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  1. Can we get a fix for the BMP-3K too please. The machinegun muzzleflash animation is bugged.
  2. Budgeting of ammo perhaps. The British forces in Germany would have been seriously outnumbered, and supply would not be easy, so economy of ammo seems like a good idea. The Warrior does have a generous amount of AP ammo, due to its role as a vehicle-killer. . The US and Russians were in a different position than the British. The US had a huge supply system to back up its forces, and the Russians; well, they didn't expect their vehicles to survive long enough for resupply to become an issue (and their advances were incremental with units being substituted/rotated as each objective was reac
  3. The British Army has always had a particular obsession with ammo consumption/supply - which is no doubt linked to some of their greatest defeats in battle being linked to running out of ammunition. I too was puzzled about the Warrior until I did a bit of research about its background. It was designed and built in the late Cold War and meant to serve with British Armoured Troops in Germany, where it would be facing hordes of Soviet tanks and IFVs/APCs. In order to avoid that the vehicle blasted away its ammo within minutes, the slow-firing and 3-6-round Rarden was purposely chosen
  4. I'm more hopeful about fire being implemented like in the old games - where buildings and stuff could be set on fire and destroyed. Think napalm. And thermobaric explosives.
  5. UHhhhh...!!! Exciting stuff. This setting should be a lot more balanced than the other post-WW2 titles. Let's all cross our fingers for a 2022 release with CM:RT Fire and Rubble and the CM:BS expansion in 2021.
  6. A bit off-topic but I really hope we will one day see official modding tools. It would be a great way of engaging the CM community now that Battlefront has hit Steam and the player base is growing across multiple platfroms.
  7. That's not a Ratnik uniform. So that is probably not a "green little man".
  8. Happy New Year. Nice to see an update. Personally, Engine 5 Upgrade excites me the most. Hopefully roads will get some love.
  9. The game really needs a suppression command to help conserve ammo and make fire and maneuver tactics more doable. I imagine it working in the way that each soldier in a unit shoots one round, then follows a 1-2 second pause, and then the next soldier shoots.
  10. T-72AV/T-72AV-Turms-T model is also missing its smoke launcher. Syrian Special Forces trucks carry 7,62x39 instead of 7,62x54R. Airborne squads still only have 100 7,62x54R rounds.
  11. I wholeheartedly agree. It would make sense for Battlefront to use their existing models across more titles - they already have T-72 assets in CM:SF2 that could be reskinned and used in an expansion pack for Black Sea. And of course, there's my personal dream title: CM: Operation Unthinkable.
  12. It's been a while since we got any updates about upcoming games and expansions. It's my impression that Fire and Rubble is next and then an expansion for Black Sea, is this so?
  13. Best series of the year. No forced diversity, authentic costumes and actual latin spoken by the Romans.
  14. Part and parcel of living in a country with open borders, and politicians who show greater concern for so-called refugees than the safety of European citizens. These attacks will only become more commonplace as the number of religion-of-peace people keeps growing. Thanks Merkel.
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