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  1. Location: North Shore of the Democratic People's Republic of Massachusetts

      I thought that was The People's Republic Of Cambridge. Hehehehee!
    An old Dorchester rat currently in Ohio. 

    Regards, Odd

    1. Vet 0369

      Vet 0369

      Cambridge has annexed most of the State now. A few communities still fight the good fight, but it’s virtually a lost cause since even the Republican Governor is more liberal than most Democrats. It’s really sad what’s happening in the first colony to fight to protect its firearms. I lived in Loraine, Ohio for a few months in the 1950s when my Father was transferred there from Somerville by Ford. My Mother didn’t like it though, so we moved back to Beverly.

    2. Oddball-47


      Hi Vet,
         I'm in Sandusky, not too many miles from Lorain. I chased a girl out here ten years ago. After living
      together for a year, we decided to split. We're still very good friends. I liked it out here so much
      that I decided to stay. It's a different world out here. Hell, people are so much nicer, the cost of living
      is about a third of what it is in MA these days. They even drive civilized out here!
         I went back to Dorchester a few years ago. It had been in the midst of great change
      in my last decade there and the changes have since accelerated. Not too many of the
      old families are around, the kids grew up and found themselves unable to afford the rents
      anymore. Somehow, the suburbs became cheaper to live in than in the city of Boston itself.
         Nothing there for me these days. But I've still got my memories !

      Best regards, Odd

    3. Vet 0369

      Vet 0369

      Hey Odd!

      I hear you about the people being nicer, driving more civilized, and cost of living. I worked at Boeing in Wichita, KS for a few years in the 70’s. Liked it so much that we even bought a house there. My wife had never lived away from her family though and missed them, so we moved back to MA. Just about the only thing I didn’t like was the seasons. There were only two, summer and winter. Also, I grew up within a stone throw of the ocean and really miss it when I’m not near it. My family has been here for almost 400 years, so that sort of roots you to an area too. We now live about two miles from where Tituba told her stories to the girls who started the witch hysteria. 

      Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

      p.s. Just downloaded and installed Rome to Victory last night (more missions and campaigns that I’ll never get around to playing hehe).

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