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  1. Thanks for this excellent campaign. I really enjoyed the third mission and somehow it gave me movie vibes (quick reaction force with lots of hmmwvs --> Blackhawk Down, Green Zone). Only downside of this campaign was that it was so freaking hard to stop playing it I constantly found myself thinking: this is the last turn.... ok maybe one more... but the precision strike is coming next turn... now seriously stop playing!
  2. I have also played Soldiers: HoWW2 and Men of War. They were guite fun especially in coop mode. Combat Mission also models different subsystems/parts for vehicles: tracks, main gun, weapon controls, engine, optics, remote weapon stations and many more can get disabled depending where the shot will hit.
  3. I must come out of lurkdom to let them know... that I voted.
  4. It happens on my laptop too (i7, 8gb, 650m). Might it be something to do with available (video)memory? Does it appear at the beginning of the battle too or does it get worse the more time you play?
  5. Hi, I could try pbem too (bn+cw+mg). Send me a pm or mail to mail4pbem@gmail.com
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