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    JM Stuff got a reaction from Kozlice in Second Part Of The Experimental Mod   
    Hi Folks
    A new mod is on the CMMODs
    Modification of the Big Guns falling shells (without movements of turrets) ! (Second Part of experimental Mod).  
    Hope will be helpfull !
    Have fun !
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    JM Stuff reacted to Erwin in Priority !!   
    It's a scenario called Tactical Ops Center that MOS has designed and is in final testing (and it's had a lot of testing) for CMBS.   This is a genuinely quite brilliant "re-imagining" of what a CM2 game can accomplish with all the new options that a designer has in the CM2 toolbox.
    I won't say too much or spoil any of the many, many surprises you will find in this scenario.  However, it's safe to say that MOS's scenario simulates low intensity operations in a sector of the Ukraine front vs Russia and Russian Separatists.  The player is in charge of a Forward Operating Base (FOB) and one has troops (US and Ukrainian) that one needs to allocate to many different roles - (eg: roadblock clearing, resupply, rescue beleaguered garrisons, locate Russian Separatist bases etc etc.) just like in RL. 
    MOS has cleverly adapted and redesigned a large 2.5Kmx3Km map so that one gets near-operational feel to the CM2 game (that we have not been able to experience since CM1 which features maps as large as 8Kmx4Km).
    The really brilliant aspect is the way MOS has used all the bells and whistles of the CM2 system to offer all sort of in-game information sources, eg:- Intel, SIGINT, S2, SCIF, UAV's as well as info from Detainees and Defectors(!) to provide actionable reports. 
    The player needs to use all this info in order to gain an overall picture of what the Separatists/Russians are up to.  The player has to decide what his forces are capable of, and therefore what info his forces are capable of acting on.  The player's decisions and the actions of his troops will affect what happens in the game later - just like in RL.  
    Over the last almost 20 years of playing CM1 and then the CM2 family of games, it seemed like all scenarios were stating to feel the same or at least so similar as to be becoming boring.  So, this creation of MOS is a breath of fresh air and am eager to keep testing the latest Beta.  The experience constantly amazes and surprises me and feels almost like a brand new game system - like a CM3...
    You guys will love it...
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    JM Stuff got a reaction from Bulletpoint in Mod to remove thunder?   
    I dont say and show in my text  (backgroundrain.wav) but background rain.wav just to precise !
    When this doesn't work the problem is somewhere else !
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    JM Stuff reacted to The_MonkeyKing in Afrika Korps or Early War?   
    Fulda Gap! Very few strategy games out there to get my cold war fix... My absolute favorite setting.
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    JM Stuff reacted to sburke in Afrika Korps or Early War?   
    Actually Fulda Gap is just a generic term.  What is the first campaign I'd like to see done in CM... errrr….. Group of Soviet Forces Germany - would be First Clash on the Canadian 4th Mech Bde Grp. 
    Love that book
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    JM Stuff reacted to Pete Wenman in Afrika Korps or Early War?   
    The early war kit is more interesting imo, and i find the desert terrain too similar for prolonged interest. North Africa is better suited to Ops level actions or higher. Early war is much better suited to CM's scale.
    Just my 2p
    Edit to add I'll take Fulda over anything else BF could offer
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    JM Stuff reacted to sburke in Afrika Korps or Early War?   
    My response- "are you freakin kidding me?  With all the possibilities you give me those 2 options?"  
    My preferences -
    1. CM Afghanistan remade in CM 4.0 with both the USSR Era and the current war represented
    2. Fulda Gap
    3. Mid East war 67/73.
    However given only those two choices - early war.  Desert is boring - especially the maps.  Much rather have the Fall of France.  Stonne as a campaign game!!!!!!
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    JM Stuff reacted to John Kettler in D-Day Radio Broadcasts. What Europe & the Home Front Heard   
    It would be cool if BFC gave us some sort of a rotator which would pick from a number of sound clips. Ad rotators are well established, so I see no reason something similar couldn't be done with sound clips.
    You refer to the code Paul Verlaine passage to call the Resistance into action just before D-Day. "The long sobs of the violins of autumn wound my heart with monotonous languor." Hadn't thought about that passage in ages.
    John Kettler
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    JM Stuff got a reaction from Wicky in D-Day Radio Broadcasts. What Europe & the Home Front Heard   
    This is the clip sound that I use in the generic for CMBN added with some french key codes like the most important..."les sanglots long des violons de l'automne blesse mon coeur dune langueur monotone"...
