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  1. Everything works now, I received a code (license) to activate my original Paradox version.
  2. Thank you for the answer, I tried to edit a ticket, and it is impossible for me to finalize it, the simple question of calculating that proves that I am very human kind: 1 + 3, I answer 4 and c is not correct.
  3. What happens when you have CMSF1 box version of paradox bought in 2006, which was sold without a license, that later I was able to buy the modules at battlefront, install them, update them and play games. game without problem. I just bought the BIG BUDLE, I installed and activated the licenses of the modules except that of the basic game (I do not have any) and there, it does not work, I will not be anyway obliged to buy again the basic version 2 complete. I tried to edit a ticket, a simple question of addition kind, how much 2 + 3 prevents me to finalize the ticket if I answer 5.
  4. The box version of CMSF1 "Paradox" was delivered without license, should I understand that it is now necessary to have a version CMSF1 with license "battlefront" to activate the big budle CMSF2.I have all the modules of the game and I just bought the big budle that does not run, I yet activated modules in version 1 and version 2?
  5. I just realized, that my internet access provider changed its name (neuf.com in sfr.fr) a few years ago, so I changed my email address and password at Battlefront at this time . My first orders remained on the old address became inaccessible. Fortunately I had saved the installation files of modules Marines and British forces and kept the licenses. This, to explain the disappearance of these two purchases from my list.
  6. OK, I took them from their release, as and when.
  7. Hello, I am also the owner of CMSF1 (paradox without license) and the three modules (battlefront with licenses). Only, the module "Nato" appears in the history of my purchases CMSF1. For those who are in the same case as me, the first two modules of CmSf are they still visible in your list? My original version is installed and all modules are activated on my pc. When the paid upgrade of this version of the game will be available, will this patch totally upgrade the game or only the module that appears in the history of my purchases on Battlefront.com?
  8. License Activation of the series Combat Mission Shock force three modules, cm afganistan, Combat Mission Normandy and forteress Italy.J 'regularly have problems with either hardware or my windows, I quickly consumes my 2 activations without being able to uninstall the game. whenever it is necessary to find implore Helpdesk rights, it could not be a less restrictive system for the user and safe for distributeurs.Je developers and end by not buying these games, I have 7 licenses 3 that are no longer valid. Why not adopt a system like Steam?
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