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  1. I am pretty sure that you are trolling here, but just out of curiosity - 9/11 and Russian bombings aside, can anyone think of an example of a definitive case involving any government bombing its own people in order to shift the blame on to their opponents? I can't think of a single good example...Anyone?


    The British supplied, trained and provided intelligence to Loyalist gangs that murdered numerous British subjects over a forty year period. Going so far as to equip the gangs with captured weaponry to further escalate sectarian tensions. That's one example over a long time period that I am aware of.


    I'm not sure what any of this thread has to do with Combat Mission, Battlefront or as background to the released games. I don't come here to be propagandised to by any side of the debate. In fact reading this thread is like listening to a group of nearly bald men arguing over who has the best hairstyle. Not good Battlefront - please uphold your own rules and end this type of debate on your games forum. There are thousands of places on the web such discussions can be had if people want to have them.

  2. Exactly as intended. Glad you enjoyed it. ;)



    Sadly a true hard historical version of these two engagements (which were squished into one for this scenario) would have been a little too boring and easy for the British player.


    It was a very enjoyable engagement. It's not too often you get that seat of the pants feeling during a battle where attack turns into desperate defence where you have to hold a counter-attack in one area and quickly transfer your forces to prop up another sector. Two of the objectives on the map turned into meat-grinders where attack and counter attack turned the objective into a shell cratered moonscape littered with dead and wounded and burning tanks.


    The light fading was also another deft touch. It added to the tension of the battle - "if I can just get to nightfall with the objectives secure it'll be a win". The failing light also added to the effectiveness of the German infantry AT weapons which took a heavy toll on me as I pushed my armour forward to try to support my very heavily engaged infantry.


    Hats off mate - super battle.


  3. 10th September, 1944 just south of the Dutch-Belgian Border. The Irish Guards launch a hasty assault on a bridge to make Market Garden possible. British vs AI, H2H only. Stronger player should play Germans.


    Just played this last few days as British versus the AI. Excellent battle with quite a few surprises - plenty of flipping between attacking and desperate defence.


    I was only able to grab a minor victory. I lost too much armour - funnily enough to Panzerfausts, Panzerschrecks and AT grenades rather than enemy armour or AT guns.

  4. The stugs presently have a issue, along with the fact that most players do not know about it. Combined to create the problem.

    The only way to use them is force them to stay Buttoned up, which if I recall correctly, even the AI will override that if it has a infantry target at times. The only MG gun on the Stug is the exterior mount. So if the tank thinks it needs to use the MG, the crew man pops out. Not a good default move. Thus the reason for the Stugs issues. But for most other tanks , the programmed AI response is fine since using MG's does not require the crew to expose themselves.

    That is just a programmed decision that does not take the Stug in concideration



    Thanks for the informative reply Slysniper. That explains my Stug issue. Hopefully it will get a fix pretty soon as at the moment it makes Stugs pretty much useless for AI or player use. That means automatic selection for quick battles is also dodgy unless a player goes for all infantry as having Stugs auto purchased is very likely a battle ruined. Good to know it is a bug and is being addressed all the same.


    The top gunner in APCs is a less obvious problem from my point of view. Yes they do die a lot - but that is probably my fault for getting too close to incoming small arms fire. .

  5. Just finished a quick battle where my infantry centric force was hit by a dozen or so StuG IV's. Thought I was doomed for sure but within a few turns of contact eight of the StuG's were down to two crew members having lost their top gunner - then lost the replacement. Something is fairly strange about TacAI behaviour when dealing with gunner positions in tanks or APCs - the death rate is fantastic in such positions. Either the TacAI shouldn't be trying to man such positions under fire or the protection modelling for such positions is off.


    It's been a problem with APCs for ages but seeing an assault gun company attack breakdown in minutes against what should be an easy opponent is highly strange. Especially when the casualties sustained were completely avoidable.

  6. Upgrades,modules,scenario/campaign packs.Anything that adds to the current games.Count me in.

    I'm in the same boat. I'll pay for any upgrades available. That isn't blind faith - it comes from getting years of fun out of quality products. I've never been let down by BF (I've blanked the first year of CMSF out of my mind B)).


    Kickstart whole thing? :)


    I'd love to not only Kickstart AI improvements but Kickstart whole new series within CM such as France and Barbarossa.

  7. no game has a "thinking" AI simply because a "thinking AI" does not exist.



