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  1. I just want to say that I have been using this tool for a long time as part of Ian's testing and I think its a great! Its the only way I can keep track of all my turns and different versions. Kudos to Ian for putting this together!
  2. In an epic battle of British vs Germans I have fought against a single Panther that just won't die. Watch the videos below. Basically I pummelled it with a Churchill for a few turns and took out its gun and immobilized it. Then I wailed on it with both an Achilles and a Churchill and it still won't die. These things are scary!!! Nuts.
  3. ...let me count the ways.... This is insane. Consider how many times I have pummeled this Panther in the last few turns and then watch these two videos. Clearly its gun is disabled and it is immobilized but it still will not die. I am hammering it with a Churchill and an Achilles...the two most powerful weapons the Brits have. Insane. F E A R T H E P A N T H E R -- Gibson Out
  4. This dang thing just will not die. Its nuts. Enjoy the ricocheting bullets. -- Gibson Out.
  5. Unedited images I cannot believe how much close range beatings this Panther has taken. Damn him to hell! At the end of this, I have an awesome video of up and close action against it. That's it for catching up!
  6. Communications must have been cut a la "Enemy at the Gates" scene. Here are some images I have captured over the last few turns. They are unedited but it should provide some ideas. I tried to put them in turn order.
  7. Again this turn very quiet with no new contacts. He's dropping some large caliber artillery on the Town that might take out an immobilized tank but that's it. A few other places on the map he's dropping more useless artillery and at one location seems to be executing some area fire with a tank, again to no effect. It might be artillery but it sure looks like a single local gun. -- Gibson Out
  8. First, the town is starting to get infested with rats. Now that I have eyes on some of them, I just want to pound the snot out of those buildings and bring them down on that infantry. However, Ian has the town well guarded. I've lost a couple of armor units already from ghost Panthers. They are lurking there and I know as soon as I move my armor in position to pound those buildings, he's going to nail me. I need to be cautious. Second in fact he is using artillery to good effect this time. He's denied me access to the left side of the town by dropping rounds. I could take my chan
  9. My scout car escaped. I got a few more contacts in the town. HMG and a few rifle squads. Can't get a bead on them though. What is interesting is more artillery is coming in and this time he's aimed well. Did not hurt anything but made me move. Too bad he seems to have used a point target. An area target might have hit me. I reversed my guys out. I just hope he does not have an ambush of Panthers waiting. Actually I expect it. -- Gibson Out.
  10. Bad news for me mostly. Chruch in the town died. Scout car getting nailed by infantry. Here he's dumping more pointless artillery. Good shot of the battlefield looking away from the Town objective and toward the Railway objective. My tiny reserve forces are on the right side. And worst of all one of my blessed Achilles gets nailed (in the foot?) by something from the town. Must be a well hidden Panther. Let's hope for better next turn. -- Gibson Out.
  11. So the Churchill I sent out got taken out AND the Churchill that was sitting in town got picked out by infantry. It was only dismounted but there are only 2 crewman clinging to life. I'm sending a Stuart to support them, but its still ugly. The only fun part is he hits his squad with a spotting round. This Churchill gets nailed shortly after. Here's my Chruchill in the town getting nailed from the right. The crew dismounted. Here's a shot of the other objectives. Some infantry popped up when I [gameily] moved my HQ squad up. I'm sending a Chruchill around the corner to po
  12. Almost nothing going on. I sent a Churchill out flank his units and encountered an infantry squad. That's about it. -- Gibson Out
  13. This hurt. I really cannot afford to lose Achilles. These are the teeth I have against the Panther. I have no idea what fired the shot. It seemed like it was a ultra long range Shrek round fired from the tree line but that would be right behind my Churchill. I don't know what happened and that is worrisome. Nothing else really happened this turn. Calm before the storm? Oh ya. My Churchill fired more MG rounds at the infantry squad in the town and then another of his spotting rounds landed very near by to the squad. -- Gibson Out.
  14. And as predicted he's dead. His yet-another-artillery salvo seems to be lobbing spotting rounds on his units. Here's just a gratuitous view from the Town objective toward the other two. From the same angle, my tank crew is having 'fun' emptying their service revolvers at two Panthers. Not the smartest thing to do in my book. All in all, not a very exciting turn. I'm guessing that won't last. -- Gibson Out.
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