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    JM Stuff reacted to Bozowans in CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread   
    The great human wave attack on Hofen! From the scenario "Day of Attrition". This is supposed to be one of the opening German attacks on the first day of the Bulge.

    In this scenario, the Germans get two battalions of Volksgrenadiers and not much else. I think they have around 700 men in total. They must cross huge areas of open ground and capture two cities with little artillery support and no tank support, and no vehicles except a few trucks. They have some HMG platoons and some mortars, but their greatest asset is their enormous numbers of MP44s. Some squads are outfitted almost entirely with MP44s. So I figured my greatest chance was to attack en masse -- a giant human wave to cross the fields and get within rifle range as quickly as possible, so I can use the superior firepower of the MP44s.

    To my surprise, the advance goes much more smoothly than expected. Many of the American units are overrun and annihilated, and I take many prisoners.

    German troops overrun and destroy a battery of AT guns, gunning down the crews with their MP44s:

    German troops fire at retreating US infantry:

    About halfway there, some of the Germans halt while they wait for a smoke barrage to come in and cover the final assault on the town. They come under US artillery fire, but for the most part, the Germans are advancing too quickly for the shells to zero in on them.

    I managed to storm the town and drive the Americans out with ease, but before I could reorganize and move on to the next objective, the game seemed to bug out and it seems I'm unable to finish the scenario. All the movement orders for my whole force stopped working all of a sudden and nobody will move or even fire at the enemy. It's like my army is a bunch of robots and someone hit the killswitch on them, and the whole force shut down all at once. Very strange thing.
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    JM Stuff reacted to Aragorn2002 in Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead   
    So how's the bugging going, Steve?
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    JM Stuff reacted to Oleksandr in Tactical Lifehack   
    Part 24. Keeping enemy closed, adjusting front line plans, cheking out those trees etc. 
    Note: This mission got perfect conditions for a reason of showing some core principals. In real battle you should expect involvement of heavy armor (will talk about it later), aviation (will talk about it later), intell will not always be there from the very start (will talk about it later), and so on. The reason for this series is to introduce players who werent using massive amounts of units with some basics related to managment of huge force at once. Again - in real battle you will not have these conditions but by viewing this topic you might pick up something what you can further adopt to your own battles. Last but not least - fair and unfair scenarios will be shown here within time. This topic is not for days its for years to come so be patient - feel free to share your tactical lifehacks and feel free to ask questions. Critics are welcome as well - but a constructive one (imagine we are all sitting in HQ and thinking how to do things better together). 
     So from the previous posts about battalion level attack on a company you could see the general plan for adjusting and forming 2nd phase frontline. 
    But before you do so you should take care of time consuming stuff like - calling for an arty support and for checking out those tree lines on the right and on the left.

    In general you should always be careful while moving through forests and treelines. The reason for that is simple - your enemy can be waiting for you there and if his infantry is already in position it will see your infantry and will open fire first. Who opens fire first usually wins. But when you are in command of a larger forces you can let yourself do things what you would not be able to do while commanding smaller forces. 
    So while planing all that movment you should also take care of further arty support. It will take time while commanding Ukrainian side so do it in advance. 
    While that is going on start forming a group what will push through those woods. 

    It would be great if you push those positions what you've managed to already put under fire few times. So for example - there were 3 vehicles standing in those woods - forces around them were in good moral and good standing. Now when as you can see smoke is going up - those units are not as tough as they were before. Pushing them with an entire platoon step by step from one side and flanking them with spec ops at certain moment will minimize your risks. 

    It will take time but it is a good thing - sometimes under electronic warfare conditions your arty stike can be a long wait (up to 28 minutes actually). 
    so use that time. 

    End of Part 24. 
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    JM Stuff reacted to ncc1701e in New features curiosity   
    Ability to split a squad inside a vehicle or something like that. If I have a squad inside a Bradley, I would like to be able to disembark a scout team of two men without
    exposing the entire squad to small arms firing.
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    JM Stuff got a reaction from Rokossovski in Naughty or nice... here's some bones!   
    Yes is true but we have to think when he answer to questions that he cannot working on the development of the game on the same time.
    Yes i would like also have some pics and...will have probably also some questions...I am also very impatient of the new titles.
    ...don't takes my last remark in account...
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    JM Stuff reacted to MOS:96B2P in C2 & Information Sharing (REDUX)   
    Okay.  Thank you. +1
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    JM Stuff reacted to Oleksandr in Oleksandr's Modding Space   
    CMBS: Ukrainian Marines In Field Toad Camouflage By Oleksandr

    This is a huge mod what will replace standard ukrainian uniform with two new ones: Ukrainian “Assault Suit” and “Mabuta Mk-2” both in Field Toad Camouflage.

