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  1. Reinstalled and patched the base game and all its modules and turned on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only. I also had to allow exemptions for the base game and all the modules exe files in AVG as it seemed to think they were a threat.

    Game and all modules working fine now. I'm glad the new series of CM WW2 games no longer has this type of copy protection. Thanks for the help!

  2. Having great fun with CM:Normandy but wanted to load up SF and all its modules on my Windows 7 computer for a bit of modern action.

    Installed the programs, patched and re-registered with no problems and when I try to run them they will not run - I just get nothing happening.

    I tried messing with the firewall settings. I messed with the administrator settings. I still can't get the software to run - I never had any problems on my older system and CM:N and its modules work with no problems.

    I notice this seems to be a recurring problem with many posts in this forum, I've tried a few solutions mentioned but with no success. Is there a complete guide to fixing this problem step by step?

    Thanks in advance - I dearly love SF and all its modules and am gagging to get stuck into them again.

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