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  1. I just purchased the Combat Mission app, watched the tutorial, and was ready to dive in. But then I encountered two glaring problems. 1. No save? Really? I couldn't finish my first game in one sitting, and since I couldn't find an option to save it, I assumed that it would be automatically saved, like other well-behaved iOS apps. But no -- when I came back to the app later, my game was gone! Has the game really been designed so you have to finish each scenario in a single sitting? 2. No documentation. This, alas, is fairly common for iOS apps, but I was hoping that a complex game like Combat Mission would have some kind of help or documentation beyond the tutorial, so I wouldn't have to figure everything out through trial and error. Please tell me that I'm wrong, and that the game does have a save and documentation hidden away somewhere. Or that they will be added soon in an update.
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