    Ukrainian Marines and Special Forces are wearing both types of uniforms finished in this unique camouflage.

    It was created by the same company what created “Varan Camouflage” and Mabuta-Mk 2 uniform – P1G-Tac.

    Wearing this uniform your units will perfectly fit in the game.

    This is how Mabuta Mk-2 will look like in the game (you might remember that uniform by using my first mod “Mabuta Mk-2 Varan Camo”):

    This is how Assault Suit will look like:

    Units in the game will be predominantly wear Assault uniforms while fewer soldiers will be wearing Mabuta Mk-2 (its way more expensive).
    All the gear was reworked accordingly – for example knee protection:

     or helmets 

    Patches of Ukrainian Marines were added as well.

    NOTE: This mod will not work with my “Varan Mabuta Mk-2” mod. You need to delete it before using this one. But you will lose nothing because Mabuta Mk-2 itself is part of this mod, although it is covered by a different camouflage now. 
    NOTE N2: All the skins for this mod will came out as a stand alone mod because I want people with any of my mods seing those boots, gloves, eye protection, face masks etc. So it will came out soon as a stand alone mod. 
    NOTE N3: This mod will not conflict with any of my Digital Camouflage mods. 

    I hope you will enjoy it!
    Link to Download: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=5841
    Glory to Ukraine!

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    JM Stuff reacted to MOS:96B2P in Oleksandr's Modding Space   
    Some of @Oleksandr mods at work in the field.  Very cool. 

    Thanks for the mod work. 
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    JM Stuff got a reaction from Oleksandr in Tactical Lifehack   
    Really appreciate your job but, more the time that you take to explain, with lot of text, giving some examples, defined in details situations, added somes personals infos, take time to respond to some posts...ignore the others one... and almost every week, a beautiful mod...man... YOU alone, let working the forum...😊👍👍
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    JM Stuff reacted to Artkin in Tactical Lifehack   
    It's pretty ridiculous how often the forum has to be regulated nowadays. It's nearly March... SF2 time !
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    JM Stuff reacted to Oleksandr in Tactical Lifehack   
    One more thing - I will not talk, react or support any toxic stuff. I don't have time or willing to do that. 
    I found out that something was said about me just because Mr. Steve quoted. I've blocked few individuals long time ago and I have no intention to keep in touch with them.
    If they are saying something here (which I dont see) it is your right to listen or to ignore them. There are few people with whom I have no desire to talk to, and I will not. Now they can say anything they want - there will be "0" reaction from my side. I do what I do - they do what they do. 
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    JM Stuff reacted to dragonwynn in CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon   
    Here is a link to some preliminary screenshots of a work in progress. Red Dragon is a campaign depicting a North Korean blitzkrieg into South Korea in autumn of 2018. I have modded nearly every building in CMBS to what hopefully will give an Asian feel. Terrain, uniforms,vehicles have also been modded. This is my first attempt at modding so it may not appeal to some.
    I have done a huge amount of research into this to make the conflicting sides as accurate as possible. However obvious limitations in the BS game engine will limit this. I have even modded some of the Russian voice files to Korean for the NK side. 
    The SK will use the coyote brown slot so nothing I can do on voices there. Im still debating on using them in the campaign.
    Anyhoo here is the link to some screens. Any feedback is welcome.
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    JM Stuff reacted to MikeyD in M-26 Pershing..Super Pershing ??   
    Originally I saw that photo in the hobby historical journal 'AFV News' Vol 24, No.1 1989. It was first printed in a 1970 article about the M22 Locust (foreground), then someone spotted the weird Shermans in the background.
    According to the brief article, Eisenhower asked Montgomery for 17 pounders during Normandy but Britain needed all they had so none were procured before 1945 (supposedly 160 guns). The Shermans in the photo have US '30 series' war dept numbers, .50 cal stowage brackets at the rear, and late US commanders cupolas. The article says they're remanufactured M4s. They may be VVSS suspension with grousers added. Hard to tell. I saw another article on them noting where the picture was taken but that reference in long gone.
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    JM Stuff reacted to akd in M-26 Pershing..Super Pershing ??   
    My favorite:

