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  1. At least until tomorrow when something breaks and it’s the weekend😂
  2. Don’t really remember what my version number was, but my regular PBEM Partner and I had major issues updating from v2.00 to 2.01 and 2.02. Our Wrob Bridgehead saves just wouldn’t run. We might have stuck with one of the earlier versions. IIRC, it turned out to be something like the update changing some of my units to cavalry which I didn’t have, so the game choked on it. No biggy, I can always restart the “Hammer’s Flank” campaign since I had only about nine saved. It’d just irritating. On the bright side however, it starts much faster, although I haven’t checked whether it deleted m
  3. OK, since I haven't seen a bug topic in support, I'll start one here where most folks look anyway. I started up my CMRT Fire and Rubble that I just installed. I selected a saved turn in my campaign "Hammer's Flank." The load made it to 23% and CMRT crashed to desktop. I tried running ever one of my Hammer's Flank saves, and they all crashed at 23-25% of the load. I always save my game at the end of my movement phase, just before I hit the button. I then selected the Hammer's Flank Campaign and the fight button. It ran perfectly. I haven't tried any of my other base CMRT saves yet, but I w
  4. Ah, then the M-16 history that I read wasn’t complete as it didn’t mention the forward assist as the main reason for the M-16A1. An article in Gun digest dated 12/16/2017 states that the reason for the Army insisting on the forward assist was not mechanical, but psychological to give the troops more faith and confidence in the weapon. Yes, the M-16 in Viet Nam had a lot of issues with rounds not chambering, but those were due almost entirely to the Army eliminating the Stoner design requirement to chrome plate the chamber, barrel, and gas tube in order to save money, and the neglect of trainin
  5. I’ve competed in matches with both the M1903A1 and the M1 Garland, and as I’ve said before, qualified with the M-14 and M-16. There’s a reason that the Navy SEALs favor modified M-14s when they need accuracy and stopping power. Unfortunately, I suspect most military planners have never heard a shot fired in anger, so they remain mostly clueless most things except what their superiors want to hear. Politics at it’s lowest form. @Bozowans, thank you very much for posting the article. It is very informative. I suspect most of the Staff Officers in all of the militaries all over the world
  6. IIRC, the main change to the M16 that makes it an M16A1 is chrome plating the barrel and gas port, and changed the flash hider from the three prong to the ringed flash hider. All they did was correct the issues created by the Army Ord Dept. that eliminated them from the original Stoner design to save money, and that gave the M16 such a bad name in Viet Nam.
  7. Since the USMC are not part of CMCW, Dragon AT missiles will probably at the very least be organic at a platoon level for the US Army. AT missiles such as Dragons and Javelins are organic at the Battalion level and dispersed to Company level at the discretion of the Battalion Commander in the USMC. Marine infantry don’t need organic AT missiles other than AT4s because they have hand grenades and K-bars!😝
  8. I’d like to add my own USMC and USMCR with the M-14 and M-16 experiences to this discussion. I qualified with the M-14 every year from 1969 to 1973, and the M-16 from 1975 until 1980. With the M-14, we qualified at 200, 300, and 500 yards. With the M-16, we qualified at 360 meters (my memories are up to 50 years old, so please forgive me if I’m off a bit) using known distance (KD) targets. Max effective range was 460 meters (~500 yards) for the M-14, and 360 meters for the M-16. For those who don’t know the term “maximum effective range,” in the USMC it is the range at which any Marine can be
  9. Most of our play was on earlier iPads (iPad 1s I think), although I also played on a 2010 MacPro, and my buddy also played on a PC. I don’t really remember any issues relating to file size or download/upload times. I honestly don’t remember if the files were kept on the system or in the cloud. It’s probably been 6 or 7 years since we were able to play Battle Academy or Comander: The Great War. Ok except been gaming for the most part on a PC since 2017, but might still have the games installed on my Mac. They won’t run at all on the newer iPads.
  10. This is how I was playing Battle Academy and and a couple of other Slitherine based games with a friend. The problem with them is that if the developer changes platforms or you have issues, it is up to the developer to fix them. I don't think we'll have that problem with BFC though.
  11. I'm looking at April 19. It is a significant day. It's two weeks after my second Phiser Vacc shot (fully vaccinated) and Patriots day. What could be more appropriate!
  12. LOL, thank you for that! What great propaganda. Those aircraft were actually designed, and one or two built before the Soviets decided that they just weren't worth it. They were designed to carry tremendous loads, and skim just above the water in ground effect like pelicans. LCATs, or the Soviet versions, and the cost, quickly doomed that airplane.
