed the Foo Gas trenches after they were fired (I think they used napalm for the Foo Gas). They also showed the ammo dump and fuel dump brewing up after they were hit. The photos wouldn’t been good for enhancing the public image. Seeing as they had to use the Foo Gas, it must have been a pretty major attack. My buddy didn’t really want to talk ab
  5. @Warts 'n' all, thank you very much for that Time Team segment! I watched one or two of their first seasons here in the U.S. on cable TV. The most memorable ep. I saw was one where they excavated a flint hand axe work area that was worked by early hominids 600,000 years ago. I still get chills of wonder when I think about it. The cable channel took it off and I never watched that channel again. Can’t even remember the channel name. Again, thank you!
  6. @user1000, interesting! One of the surviving A-36As is part of the Collings Foundation here in Massachusetts.
  7. I cut my wargaming teeth on Squad Leader and ASL. The biggest problem with ASL is that it’s really difficult to play solo, so you pretty much must have a partner. Finding an opponent is pretty easy now if you use the online Virtual Advanced Squad Leader (VASL). You must have the actual module for that, and they’re becoming very expensive and scarce as hens teeth (unless there’s a black market ASL scenario website). I believe I have every original module that Avalon Hill produced, but they’ve been shelved for decades in favor of BFC CMx1 and CMx2. I believe i’ve even recognized some ASL scenari
  8. Ok, if you have a mouse with a left and a right button, right-click on the CMBN icon and select “show package contents.” If you don’t have a two-button mouse, single-click on the CMBN icon, go to the “file” menu, and select “open.” Then select “show package contents” from the drop down. Open the “Contents” folder, then open the “Resources” folder. The “Data”folder is in the “Resources” folder. You must follow the same process for the all other CM games, except CMFB and CMSF2. Those are the latest releases, so BFC made installing mods on the Mac OS easier by placing the data folder in the
  9. Bud, you’re absolutely correct. My response with that was actually “tongue in cheek.” However, English is an active and evolving language. Yes, in “The King’s English,” “who’s” is a contraction, the same as it’s. However, it is used in some dialects as a possessive. I personally use “whose” as the possessive because my dialect is that of eastern Massachusetts, which is closer to “the King’s English” than most other dialects in the U.S. it’s similar to using “shall” as a mandatory requirement. I never used it when writing regulations because it’s so ambiguous. It was used to indicate a mandator
  10. LOL, not anymore! Retired and joined the Gramma Kops. At least we speak the same language, sort of. MALEFACTORS BEWARE! I AM ON WATCH!! 🧐👮🏻‍♂️
  11. And then it doesn’t matter what the language is, the tone and inflections are universal! 😱
  12. Well, since it was initially scheduled for release in August, and is now pushed out to September, it probably is too late considering how much that would need to be done to include it with the release. Patience young warrior. A CM module is never late. Nor is it early. A CM module always releases exactly when it means to!
  13. I tend to call in an initial fire mission after I read the scenario briefing and do a visual recon of the map. I look on that initial fire mission as a prep fire mission. It’s delivered within one minute of hitting the start button. All subsequent fire missions I see as being opportunity missions and know that they’ll take a significant amount of time.
  14. Yeah, OK, I understand. I had to repeat the third grade because I had trouble learning to read. Five years later, I was tested for reading speed, comprehension, and retention. I read 460 words per minute with 80% retention and comprehension, so I guess being held back worked. I probably used the wrong term, and should have said the autocorrection part of the spellchecker. As I said in the “Edit” reason, the autocorrect changed “were” to “we’re” in two places. I tend to be hypercritical, as I wrote Airworthiness Directives (instructions to address unsafe conditions on aircraft), and Regulations
  15. Two very good examples of the small unit campaigns are “Devils Descent” and “Das Komen.” I believe both are in the CMMODS IV. Devils Descent in particular is good as it’s an Airborne Company, and follows a single commander. I really liked it. You can probably get some really good pointers from playing/dissecting it. One of the best is in CMBS. I think it was done by MOS, and IMHO, is the most ingenious and creative single-map campaign that I’ve ever seen. It’s also on the CMMODS IV.
  16. Thank you for your direct experience input. It is welcomed. Although I had a section of 60mm mortars (three guns) in the USMCR in the mid to late 70’s, I have absolutely no experience with the FO’s, so my timing experiences were different than yours. One thing that sometimes colors my perceptions in the game, is that my experiences are based on “modern day” fire missions being called in by FOs using radios either on the ground or by aerial, and the mission directors using computers to do the plot. I sometimes forget that FOs and those plotting the missions didn’t have those aids except in a r
  17. “Patience is a Virtue” I recently listened to a news report that said how societies are becoming less “virtuous” because many have no patience. The study attributes it to our modern “conveniences” such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, computers, and most importantly, the internet. “We’ve” (notice the apostrophe that indicate this is a contraction for we have) become so used to instant gratification, that we get stressed when we have to wait for a stop light to change, or for a walk light to cross the street. I grew up in a time when the F-51 Mustang and F-4U Corsair were still fro
  18. As far as I’m concerned, based on the past history of BFC, I’m sure that any campaign in R2V will be challenging and outstanding! I own every CM title, and I’ve managed to complete only one campaign in any of them ( U.S. in CMBS, although I have only one mission to finish in the Russian campaign). I’m really excited for R2V with it’s new content. Talk about spoiled by BFC!
  19. Sorry about the trips down Memory Lane. To get back on subject, I bought the pre-sale as soon as it came up. I love the way the formations, equipment, and tactics change with each release as we move through the war years. I might play all of the campaigns and scenarios, or I might not, but just having the module is a comfort for me.
  20. The only Lurps I remember were the Army Ranger long-range recon patrols (LRRP). I’m with you on the “it’s all good when you’re really hungry). My Father had a stock phrase when I was being picky at meals. He’d say “Just wait until you go to Boot Camp! You’ll eat anything that’s near you.” He was right of course, he was a Marine after all.
  21. I’m sorry, I was being facetious. My Mother was given some by FEMA after a hurricane in FL.She didn’t want them, so she gave them to me. They were good. I got out of the USMC Reserves in 1981, and still had never seen an MRE.
  22. Ham and lima beans or beef slices with potatoes? your unit must not have worked you hard enough if you could’t Eat more than 1 1/2 rats a day. I got C-rats that had Marlboro cigarettes with no filters in the accessory packs (1940’s vintage I believe). I must say though, that wasn’t really unusual. It was in 1969, and only 24 years after WWII ended. By the way, regarding the P38 can opener, I knew some assemblers/mechanics who worked for NASA on the space program, and they used P38s to open rocket component cans.
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