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  1. It’s time to resume this little project and bring it to conclusion. This likely would have been continued not long after my last post were it not for a small disaster with backups of my source files before I wiped my computer for an OS upgrade. I lost all the turns, and since my opponent chose the map and could not remember which one he used, it was a serious challenge to resume. Quite a bit of painstaking work went into picking this up again. I went through every map I have for CMBN and could not find the one used for this battle. Let me tell you that going through the 800+ map files is a lot of work. Days of work. It struck me then that he might have used a scenario instead of a QB map, and modified it. After more endless hours, I found it. Then the work began of modifying the map, and of reconstructing the situation as it was when I stopped this story. Which brings me to today. The past few days I’ve been working on the comic, and have several panels completed. Before posting them I thought I’d bring people up to speed on what’s going on here. Those of you who recall the characters from my first CAAR, The Battle of La Ferme Dupont, may remember some of the characters that survived that little fracas. This story takes place some weeks later, taking cue from the last page of the aforementioned CAAR, and tells the tale of Sergeant Hirsch in the later days of the Falaise pocket retreat. Hirsch is a lieutenant now, and his platoon was assigned the task of fording a river and then flanking defenders of a bridge held by US paratroopers. The bridge is vital for the German withdrawal before the noose is tied shut around Falaise. You can see the general info in this map: The platoon has successfully crossed the ford and cleared Hill 141 of US infantry, including a mortar team that has been harassing the main German attack at the bridge. Hirsch has to move through an apple orchard and then reach the hamlet and has very limited time do do so.
  2. Je sais ce que vous vouliez dire, mais ce fut une bonne excuse pour utiliser cette image. I know what you meant but it was a good excuse to use that picture. Within the scope of these simulations I’m quite comfortable with my Panthers. In fact I purchased 1/4 as many as my opponent has T34/85s in a PBEM I just started, and we have equal points. Ah, yes, you are interpreting the scene the way I intended.
  3. Thank you. My graphic skills are nowhere as sophisticated as some but I put a lot of work to develop a style of presentation here. By the way, there is a link in my signature that takes you to a list of all my AARS.
  4. Argh... this was one of three projects that I was not able to sustain work on when my wife got ill. It ends abruptly but I have every turn saved, and keep a special copy of CMRT 3.0 installed so that I can resume and complete it. Which I still intend to. I wondered if anyone still gave a damn 4 years later so it’s nice to know someone is reading this. Same applies to two unfinished CAARS. In fact today I spent some hours working on one of them as it’s close to completion already.
  5. The other day, I saw this in another thread. It’s exciting to see someone discover a new front, and a new game. But I would never have thought the eastern front could be described as “easy!” Easy?
  6. There are no such tools in the Mac version, unfortunately. I had to ask a friend with a PC to do it for me.
  7. Better skinny-dip soon before the paint chars....
  8. Top one is early. The bottom is late. It's not as sexy as a panther at full speed but dang.. .I do like the StuG IV!
  9. Thank you. I appreciate you commenting, it’s never too late. I read whatever anyone posts on these CAAR threads even if the post is years after the battle concluded.
  10. Don’t tell them anything, @BFCElvis!
  11. It’s not a real signature, it’s in the body of the post.
  12. I am still unable to login using the Canadian Store. UK store is fine. Doesn't matter if I am on MacOS or Windows, whether I use Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. Mobile or Desktop. Nothing gets through. Only was able to get in for the first week.
  13. Rifle target range distances and actual combat distances have nothing to do with one another. Using the former can lead to some very tenuous conclusions. A more useful thing to look at would be data collected by different militaries on what they determined to be actual combat ranges for a given period, as well as their doctrine and training requirements.
  14. Everything is working from my end, so I think the name thing is the issue
  15. Ok, I’ll set it up and send you the file. Let’s see if this is okay if I initiate it.
  16. I tried to set up the battle, @PhilM and had no problem. Mind you CMFI is the one game I have on the PC and not my Mac (because I have other copies of CMFI on the Mac). Couple of thoughts: I have had issues on RARE occasions with things like this if I haven't rebooted my computer for a long period of time - and just keep putting it to sleep and waking it up later. Usually they clear up with a fresh boot. This is true of windows and MacOS. Check that the outgoing file isn't there from an attempt you made earlier. While I've never had trouble with this with MacOS, I have had windows versions of the game refuse to save the file if an identically-named one is extant. I can set the battle up. Tell me which side you want and let's see if it works properly.
  17. That’s a very good point. As I was doing this comic I realized there were so many interesting little engagements and even following one tank, like I did in the Apache comic. Some vehicles had fascinating careers, and a few BMPs led charmed lives, taking out enemy tanks etc. Likely material for another 3 comics, really, in this battle. But for now, my intention is to complete Once Upon a Time on the Western Front
  18. Heinrich, thank you for really engaging with this thread as it went along. And your commentary then and now. The feedback I've received tells me that my experiment with what I think is a very different style of presentation (in part due to the alternate software) was still appealing. Every time one makes a significant change there are risks that it may not go over well, I'm glad that wasn't the case here. Little things like the picture in picture approach had me worried things would look to "busy" and cluttered, and I had to really think about when and where I'd use it and how to position the smaller pictures - yet still show enough to make each worthwhile examining more closely to see what is going on. Finally, this was an experiment to try to show just how lethal, confusing and impersonal modern warfare is.
  19. Thank you! Thanks very much for considering!
  20. @MOS:96B2P Awesome, thank you for taking the time to write answers to my questions, really appreciated. I will know better if others add their own thoughts but it’s my impression that the map on page 2 made things not end up confusing.
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