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  1. Well, there are things mods can't hide/disable, such as building transparency when there are troops inside.
  2. From what I have seen Bil is going to win this quite easily. I like his play a lot. GaJ seems to have committed to the "boring" flanking maneuver.. And besides, GaJ already lost the armor battle with QB force selection. This isn't the Normandy bocage fighting where you can rely on shrecks and fausts. I am not exactly sure how many 81's did GaJ take - but I assume he has a couple? What he could have done early on is lay out a smoke screen on his left front to slightly confuse Bil. I am sure Bil would have committed more troops on his right side this way. Possibly even re-positioned some of t
  3. Anyone else running into any issues related to the Face command in the latest patch? Issuing a face command to a deployed heavy MG team in the foxholes makes them go apes, as seen in this video. And I also had issues with the regular quick waypoint and a face command at the end command mix. Once they reach the waypoint my team will occasionally ignore the last face command.
  4. Correct me if I am wrong.. but on the Attack/Defense QB game the defenders have a deployment zone that is covering like half of the map? And if your opponent stuck everything he had in a single victory zone during the deployment phase.. that's his fault.
  5. The shadows have changed. They are lighter now, but still a real performance hog.
  6. Seriously? I don't get the UI remark.. a) This is a free game.. It was created in a 48 hour period for the 2013 Global Game Jam.. But the game is fun Here is another one:
  7. From my experience - you need up to 3 turns to get that white flag and for the unit to disappear. So essentially, if you are on attack - that means you have to move your entire attack line over the surrendering unit - giving the enemy precious LOS info. And how would he be able to get the LOS info back to you (the commander)? Seeing as he is surrendering and most likely can't contact nearby squads over voice/radio.
  8. I haven't noticed any performance difference. I think both games share the 2.0 codebase. Art wise the Fortress Italy game is way above Normandy. You may want to look into Aris terrain mods
  9. They do to soldiers (nice screenshot btw). But not to the armor.. I imagine it's to stop any player abuse. E.g. using a bunch of trucks as a shield wall for some tank destroyers
  10. That is not correct. CPU calculations and 3D rendering of the scene has little in common.. It's just that the first person shooters have massive budgets and lots of developers dedicated to working/optimizing the graphics engine. Personally, for me the current state of CM graphics is "it works". It's horribly lacking optimizations (the draw distance issue, anyone?), but it kind of does the job..
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