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  1. What is so so hard to say? Simple relase it? For what do you wait? Disappointed customers? Unfortunatly 1.04 is not muliplayer playable because everybody can easy cheat. So I ask you polite to fix this bug asap.
  2. yeah when comes the patch? there is an ugly multiplayer bug in 1.04 so please release the patch soon.
  3. Hi, I am also looking for an an opponent WWI or WW2 email dnn at encod.at Timezone Europa best regards
  4. Its in network game tcp/ip full screen mode to reproduce: enemy starting move. switch to desktop, wait 10 secs. switch to sc scroll with mouse wheele the map zoom /in out on the short mini map you will see the enemy units best regards
  5. Hi, There is bug by multiplayer game: When waiting the map can be scrolled (zoom in/out, e.g. mousewheel) and the map of the opponent is shown. So all the navy, units can be seen an so there is no more suprise. Also the income gets visible. Please fix this urgent. Best regards
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