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  1. Interesting, how much does this game follow CM:BN tactics/limitations? i.e. this thread is all about firing AT weapons from indoors http://filefront.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=102760
  2. Also, I don't think bazooka teams will fire their AT weapon from within buildings
  3. My tips are: Don't fire through bocage as 9/10 times you'll just hit the trees. Bazooka teams are best placed around a corner or edge of a hedgerow, waiting to ambush at 20 m or less. Good luck taking out a Panzer, often you'll end up doing no damage with a bazooka team. They are good for taking out troop transports though, nothing like ambushing a transport full of infantry
  4. True, Combat Mission just has that depth and random element I like. Uploaded some screenshots here. The screenshots don't do it justice, the game is really good looking on iPhone 4S. Edit: Eep! Sorry about the image size hehehe
  5. Thanks. I think when this gets a release it'll be one of the best iphone games around. The strategy genre is definitely lacking solid titles.
  6. Just for a bit of fun, I attempted to and successfully got CM:Touch working on my iPhone 4S. Its actually quite playable and haven't had it crash on me yet. Given the smaller screen area the sensitivity is a bit too high, making moving the camera a bit difficult. Moving units around is also a bit challenging, especially as the unit icon is covered by the commands menu once you select a unit. Anyways, here's a short vid. http://youtu.be/g3R3d-dnotU Can't wait for CM:T 1.2, hoping for an official iPhone release
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