    It seems odd that players involved in wargamming don't understand that simple fact. There are numerous articles on the internet specific to our hobby explaining how proper AI is a trick and how we are probably still decades away from any true AI where a computer actually thinks its way though a problem or situation like a human. All any game has now is pre-programmed routines. Players wishing BF would have a proper functioning 'real' AI want something that others have poured untold millions into and are still no closer to success.


    I can understand the call for much better graphics - I'd love that myself in an ideal world and it is possible if there are no monetary or time constraints. But to call for a thinking AI is absurd to anyone who has spent five minutes reading about AI in games - it's history, where it's at now and where it is going in the future. 'Good' AI now in certain games is a mirage - a trick played by programmers who have found a semi-plausible way to use set-routines to mimic 'real' AI.

  8. There was the notorious case of some ex Red Sox player who started his own game company. Got a big amount of business startup money from Rhode Island, secured huge office space, sunk millions into the venture. And eventually the company simply imploded. I vaguely recall at one point they had to lay off 250 people. I joked at the time that for BFC to lay off 250 people they'd first have to hire 240. There's a certain amount of peril in being too ambitious. BFC could go 'big-time' and wind up being eaten alive by their overhead and imploding. To quote Dirty Harry from the film 'Magnum Force' - A man's got to know his limitations.


    I think I have the illustration from that old game company article somewhere. Let me see...


    CM is a niche game and it'll always have a limited audience. That's not saying our audience couldn't get bigger with a bit more exposure but to try to suggest as some have on this thread that CM could take a lot of the Total War or Company of heroes players if CM just gets better graphics is off the scale ridiculous as far as I am concerned.

  9. And I don't think we are talking cross over of genres.  My concern is that BFC gets squeezed out from multiple sides as newer wargame players get their tactical fill through those other games that many people on this forum dismiss.


    I've often bemoaned Battlefront for their lack of viability its products receive on mainstream websites and even niche sites - let alone visibility in print media. This is an area that needs improvement to draw in more wargamers.


    That's a different thing though from claiming thousands of Total War or Company of Heroes fans will jump to CM if only CM graphics got better. Which frankly is a ridiculous argument.

  10. The point being missed in the back and forth is that old genres like wargame, RTS, and FPS are converging.  Go and look at ARMA and Wargame:RD discussions.  They are having the same types of discussions about equipment and tactics as at BFC.  I play ARMA not as an FPS, but as a wargame.  I play Steel Beasts the same way.  In fact, both of those games have added functions specifically so they can be played that way.  Wargame added pauses specifically as feedback from traditional wargamers.  To dismiss any of those games as simple Command & Conquer type games because they aren't turn-based shows some pretty solid ignorance.  You can play them as a clickfest, but you can also play them in a nice comfortable session at your own pace.


    The Wargame series of RTS is good fun. Are you seriously comparing this decent RTS to a tactical combat simulator like CM:BS though? No matter how seriously you play the game it is still a highly simplified RTS game.


    ARMA is a great high fidelity FPS depicting modern combat made even better if you hook-up with a serious group of players. It is but a minor blip in the market compared to the rest of the FPS genre where realism takes a back seat every time to 'fun'. I'm still not sure what a high fidelity FPS game has to do with tactical combat simulators like the CM series though - their have always been high fidelity FPS games - a minor subset of the FPS genre. Were people years ago comparing the Rainbow Six games to CMBB and bemoaning that the graphics of CM couldn't compare to the Rainbow Six standard?

  11. Read my original post again.

    The genre is irrelevant. The same gamer plays these games, because they are given the same level of satisfaction and "feel" when playing.


    It has been said before on this forum, on eugen forums, on bi forums, on steel beasts forum, on simhq forum.


    That is the market for combat mission. Which is currently lying unexploited by BF Company.


    The genre is is certainly not irrelevant. You are comparing mindless RTS games with rock, paper, scissor type tactics and FPS games to complicated tactical simulators. If you are seriously suggesting there could be a massive cross-over between these genres 'if only the graphics improved' with tactical simulators I would suggest you are badly mistaken.


    The makers of RTS and FPS games are in fact going in the opposite direction from high fidelity simulators and are continuing to dumb down their products in recent years. The exact reverse of what should be happening if their core consumers are crying out for high fidelity tactical simulators with AAA graphics.

  12. I anwsered your question.


    All those games I said they play because of gameplay not graphics.


    No you are mixing up genres like RTS and FPS with tactical combat simulators. They are playing these games because they like RTS and FPS style games not because they have fancier graphics than tactical combat simulators.


    Not sure if you are seriously trying to argue that Total War is mad popular with wargaming fans because it has great graphics despite being a very sub-par RTS and as close to realistic tactical game-play as Space Invaders is.