  13. Part of the Marine Corps Hymn is "From the snows of far off northern lands, to the sunny tropic scenes, you will find us always on the job, the United States Marines." Yes, you're all correct about Norway. I went there from Wichita, KS with my Marine Reserve Battalion on a NATO exercise (Operation Teamwork) in September 1976. We were told that it was the first time Marine Reserves were in an exercise outside the U.S., and at the time, it was the largest NATO exercise ever held. We operated north of Trondhiem, about 200 miles south of the Artic Circle. Our Allies were Norwegian Light Infantry,
  14. I first saw "Connie" in the late 70's or early 80's in Blackhawk, Huey, and Armor PM series on turbine engine maintenance when I wrote engine maintenance manuals for GE Aircraft Engines. I have to say, the clothing changed greatly. In the ones I saw, "Connie" was dressed in "Daisy Duke" shorts and a halter top.
  15. Ah, that explains it! My mortar section in 1978 had M2’s. That was in a USMCR unit. Marine reserves probably didn’t get M224’s until the M224A1’s were issued to the Army. That was how it usually happened😢
  16. I’ve been reading the TO&E for Cold War and have noticed a possible inconsistency with the U.S. 60mm mortar version. The TO&E lists it as an M224A1. Unfortunately, since the time frame for this release is 1979 to 1984, the M224A1 didn’t exist at that time. The M224 replaced the M2 and M19 mortars in the Mid-1970’s, but the improved M224A1 wasn’t introduced until 2011. That puts it’s introduction into service something like 17 years after the time frame of the of the Cold War module. The increased range and ammunition types of the M224A1 could adversely affect any battle fought in the 1
  17. There could be any number of reasons why your FO and mortar team won’t fire, including moral factor, not being in range, no line of sight, etc. try selecting “C” and give them a “target,” “light target,” or “area” command to the icon of the enemy you want to target. If the target is reddish and black, it means something is blocking your LOS to that target. If your selected FO or mortar crew are reduced moral, broken, or pinned, etc., they might just be telling you to “bugger off, I’m not doing that.” As said previously, without more information or screen shots with the UI showing, there is ver
  18. I can verify that the Windows version of the CMx1 series runs well in Boot Camp on a Mac. I’ve run all of the CMx1 and CMx2 series since 2003 on my Macs. I haven’t used Parallels since before the games were released, so I can’t speak to whether they would work on an emulator.
  19. I just installed my 2003 copy of CMAK 3 from CDV on my PC running Windows 10. I didn’t experience any issues with running it (except aspect ratios because I have a 27 inch 4K monitor with a screen resolution of 3840x2160). I’ll try some of your suggestions in other threads to resolve those issues though😊 I do need to have the disk in the reader to run it though.
  20. My apologies, that patch to allow running without the disk was with my CMSF1, not CMx1. Best bet is to simply pick up a mobile USB optical drive.
  21. Another way is to buy or obtain a portable USB CD/DVD drive and use it to validate you’re install. Then, go onto the BF patch site, and patch the game to remove the need to have the disc in the drive. That’s how I did it with my Paradox versions. Be careful to not patch with the last windows patch though (I forget the name Vista or something) it screwed up my graphics some. I ran all three from Windows 95 through Windows 7 in Boot Camp on my Macs.
  22. But, just as a reminder to all, the patch will be only for the base game of Red Thunder for those who don’t purchase the Fire and Rubble module. It will only patch RT with the changes already patched in the other base games. It won’t allow access to the content added in F&R. F&R will already be patched, so it won’t need to be patched after activation.
  23. Those “number of .303 rounds per day” doesn’t have much relationship to the “rounds per infantryman per kill” statistic originally quoted. The Vickers MG and other lighter more mobile infantry automatic guns, including the Lewis guns in the infantry and all of the fighter aircraft and defensives of the scouts, bombers, and balloons, all fired the .303 round. That massively skews the ratios. The SMLE, M1903, and M1917 Enfield, were routinely used to qualify at 1,000 yards (914.4 meters), and that was by regular riflemen, not snipers.
  24. Area fire for suppression, what we usually call “base of fire before an assault,” is completely dependent on the situation and terrain, and must be determined on an individual basis. Suppressive fire on an area that’s open, but with a lot of concealment is going to be different than suppressive fire before assaulting a building in a MOUT. This is where your scouts can really help to assess what you need. Another mistake I notice is using a hunt or slow movement command after contact. You already know about where the enemy is, so try using fast movement commands. It makes your pixeltruppen much
  25. If you go back into an earlier part of this thread (January 22, 2019), you’ll see from my calculations for squad and fire team ammo, that what you start with is about what an actual Marine squad or fire team actually has. Also, a mission usually lasts only one to two hours, and if your Marines run out of ammo in that amount of time, than you’re failing to enforce fire discipline and allowing your Marines to waste ammo. Only after we secured the position would we receive resupply by AAV, truck, helicopter, or HMMV (or in our case, Jeep). Whenever possible, you conserve your rounds for the base
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