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    niall78 got a reaction from LukeFF in M-26 Pershing..Super Pershing ??   
    I'd have grave doubts calling Ambrose a historian. I had the misfortune to purchase his book on the development of the North American railways and found it truly atrocious. Even my layman's knowledge knew what I was reading was bad history - which a few quick web searches confirmed. 
    Anyone reading his WW2 books should remember Albert Blithe. This guy would write anything without any fact checking. I don't have time to research if the facts in books I'm reading are actually real or just the authors make-believe facts. Dreadful stuff to waste money on when there is so much quality well written well researched history on the market these days. 
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    niall78 reacted to sburke in Oleksandr's Modding Space for CMSF2   
    I'm working on Sadr city, but it will be a while, it is freakin huge.
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    niall78 reacted to Splinty in Oleksandr's Modding Space for CMSF2   
    If this keeps up we'll have a good piece of Baghdad covered. sburke is doing Sadr City, I've been working on a map of East Baghdad/ Rustamiyah for a while now.
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    niall78 reacted to Sublime in M-26 Pershing..Super Pershing ??   
    I think Cooper woulda $hit a brick at yankee know how - IIRC he was a thru and thru southerner.
    Jokes aside youre right and Stephen Ambrose used to be the worst in books for that. I remember distinctly the Ambrose craze in the late 90s. It also sucked because I was only 13 or 14 but loved history and was pretty aware that Ambrose minimized every other Allies achievements versus the US on Germans; and I felt that he insulted the memory of a lot of men by either exagerrating or deflating the quality and numbers of the Germans facing US troops to whatever suited his narrative better. Of course try telling some grown up thats not into history but just read Citizen Soldiers that you think he.s a moron cuz x y and z lol no one is willing to take you seriously or if they do theyre not gonna allow a teenager to one up them amd will deny it regardless. Sigh. The days before I could argue with someone, challenge them to put money on some obscure bs, and then whip out my phone and google my free 5 bucks
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    niall78 got a reaction from Artkin in They meant september of next year!   
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    niall78 got a reaction from Sir Lancelot in They meant september of next year!   
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    niall78 got a reaction from Lethaface in They meant september of next year!   
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    niall78 got a reaction from Splinty in They meant september of next year!   
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    niall78 reacted to Mord in Mord's Mods (Special Announcement)   
    For nigh on ten years now my biggest projects have always been my portrait mods. I have invested weeks and months on end, that have added up to hundreds and hundreds of hours of time and frustration creating them. I have made easily over ten thousand portraits, through trial and error, redesign, and updates. It's been a true struggle at times, and I am never happy with the outcome, though I'll say I am, once a project is complete. But I am always fighting the design decisions I started with way back in SF1 and it's hamstrung me artistically. After the FB portraits I decided I wanted to redo all the portraits for all the titles (the BN mod is long over do for an update) . So, after a long hiatus, I set about trying to get to someplace that would finally make me happy. I decided to start with RT to get ahead of the module release, and after a week or so of fiddling, resizing, making test bmps, and checking in game, this is what I came up with.

    For about two seconds I thought they looked good. But once again I was confronted by the poor design decisions I adopted all those years ago. You see, I have been in a constant fight with what I term the "bobble head effect", which causes the portrait heads to appear bulbous and fat-headed. It occurs because I opted to show each portrait with a split face on the bmp. It has been my bane since my BN mod and it frustrates me to no end. And considering how I built each face from screenshots, pieces of faces from all sorts of pictures, and the fact I only worked on the left side of the face, well it doesn't leave me room for presenting them in any other way. And On top of all that, I have always felt there was inconsistency in the quality of the faces, and that they appeared too cartoony.  So with that said, I am putting these portrait mods to rest. I have taken them as far as they will go and they have reached a dead end. They had a good run but there really isn't anything more I can do to improve them.

    Now, check out what I have been doing for the last two weeks and tell me I didn't make the right decision...

    Now for some comparisons of the old style and the new.

    Now the portraits in the context of their own mod. It'll give you an idea of the overall design.

    And within the context of the game UI.

