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  1. I had to add this one.............forgot!
  2. What a fantastic link this is, I remember most of these here. I was in my 30`s during the eighties .......... But dont tell anyone here, seems so long ago, but somehow not.
  3. Haha made me laugh, but now its payback cyber time..
  4. First impression is that it feels just right like a upgrade to a full military simulator............... If that makes sense, all tactics seem to be executed somewhat differently than previously.
  5. I am so looking forward to CMSF2...... I CANT WAIT TO GET MY MITS INTO IT.
  6. I've been playing CMSF on and off for the last many years and thoroughly enjoying it, sure nothings perfect, whatever is, but I`m so happy to be able to immerse myself in the CMSF world simulator, and I for one will buy CMSF2 for sure the minute its released........Disappoined? I dont think so because I`ll be spending many hours,weeks,months and years like I have done with CMSF1 and all of its modules. Bring it on with great joy I say.... Cheers.
  7. Its a great way to get in and experience CMSF for new users and old timers.. I made a list of the mods here..... 9 ShotUp 10 Mosque 101st AAV7 MOD by M1A1TC american chatter ARMY Audgisil_Modern_Sounds BMP-1 British Army British TURM hardtop MOD by M1A1TC Camou_Screen_Brit_MikeyD casualty Casualty Marker Bloody Spot mikeyD CatTacticalIconsCMSFNato CMBS special effects Desert Camo Vest FXShine CMFI v203 by BarbaricCo HD Clouds Kieme's CMSF in HD - Buildings1 Kieme's CMSF in HD - Buildings2 Kieme's CMSF in HD - Buildings3 Kieme's CMSF in HD - Buildings4 Kieme's CMSF in HD - Bunker Kieme's CMSF in HD - Doodads & Other Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground1 Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground2 Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground3 Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground4 Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground5 Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground6 Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground7 Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground8 Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground9 Kieme's CMSF in HD - Ground10 Kieme's CMSF in HD - PavedRoads Kieme's CMSF in HD - Sky and Mountains Kieme's CMSF in HD - Walls Kieme's CMSF in HD -BuildingsAddOn1 Kieme's CMSF in HD -BuildingsAddOn2 Kieme's CMSF in HD -BuildingsAddOn3 LAV25A2_GREEN MikeyD BMP-2 plain sand Mord & DC's MG Unit Portraits 4 Mord_& George_MCs_Cuss_Mod_Brits Mord's Total Chaos US With Radio Chatter Day Mord's Total Chaos US With Radio Chatter Night Mord's Unit Portraits Mord's Vocal Mayhem Mod BASE Mord's War Ravaged German Faces Mords_Mixed_Combatants_V1 MTVR Armored by M1A1TC Muddy Water NATO Scimitar by M1A1TC proEffects_Smoke_v010 proEffects_Tracer_v010 roads rpg29 SYRT_1.1 S1 Camo (Dirty) REGULAR Infantry SYRT_1.1 S1 Camo (Dirty) RESERVE Infantry SYRT_1.1 S2 Camo (Dirty) RESERVE Infantry SYRT_1.1 S3 Camo (Dirty) REGULAR Infantry SYRT_1.1 S3 Camo (Dirty) RESERVE Infantry SYRT_1.1 S4 Camo (Dirty) REGULAR Infantry SYRT_1.1 S4 Camo (Dirty) RESERVE Infantry SYRT_1.1 S5 Camo (Dirty) REGULAR Infantry SYRT_1.1 Stock OD Camo (Dirty) REGULAR Infantry T55_T62 skins CMSF_MkeyD uk helmets uk vest US Army USMC zzzsyrianforces ZZZZZ_Aris Water Mod Billy_sp Icons.brz billy_sp_GUI.brz dr_allied_obstacles_darker.brz Dutch Desert Vehicles.brz German Desert Vehicles.brz Juju's Walls.brz Rambler_NoZeltbahn1 Ramblers_Weapons_v1_1 Ranks and insignia of CMSF.bmp RHZ_CMN_Pave&Cobble.brz RYU_SF.brz Scipio Muzzle Fire.brz Scipio_gy_130a.brz Summertime Grass Standalone.brz T-72_GREEN.brz vehicle loop move abrams Vein_Effects_All.brz Vein_Skys.brz
  8. I came across this link on youtube for LOTS of mods ( 1,16gb ) for CMSF all in one download. I don`t know who to credit, but thanks!!!! Just put the downloaded Z in the data folder and enjoy. http://www.mediafire.com/file/n56sb91lc893e3f/z.7z
  9. I`m happy with CMSF as it is....... I would pay 100 euro for an upgrade to 3.0 engine plus........But to be honest I`m loving it as it is . My favorite CM sim
  10. CMSF is seriously underestimated IMHO. Im still enjoying it after all this time.
  11. Hi, Is there still a community playing Pacific Theater? Im interested in the Pacific period and was wondering how the game differs from WW1 Breakthrough in gameplay and interface. Cheers.
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