    M4A3E2 “Jumbo” upgraded with 76mm, relocated M2 for loader, M1919 for commander and M3 .50 cal (1000rpm) in coax position.
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    JM Stuff reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in M-26 Pershing..Super Pershing ??   
    Still hunting.....Finding all manner of interesting stuff:
    But not what I'm actually looking for! 
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    JM Stuff reacted to Oleksandr in Oleksandr's Modding Space   
    Glad you like it man. Enjoy this game when you will have it! 
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    JM Stuff reacted to sburke in Balcony?   
    Romeo, oh Romeo, wherefore art....  BAM!
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    JM Stuff reacted to MOS:96B2P in Balcony?   
    Thanks @Sgt.Squarehead.  Don't edit your above post.  I have to show it to the wife and get it in my signature line first   ...............
    Below is my SOP for rooms with balconies. 
    1. Give team a circular Target Arc about the size of the building.
    2. Slow team into the building & then to the desired floor.
    3. Give desired floor waypoint a Target Arc out the reverse wall.1
    4. 2nd turn give the team a permanent Pause3 order.
    5. Give team a 32m 360oTarget Arc2 and consider Hide.
    Notes: 1)The team will have LOS out the forward wall of the building from the reverse wall.  This will also keep team from entering a balcony on forward wall.  2)A 360oTarget Arc is used to prevent the OpFor from approaching outside a wedge arc & does not affect observation. 3)Pause keeps team from moving to forward wall & entering balconies.     
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    JM Stuff reacted to slysniper in Balcony?   
    I don't think so.
    But you can try the face command, if they are commanded to face towards the opposite side of the building than the balcony they might not go out on it.
    But if the balcony is the direction the enemy is, what would be the point of that.
    I personally avoid balconies levels for my troops unless the enemy is at extreme ranges. They just do not give as much protection as being inside the building.
    The only other time I send them to those levels is if I have fire power controlling that location. then the risk is low and their view is improved.
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    JM Stuff reacted to Heirloom_Tomato in Am I able to install this on more than one computer?   
    I have CMBN installed on 3 machines right now, my main desktop, my laptop and my daughter's laptop. She is enjoying LAN battles with me almost as much as I am.
    I have CMFI installed on those three as well as my desktop at work. 
    My understanding is the game comes with 4 activations initially and a new one is made available every year you own the product. 
    As for Steam, Battlefront have stated repeatedly they will not be using the Steam platform.
     As stated before, my daughter and I have been playing LAN battles with each other without issue. I own a copy of Civiliation V and while it is installed on both our laptops, I need to buy a second copy to battle her thanks to Steam's DRM rules. So a big thanks to @Battlefront.com for not using Steam so I can introduce the joys of CM to the next generation. 
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    JM Stuff reacted to Bulletpoint in Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead   
    By the way, didn't they say they would start in the late war and then work their way backwards, getting to the early war eventually? Or was it that the game families would go back in time, but modules would progress forward in time?
    It seems both the new games (CMFB) and new the new modules for exsiting games are now converging towards the end of the war. This seems a bit strange to me, because we will then fight the basically same situation in three different games:
    Nearly beaten Germany vs the USA (CMFB)
    Nearly beaten Germany vs the USA - but in Italy! (CMFI Rome to Victory)
    Nearly beaten Germany vs the Soviets (CMRT end of war module)
    I guess you could say it makes business sense to use the already developed content in as many products as possible, and a lot of the customers probably want to fight in the late war, with the most powerful tanks etc. I'm not saying those three settings won't be interesting to play. But for variety, I think it would be more interesting to branch out in different years of the war, where the relative strengths were different.
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    JM Stuff got a reaction from The_MonkeyKing in Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead   
    Well sorry my post is on the wrong place was talking in general rules for the promised awaiting release and not about CMBS !!
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    JM Stuff reacted to sburke in Barbed Wire   
    You know I think along the same lines, but insurgent warfare was never something BF wanted CMSF to be about.  That we have it at all is wildly cool, but nah I don't see them making much effort to look like 2017 Syria.
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    JM Stuff reacted to sburke in Barbed Wire   
    So you are asking for all new stuff. See above reply 
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    JM Stuff reacted to sburke in Barbed Wire   
    you are a little slow today.   
    if the exploding attribute of a VBIED could be transferred to the driver rather than the vehicle (perhaps at a reduced level if he dismounts, say a Medium rather than Huge IED effect), he could be used as a suicide bomber by deleting the car in the editor, while the car could be used as civilian traffic by deleting the bomber/driver and leaving the spy.
    "If" means a new feature then probably no.  Changes in ToE have nothing to do with what you are asking.  Nice try (and yes it would be cool, but as many of us have been trying to say - keep your expectations closer to "It is CMSF in 4.0" not CMSF with your wish list).
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