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  1. U realize Kim chi is lettuce buried Lett to rot brought back up seasoned and served... blah. Did a tour in Korea and that stuff is straight throw up in my mouth disgusting. Give me kegogi instead.
  2. I highly doubt that. Unless its an armored target infantry will instantly be pinned or retreat once it starts taking fire and either way it plays into your hand. Like I said, I'm not a completely seasoned vet but for the most part any time my units have taken fire they eventually get pinned and or retreat. This would make a good project maybe I will test different ambush tactics ect.
  3. I have never tried to set up a proper ambush but couldn't you set up a good ambush with to tools already provided? Most people play WeGo anyway so couldn't you have an ambush set up to where as the units closest to where the enemy are coming hide. while ones further down the line have target arcs set. Then once the enemy comes into contact with those using the cover arc unhide those that are hidden at the end of the turn. Like I said, I'm not a seasoned vet but that makes sense to me
  4. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=113608 Posted there yesterday and got 14 looks with no response. Sorry for posting here but I'm really looking for a couple games. If interested please email me a game.
  5. Hello, its been awhile since I have been able to play. My computer took a dump on me and I just got back up and running. I prefer to use dropbox and H2HH when playing games but will just exchange emails if your not up to setting those tools up. Pm me here or email me, which can both be found in my profile. Any size battle is also fine I have no preference to which side I play just want to play.
  6. Over 100 views and no joy I can help you learn if you dont have the rules
  7. Forgive me if this is a bit off topic, but due to my gaming laptop being down until parts come in, I was wondering if anyone would like to play "Panzer Leader" with me on Vassal. I will be available this weekend to play. If interested please email me or pm me, my contact info is in my profile. If you have ANY interest at all please pm me.
  8. Yeah that the impression I am getting. I don't do any kind of video encoding or anything like that. The game seems to be bottlenecked at the CPU. Not only with this game but others as well. I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on the i5
  9. I'm having issues with my laptop overheating and had to open it up. Turns out one of the fans burned out and i believe i need to replace the thermal paste on the cpu. My laptop runs around 60c at idle and then spikes when stressed over 100c and turns itself off. Anyway I have to get in there and do the maintenace and was kicking around putting a new cpu in to see if i can get a lil bit more performance out of it. I can play all scenarios up to medium settings and size comfortably before things start to chug along. I have a Toshiba Qosimo X505 you can see it specs here. The cpu's i am
  10. Not trying to be rude... but did you bother to read the manual?? Alot of the basics are covered with tips in the tutorial missions. Can't believe no one mentioned to actually look at the UI to see your units status... It tells you everything there as far as morale damage C2. Use target arcs to cover a specific Cone you want to shoot at or hold shift while using it and it will make a radius of cover. check these out too the tactics series: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=armchair+general+combat+mission&oq=armchair+gener&gs_l=youtube.1.2.0l6.557.3520.0.5663.14.7.
  11. http://www.shu.edu/offices/upload/FM-7-8.pdf Great refereance for how to properly use infantry platoons, Im sure its been posted before but ...
  12. @Jaksteri You know I read like the first page of this crap and cant take no more. I'll give you the measly 10 dollars just to SHUT THE F@$# UP!!!!
  13. How long have you been playing battlefront products .... especially combat missions series? Probably not long otherwise you would get it. CMBN is made by a very small group of people compared to other big companies. The life cycle of this game will probably go at least 5 years if not 10 due to continued work, patches, modules etc. You purchasing a 10 dollar upgrade is at least for me an act of good will knowing that this game will be continually worked on and supported for years to come. Would you rather have a months subscription service or no support after a year or 2 of the gam
  14. Id rather like to see the planes actually modeled instead of phantom killers
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