    Some of the portraits are tentative/place holders until I find something that really blows me away. Or will be replaced later. The Heer Armor and Armor Infantry come to mind as far as that goes. Luckily I haven't made anything yet with them, just tests.
    Now, unfortunately I will probably have to share a lot of the portraits (mostly Germans) across games, however backgrounds and the like will be changed for each setting.  And I will of course do all the battalions and regiments etc. Whether or not I will be able to keep the quality across titles remains to be seen but I will do my best. It is going to be a colossal amount of work, already has been. For the Germans alone I have created and discarded over a thousand portraits. LOL. Every time I think I have one down and start producing keepers, I stumble across a better pic, or I adjust some color to better fit the portrait into the overall look and I have to redo a ton of work. I just replaced the Heer Infantry yesterday, now I have to redo 374 that I had already made, as well as the SS Arm Infantry. I have done this a couple times already. But getting it right is what's most important. Perfection is what I am aiming for.
    I don't know how long it will take. Getting the right pics is painstaking and laborious as hell. For every good one I make I throw out five. But this style will be the definitive version of my portrait mods from here on out. As I complete them I will remove the old versions from the planet. I'll start threads in the corresponding game forums as I progress.
    Welp, that's about it. I was gonna keep all this to myself and wait to surprise everyone, but I have been working in a vacuum for a month and it feels good to talk a little bit about it. Especially as I have been going full bore, night and day for two weeks straight. I Hope you guys like what you see. I think it's the best work I have ever done.

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    niall78 reacted to Oleksandr in Thank you Olek...   
    Gentlemen first of all I would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting and remembering me. I'm not gone, I was on a break because life is busy. I will be around here, I will not stop producing content and I will always be greatful that this forum gave me this unique opportunity to meet people like you. Thank you for your support. I will be posting news about my mods everytime I got a decent amount of them done.  I will also work on updates. CMBS will be moded by me constantly. It is my favorite game in series and I will never let it go. Pherhaps at some point my time will be so limited that I will not be able to post a lot but I will always do something. 
    Moreover, I've just created a new topic - Oleksandr's Modding Space for CMSF2 - so I will mod that game when it will came out. 
    Last but not least, I was amazed that people remember me. Thank you gentlemen you can always count on my support. I will not forget your nice words (and I mean it I will not forget it) and I will try to do my best to bring what I can to our community. Thank you for sharing and supporting my vision. It is an honor for me. 
    P.S. Arguments will always be there, some people like me some people don't. But I can tell you one thing for sure - I'm not planing to get involved into any types of conflicts with anyone. Life is too short for that. Thank you once again. I consider all of you gentlemen as my friends because you supported me when I was away. Those things mean a lot to me. I want you to know that you can contact me via msg any time and you always will be welcome. Thank you for your attention and for your nice words once again. God Bless you, your families, and things you do in life. 

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    niall78 got a reaction from JulianJ in Learning the ropes of IFV combat   
    I play the Russian side a lot. This is vital information I wasn't aware of. Thanks for the tips antaress73.
    I find all sides ultra lethal in CM:BS. What sees first usually kills or cripples first.
    Modern era requires a bit more patience in general compared to the WW2 titles. Sneaking small forces into positions to try and get spots on at least some of the OPFOR before you advance and being prepared to wait till your force generate those spots. Any major movement without reconnaissance in the battles I play usually end up with my units burning after a few turns. Even as the US non-KIA hits will often degrade an AFVs fighting ability dramatically - I've lost numerous main guns for instance on my Abrams to missile teams I never even spotted during the action.
    I like Bradleys but they die very easy. I keep them well back over-watching from the backfield with their TOWs. I also dismount any forces inside as soon as any type of contact with the enemy is possible. This is vital for any type of APC or IFV from any of the forces in the game I feel. There's an ever present threat of mass-casualties any time a full infantry hauler is exposed to any type of AT fire. Artillery or air-power makes such full haulers dangerous even when traversing non-exposed parts of the map in CM:BS - this is a big difference from the WW2 titles where air and artillery are a lot less decisive.
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    niall78 reacted to John Kettler in Crater grogs rejoice!   
    Brother Ed is happily making craters on a 3-D printer, and I unearthed this to help him. Turns out this is a blast from my past, in the form of a runway cratering study I used when doing a report on US rapid runway repair capability in my early days at Hughes. This is, in part, quite the tutorial on crater configuration from aerial bombs and addresses dimensions  for a range of bomb sizes against both a range of runway types and against bare soil. It's called BOMB CRATER DAMAGE TO RUNWAYS and was authored by Peter Westine of the Southwest Research Institute. 