  13. That mode of retreat implies loss of all heavy equipment, doesn't it?


    Going on European media the situation has been critical for weeks at Debaltseve. With supply routes cut-off or interdicted to major forces caught within the pocket. It looks like only remnants have escaped the pocket leaving all the badly wounded and most heavy equipment behind. All the while relief forces have battered themselves senseless trying to break into the pocket to save the defenders.


    It all points to a major defeat for Ukrainian forces. Again this is how it is being reported by MSM European sources who have now moved to the political implications of this strategic defeat for the Ukrainian government and their armed forces.

  14. That stuff I should play again. The last game in this style I played was Korsun Pocket.

    What are good choices that came out in the last years? Can someone recommend something I should check out?



    Command Ops: Highway to the Reich is a great hex and counter style game (dispite not having hexes). I'd recommend all the Command Ops series as really interesting tactical wargaming where old style hex and counter gets a very interesting modern make-over.

  15. Total war games, Graviteam Tactics, Men of war, Wargame franchise, World in conflict, Company of heroes, the Arma series, the Close Combat series and others, all good games in their way but in my opinion they are more popular because they look better not because they play better.



    You are comparing CM - a tactical wargaming simulator - with Total war, Men of war, World in conflict and Company of heroes all arcade RTS games. Close Combat is a 2D game firmly rooted in the early 90's while Arma is an FPS.


    Like I was saying barring CM, Graviteam Tactics and Scourge of War there are very little games on the market that are 3D tactical wargaming simulators. That you can only point to vapid RTS games, an FPS game and a twenty year old 2D tactical game kind of proves the point I was making.


    I'll ask again - where are all these 'military gamer types' playing instead of CM that have better graphics at the moment? Are they getting their military simulation from Company of Heroes - where tanks duke it out ten feet from each other and your base builds you a new infantry squad every thirty seconds? Lets face it most wargaming aficionados are still playing table-top, board-games, hex and counter computer games or playing CM, Graviteam Tactics and Scourge of War. They aren't playing Men of War because it has prettier graphics.

  16. What confuses me is the actual gameplay, the mechanics and the concept etc of the CM series appeals to a broad church, tactical squad based play where real world tactics actually work, it should be a must have title for the millions of military gamer types but graphics matter and this games graphics are definitely holding it back and keeping it 'niche'.


    What are all these 'military gamer types' playing instead of CM that have better graphics at the moment?


    Most military simulations still rely on hex and counter graphics to this very day with a few notable exceptions. As for full 3D simulations you have CM, Graviteam Tactics and Scourge of War - after that my mind goes blank trying to think of others.

  17. I've seen multiple messages that from Debaltsevo Ukraninan Army pulled out ~2450 men and 200 vehicles including 15 tanks and 50 BMPs.


    Any sources on total amount of forces Ukranian Army had in Debaltsevo?


    Has only unofficial source in LJ saying that inside Debaltsevo there was 5 BTGs and 4 more were sent to rescue.


    European MSM is quoting Ukrainian forces saying they had to retreat though fields - as the road network was cut or under sustained artillery fire - in groups of under fifty and under small arms fire. From reading these sources it looks like whatever was in Debaltsevo only came out in fragmented pieces minus their wounded and heavy equipment.

  18. There is. Panzer Command Ostfront.


    CM games ARE the most state of the art in this particular niche.


    Panzer Command Ostfront is a very pare imitation of the CM series. It doesn't reach the heights of the CM series in nearly every conceivible comparison. As a wargamer I respect their effort - without the CM series I would laud their effort.


    As it stands nothing on the market comes within an asses roar of CM - with better graphics or not.

  19. A lot of major European media outlets are calling this a major military disaster for the Ukraine, calling it a major strategic defeat and wonder if the present Ukrainian government can survive the fall-out from this defeat. There's also many quotes from Ukrainian soldiers and commanders bemoaning the scale of their losses, the position they were left in until encirclement was a certainty and attacking their government for abandoning them. 


    These aren't Russian sources - these are MSM European news sources like The Guardian, BBC News, The Independent, FRANCE 24, The Telegraph, etc., etc..  All these sources point to a disorganised retreat under massive artillery fire and small unit ambushes of the fleeing columns. The columns themselves consisting of shot-up soft vehicles filled with lightly wounded men towed by the few remaining armoured units. Interviewed survivors speak of leaving all their more heavily wounded comrades in the pocket and the loss of all their heavy equipment.

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