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  1. I'd like to try a multiplayer game of the Russian Civil War scenario. Please send me a message if interested.
  2. Hey, is it intentional that you're cutting off the bottom portion of the screenshots? I want to see what the national morale balance is now.
  3. I'm ready to start a game of Call to Arms 1914 or Franco-Prussian war with Breakthrough 1.04 patch. Send me a PM if interested.
  4. Not a bug this time, but rather a play balance suggestion: I think it is currently too easy for the Ottomans to prevent the Arab revolt from happening by railing only three detachments to the Medina area to block all partisan spawn points. The big value in this move is not so much in stopping the partisans themselves (who can't really do any damage anyway), but in preventing the -2000 NM loss from the event from ever being able to occur (and that's certainly worth the loss of these detachments from being used elsewhere). I'm assuming the Ottoman NM is balanced around the assumption that thi
  5. In a game I was playing recently, the turn after Bulgaria withdrew from the war due to NM falling below 10 for Germany, they twice got hit with the event that Bulgaria takes an increasing interest in events in Serbia. Now this wasn't enough to bring them back into the war, but I figured that it wasn't intended for this event to happen at this point.
  6. Oops. I can't read German, but I saw that HvS dropped your name in the first post, so I just assumed... I'm just happy to know that it wasn't just me imagining things.
  7. You sure let him walk right over you, didn't you Bill? Also, am I the only one can see something wrong in the following screenshot (unless I seriously misunderstand the supply rules)?
  8. OK, I finally saw it happen, but it was on the July 15, 1916 turn. It's supposed to happen almost a year earlier on August 1, 1915, and I don't know what changed so that it would happen later (as far as I know, all the requirements for the event were met since the Ottomans joined the war in late 1914).
  9. I see 9 pages of decisions, and events 121 and 207 are selected (along with everything else). I don't know what I'm missing here.
  10. I understand, though I think the Entente may be too weak to defeat the CP without US support after Russia withdraws from the war. Also I'm concerned unrestricted warfare in it's current form may be a bit too all or nothing.
  11. All the conditions you've mentioned are valid, and Greece is 15% leaning Entente. I've also started another game to test it, and still by August 1915 the decision does not appear. I simply can't get this decision to happen in version 1.03, though it worked fine in 1.02 and earlier.
  12. I'm currently playing a game as the Entente against the AI with patch 1.03, and it's March 1916 and I still haven't received the decision to support the coup in Greece despite meeting the conditions. What could be the cause of this?
  13. I noticed in the last patch for Assault on Democracy the research breakthrough threshold was increased from 30% to 45%. I believe it would be a good idea to make a similar change for WW1. I'm all for having chance in the game, but I think it goes too far with the research system. There are some techs, especially infantry warfare, that can decide the game in and of themselves between similarly skilled players if one side gets them much earlier than the other.
  14. I didn't mean that the US entrance should be guaranteed, but rather that the 1-2% increase per turn should be if Russia surrenders.
  15. That's ok, thanks for the clarification. I wasn't that familiar with this as I've seldom had games last through 1918. I'm wondering however if it wouldn't be better to remove the 50% chance and have it guaranteed instead, given that most players think the US is currently too slow to enter the war. What do you think?
  16. Glad to hear it, thanks. Do you know if what caused the problem only applies to those specific situations? I'm wondering if there might be other cases in other scenarios where the same thing happens.
  17. Furthermore this reminds me that in the 1914 Call to Arms campaign, the town of Mudros on Lemnos is only supply 3 despite being a secondary supply after the event that gives it to the UK.
  18. Only the ports are at 5. All towns and cities and resources in Norway, even Oslo itself, remain at 3 if occupied by Germany. Does being a primary supply not do anything if occupied?
  19. I've noticed that supply in Norway only goes up to 3 even though Oslo is a primary supply. What's going on?
  20. Are you sure? I don't think I've seen this. I don't think I've ever been given this decision. I just looked and the exact same event is there twice, as DE-140 and DE-141. In the strategy guide it only lists DE-140. Could this duplicate event be causing a problem?
  21. Pardon me, but I don't think you're making the patch come any faster.
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