    I give up! This post won't delete. Tried doing that after realizing I put it in the wrong place. Should be in CM GDF, not CMFB. Mods, please move it. Thanks! 
    John Kettler
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    niall78 reacted to Falaise in just to say: MERCI   
    Hello it will be a year now that I discovered CMBN and this forum and  is time to intervene to say thank you
    I'm not the only one to do it but the repetition is good
    Since my childhood I have a dream, a desire, to see with my eyes this battle that has rocked my childhood, imagining to travel the battlefield like a drone.
    I was born in Falaise in 1970 and my family suffered the battle : 4 killed, the house bombed, the exodus on the road, the strafing of the bomber fighters, the artillery, the fighting but also after the battle, the destroyed houses, the burning vehicles and corpses littering the battlefield were all family meal conversations. Here in Normandie this was an important trauma.
    It always impressed and interested me, in a word: fascinated. I constantly asked for clarification and to question civilians or soldiers who had experienced these events.
    All the film reports on the subject, I watched them. I think I have seen ¾ images known from the battle.
     I never stopped walking the battlefield, collecting vestiges and remaining some hours to imagine the events.
    I used every means to immerse myself in this battle and the battles of the second world war in general. Movies, books and even games
    Squad leader then Close Combat  that I practiced  a long time.
    But although this battle has become my daily life because I have made it my job (I am a guide of  museum and even considered as an expert of fighting led by the Poles during the Battle of Falaise pocket), the time passing my imagination has declined. and little by little the image of these fights in my mind was becoming more and more abstract. I ended up consoling myself by telling myself that if I go to paradise there I  will can achieve this wish
    i was not counting on CMBN
    What a shock and even if it remains a game, my imagination work and as in my childhood events come to life in my head.
     After a year of practice my enthusiasm is not blunted my dream is somehow realized.
    So for that:
    thanks for this formidable game
    thanks to the moder who improves even more are aspect,
    thank you to  persons who animates this forum
    thanks to the battle designers (for the anecdote I live on a map of the game !)
    I'm begining to smoke again and  to say some nastiness on my neighbors, paradise has lost its appeal !!!
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    niall78 got a reaction from LukeFF in Brief overview of where CM is headed   
    Will the King Tiger be modelled as an M47 Patton?
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    niall78 reacted to Jargotn in Opinion on Thread locking   
    I believe that politeness is key for good critiscism.

    The first thing to do is to never, never attack your opponent directly. Always remember: Engage the problem, not the opponent. Else you won't be able to move forward.
    Second: Make the other person feel understood. If you say "I believe that this and that needs improvements" and somebody else says "nope", first follow point one (don't attack) and then show them that you are on their side: IN this case, you both want to get the best out of a game. Don't say "You are a fanboy", or "F****** old breed", say "I can see where you are coming from, and, while I agree with some of your points, I do believe that further clarification is needed, so that you can understand mine". Be constructive.
    Third: Be careful how you open up an issue. If you say "This is s***, this should change!" you'll immediately see the answers you got: If you attack something others will defend it. Instead, try to show everybody what your motivation is, and why you believe your way is better.. "I'm seeing other games with features I believe might improve the experience for everybody. I know that my position might be controversial, please help me make the game better."
    Also, note how you should try to, immediately, inlude the people you are talking to. They can help you, you can help them. You aren't engaging each other, but you are tackling the problem. Include them, and ask them to include themselves!
    And, fourth: Don't hunker down in your position. The moment oyu hunker down is the moment you feel that everybody attacking your position is attacking you and you start attacking them. Take a safe distance from all of your arguments. And, if you realise that you are wrong, take a step back. You aren't loosing if you got the best result for everybody!

    Criticism doesn't equal attacking something. You can criticize in a polite way. I have never seen something good coming out of anything that startes with "your s*** is s***." While having a discussion in of itself can be fun, I don't think that's your goal here.

    Techincally not true, atleast if you are refering to the comment I have in mind.

