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  1. Vai että ystävällinen foorumi, hah. Täällä foorumilla löytyy niin paljon ylikasvaneita lapsia jotka saavat paskaraivarin jos joku edes vihjaa että heidän rakas pelisarjansa tai pelituottajansa eivät ole täydellisiä ja maailman parhaimpia.
  2. What have these cute, fluffy looking bocages ever done to you? Just look at them, so fluffy, clearly you haven't gone through the re-educational class of fluffiness
  3. Funny, even the smallest steam fixes contain more than that. They also don't announce if they are going to make them, they just do. Because you can only fix a bug once you find it. The general quality of your posts made me think that this is the acceptable standard of this forum. and lol who's been bitchin, posting sorry excuses of insults, and then tip-toed around arguments? But it's not like I can expect anything better from a sad man that is the mashup of a egoistic prick and a spineless retard. You are so mad that you contradict yourself. Playing nice? Oh please, read your own
  4. You people do like to contradict yourself Noplan I think they have advanced so far into the denial that they are soon going to think that I am a A.I program because obviously no human would talk foul about their gem
  5. Womble, patching a game doesn't make it magically go away. It, you know this may sound a bit unbelievable, -fixes the game and in the case of IL2 sturmovik, increases it's content.
  6. Yes how dare a customer buy a product expecting it to function properly and have proper support for it that was also listed to come with the product. Phil Culliton has been the only one who has made a good post supporting BF's viewpoint without a passive-aggressive attitude, you people need to step it up.
  7. I'd gladly pay ten bucks for that Yes, whatever that happens to offend you absolutely justifies acting like jackass.
  8. Are you saying that you are going to kill yourself? Put a webcam on while I get the popcorn
  9. You clearly don't understand. The community of a game plays a big role when a player seeks out to buy a game. He checks the game, asks around communities, checks what issues it has etc. Based on the information gathered they then determine if they want to buy it or not. A good community helps with difficult parts or issues with the game, the customer would be statisfied with friendly community that actively helps. Then he/she might recommend it to others aswell with similiar taste in games. Your absolutely sheer hostility towards ANYONE who criticizes Combat Mission is overwhelming and
  10. Oh my God What is with you people and your obsession of a belief that there's only one person in the world that doesn't approve of Battlefront's methods? That actually criticizes the games? You're adorable. You're still afraid to say anything worthwhile, I can just imagine you in real life as that one pencilnecked guy who always submits to anything anyone demands or asks and then mumbles to himself in the corner.
  11. Nah, you are just addicted to me and whatever because you just have to make sure that I'm not talking about you. And because your obvious act of being a edgy troll isn't working. So far the posts you make gives the general impression of a moron who seriously can't think even for a simple argument and resorts to insults and generally aggressive attitude. Also BF1942's one patch was 3GB's big, contained unique weapons, maps, several balance fixes, fixed bugs, improved graphics, etc. It also didn't cost anything. Oh, what's that? Saying that I want everything free? Silly you. Go o
  12. Oh wow Mord, you try to be edgy and I make a little jab at you, which is all it requires you to go full turtle mode. Why you still haven't tried to argue sensibly about why the developers are right to charge us money from every bite of a pizza that we already paid for? Are you afraid of something Mord? Well you know the saying: "Ignorance is bliss". They are just secretly afraid that their precious game isn't a perfect gem.
  13. Hey Noplan, wanna bet how long Mord is going to hang on to his delusion that we are same person just because we aren't gullible retards?
  14. No, it was to show how much more every other strategy game of any type (including turn based, mind you) have in their patches. That are also free, but obviously you were born without a spine to say anything sensible or trying to have opinion of anything for that matter. But that doesn't stop you from posting childish things. Speaking of which. Do you have Alzheimer's for any chance? That disease tends to reduce the mental state of adult people to the level of a child.
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