    Nothing about death. Just about complaining somewhere else. But please don't misunderstand me, I do not agree with this statement.
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    niall78 got a reaction from agusto in When should BFC start to develop a CMx3 engine ?   
    When should BFC start to develop a CMx3 engine?
    Whenever they feel it is the right time for them to develop a new engine.
    Personally I can live with the 'old' engine for years. Same way I was able to live with the CMx1 engine for years. 
    Nothing else available comes within a asses roar of CMx2 at the moment or even CMx1 for that matter.
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    niall78 got a reaction from Douglas Ruddd in When should BFC start to develop a CMx3 engine ?   
    When should BFC start to develop a CMx3 engine?
    Whenever they feel it is the right time for them to develop a new engine.
    Personally I can live with the 'old' engine for years. Same way I was able to live with the CMx1 engine for years. 
    Nothing else available comes within a asses roar of CMx2 at the moment or even CMx1 for that matter.
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    niall78 got a reaction from umlaut in Best way to learn this game   
    Some people might want to shoot me for this but I've found telling new players to be a bit of a save whore while they are learning the game to be effective.
    It can be highly beneficial replay certain actions again and again to refine tactics and discover how those tactics are implemented though the user interface.
    It also reduces frustration for newer players. If you make a bum move and lose half your armour you just reload and try to think of a tactic that would gain you a better result. You can compress hours of scenario experience down to a few games and make the learning experience as fun as possible.
    You then move on to the school of hard knocks.
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    niall78 reacted to whitehot78 in New offensive in Donbass?   
    Ofc you know by hearth all the routes and the patrol zones, or you have links that document that information?
    Do we have an official SAC text documenting the usage of civilian transponders while on patrol? If I'd have to redirect B-52s and B-1s to nuclear strike Russia at a moment notice,
    I wouldn't have them broadcasting their ids all over, even to russian civilian airspace controllers 
    Really, the Estonians report "Military aircraft penetrated airspace for 600 meters?", the Japanese one is pretty similar. The swedish have a history with unknown submarines in their waters, for which some officers in the swedish navy coined the term "Budget Submarines", since when they appear, some forces advocate the increase of military spending in Sweden.
    Moreover, when it comes to airspace violations, Americans have been doing that since the end of WW2 - U-2s, SR-71, drones nowadays and so on (Iran and Syria already shot down a pair), yet nobody has never been crying wolf.
    I don't know if it's an american knee-jerk reaction, or an european one - The statement clearly said that entering the anti-ballistic system would make those country assets targeted by nuclear capable missiles (I presume that they are talking about Iskander theatre systems). Which, for those who can't really read properly, does not mean "We are going to Nuke you", but "If you will join a system which is made to intercept our nuclear missiles, you accept the fact that the assets you employ to contribute to that system will come under strike, IF a nuclear exchange should ever start"
    Or, in your opinion Russia has to renounce to its nuclear deterrence ? Is that a new find that western nukes are pointed at Russia and Chine and vice-versa?
    My perspective is that all over the west, medias and uninformed people are falling for some who-knows-induced mechanism by which Putin's Russia is the new evil empire.
    Frankly what I've seen so far, is that most of the time one could realistically surmise that all the moves Russia has done, have happened after some kind of provocation.
    I'm not willing to accept a vision to which many in the west are falling today, out of their fears, because they have always been injected by terror raising medias that keep barking about the enemies of our democracies and our way of life.
    There is a war party in the west which evidently has the resources to manipulate and even create information that will scare people into thinking that "we need to act before it's too late", and act means usually not good news at all.
    Older people (and you don't seem to be among the youngest here) remember the kind of "games" happened during the cold war period, and whatever happens today is pretty similar, although on a smaller scope and depth. Older people would also know that this kind of things happen because of economical reasons, and all the sabre rattling normally goes to the public which needs to be constantly pressurized into believing that "your life may be changing for the worse, look at this, how can your children sleep peacefully with Russian aircraft flying into international airspace". When some country, or coalition takes charge, with a self-claimed moral or ethical superiority, while employing basically the same means (and I don't even want to mention the Snowden matter, things he cited would kinda make Putin's secret police appear as amateurs, but for some reason it's totally missing when it comes to draw some democracy rating in the west), my reaction is to profoundly doubt about its agenda.
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    niall78 reacted to Bil Hardenberger in Inferior to CMBB   
    Jason, have total respect for you, but I have to disagree here. At least for me I find the CMx2 "sweetspot" to be reinforced Company scale... that's my favorite scale to play and I can manage it just fine.  
    I can also play Battalion-plus sized battles, i actually find that this scale seems to unfold the most realistically.  It really is a personal thing I think, everybody is different and I know many people do not like getting into the weeds like I do when I play.  You only need to read my numerous AARs to see the game played successfully at the Battalion-plus scale... I think only the CMBN BETA AAR featured a Company sized force.
    Like Holien said though I can also only handle one or two games at a time.. which is fine by me to be honest.  Even with the CMx1 games I only played one or two at a time.
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    niall78 reacted to L0ckAndL0ad in Moscow Victory Day (70 Years) Parade   
    Re: all equally bad
    The only thing I'd ask people is to stop riding white horses. As Pablius have just said, talks about freedom and democracy sound hollow. Ideals and reality are two separate things.
    What I think is going on is a giant inequality of social evolution levels around the world. It doesn't go in sync everywhere. It doesn't take the same paths everywhere. The biggest problem to solving this inequality is the fact that you cannot forcefully "uplift" societies in a timely fashion. Evolution takes time. One of the main factors is the length of human life. Ideals often die with people that carry them. But the good news is that, as long as countries are not sealed up as North Korea, you can't stop natural social evolution from happening.
    I love sci-fi. There were these two great writers, Strugatsky brothers. I very much enjoyed their pure sci-fi stuff, but didn't really want to read their social-related stuff. But, when I was bored (well, this is why I never am, really), I started going through their social sci-fi. And you have no idea how cool it turned out to be. Actually, much relevant even today. Those who want something to read, keep an eye out. They go deep into social problems, and "uplifting" specifically.
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    niall78 reacted to Pablius in Moscow Victory Day (70 Years) Parade   
    While I´m happy that the West won the Cold War and don´t consider myself to be anti american, I`ll take a moment to comment on this from the point of view of my corner of the world, Latin America
    It´s true, I think, that being in the US sphere of influence is more like having a Boss than a Big Brother, it´s more about money than soul crushing servitude, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot of innocent blood spilled over that
    The US backed/supported/tolerated some of the worst butchers in history in Latin America during the 20th Century, and that has a cost, the cost is the monumental anti american sentiment in the region
    There were, of course, exceptions, when those butchers sometimes turned on the US or when some US President occasionally decided to call them out on human rights abuses (Carter did it to no great effect, but at least spoke of it)
    Paradoxically, this is the reason why Cuba is seen as a beacon of hope for so many in Latin America, as the one country that stood against the empire, it may sound crazy, but for many at the other end of the US foreign policy it is not
    In my personal case I was just a kid in the 70s and 80s when all of this was still going on, but friends of my family disappeared at the hands of the State and members of my family were forced into exile
    I put the blame of it more on our own shortcomings than on the US or any other foreign power, but the narrative the US propagates about being about democracy and freedom sounds completely hollow for most people here, it´s just the way it is
    In other regions of the world it may well be the other way around, having endured the tyrants imposed by the USSR.
    In the end the big powers play their game, they may not be equally evil but the simple truth is that their interest come first and the lives of the people in smaller/weaker countries comes second, it`s the nature of the nation-state model, certainly in a smaller scale similar dynamics occur everywhere, smaller/weaker countries are not blameless 
    Sadly, after the Cold War the international community was not able to find a working status quo and today`s stage is even more complicated by the appearance of non-state actors and global economics, I don´t think the US or any other country has enough power to shape the world, and would probably be better served by using it in a targeted form that apply the notion of personal responsibility and not collective punishment or on the basis of broad regional consensus (like against ISIS) and not by large scale interventions in most cases
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    niall78 got a reaction from VasFURY in Moscow Victory Day (70 Years) Parade   
    The British supplied, trained and provided intelligence to Loyalist gangs that murdered numerous British subjects over a forty year period. Going so far as to equip the gangs with captured weaponry to further escalate sectarian tensions. That's one example over a long time period that I am aware of.
    I'm not sure what any of this thread has to do with Combat Mission, Battlefront or as background to the released games. I don't come here to be propagandised to by any side of the debate. In fact reading this thread is like listening to a group of nearly bald men arguing over who has the best hairstyle. Not good Battlefront - please uphold your own rules and end this type of debate on your games forum. There are thousands of places on the web such discussions can be had if people want to have them.
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