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    JM Stuff reacted to markus544 in Bridge at Remagen   
    Hope to see something like this in the near future

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    JM Stuff reacted to Ghost of Charlemagne in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    Great news about the patch and CM:SF2, it was long awaited.

    Any chance of a special effects pack/module in the future?
    It would include full 3d explosions, improved explosion craters based on the kind of ground (i.e. on hard ground like a paved road or rocky ground the crater would be much more shallow), more detailed building destruction (i.e. each building floor is divided into numerous "destruction-sections", instead of just one), flammable buildings, terrain and flora, blood and gore and animations for wounded pixeltruppen.
    Would anyone else be interested in such a pack/module?
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    JM Stuff reacted to Aragorn2002 in Update on Engine 4 patches   
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    JM Stuff reacted to Anson Pelmet in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    The heads-up is much appreciated. Been playing Combat Mission since Beyond Overlord was your only game, and nothing sampled since has come close to matching its realism. Especially looking fwd to the WW2 East Front addition. I and others appreciate your honesty, and the integrity of your product!
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    JM Stuff reacted to IICptMillerII in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    It's completely understandable in context. Between the major engine upgrade, the new website, new game releases, staff turnover, a new model on using 'contractors' for textures and the like, upgrading Shock Force, new modules and other projects like defense contracts (phew!) there has been a whole lot of transition this past year or so. That's bound to cause some friction. I can only speak for myself, but I think you've more than made up for the understandable information vacuum. 
    This is fantastic news! I can only begin to imagine the nightmare it was trying to isolate the specific issue in the code that needed fixing. That, and I know how much time and effort must be sunken into patching, and the relatively little return in value developers get from such work. I really do appreciate the efforts that must have gone into finally squashing that bug.
    Can't wait to see what other tweaks are in store with this patch, and for Shock Force 2 and beyond! Never thought I would wish for the summer to hurry up and get a move on. 
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    JM Stuff reacted to TGarner in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    Steve no doubt I am sure it is hard maintaining ongoing communication here and getting all the work you guys have ahead of you done.
    Your participation here is very much appreciated but I think most everyone understands you have work to do, heck considering the age group of CM fans I am sure we all have other things we need to be doing   But hanging out here of course is more fun.
    Like I said before and not to repeat myself but I really do personally appreciate your honesty and the information you have provided here tonight.  I am super duper times infinity excited about the patch and most of all SF2!  I might even find some sand to dump in my underwear just to get the full immersion when that baby comes out!
    Have a good week!
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    JM Stuff reacted to TGarner in Update on Engine 4 patches   
    Thank you for the update and the honesty.  
    You guys do what you need to do, I can only speak for myself but the issue was never about getting the patch ASAP it was more of an open and honest communication issue and you have addressed that here.  I personally very much appreciate that.  I hope you guys(Devs) don't just look at us as a bunch of entitled kids here yelling for more stuff.  It is easy for the testers in this community who know what's going on behind the scenes to keep a cool head and in some cases mock and point fingers at those of us who are not testers for seeking information they themselves generally have. 
    I hope you and the rest of the team understand our frustration and from the sound of your post you do.  We love you guys(not in a gay way) and obviously love your product.  Hell this game series has been a major part of my entire gaming life, so it is important.
    Keep up the good work and thank you again for the honest communication. That goes a LONG way!
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    JM Stuff reacted to Aragorn2002 in CMRT Module 1 Bones   
    Well, I salute you all. I may be critical at times about the lack of information, but I'm very impressed by what you guys have created and are going to create.
    Thank you, Benpark, glad to hear that.  CMFB looked so much better after installing your winter tree mod.
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    JM Stuff got a reaction from Mord in CMRT Module 1 Bones   
    OMG OMG OMG !!! cannot wait, thank you Steve for this big update infos yesterday and today, our patience is really honored now !!!!
    You and your Staff will receive the Lauriers soon, Combat MIssion is really the peace of cake of every game,
    hope that you will receive from gamer analysts a big big big publicity to be The best game of the year !!
    because,  BATTLEFRONT  deserve it really  (* * * * *) !!! 
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    JM Stuff reacted to Heirloom_Tomato in encouragement !   
    I agree.  Please keep up the great work BFC team.
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    JM Stuff reacted to Rinaldi in encouragement !   
    Honestly @CarlWAW I'd insult you, but I'm not quite sure you're worth the effort. You're basically self-defeating at this point.
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    JM Stuff reacted to Mord in encouragement !   
    Didn't sound like he attacked anybody to me. Sounds like he is trying to bring some positivity to the table in the midst of all the negativity that's been posted lately. But apparently you aren't gonna let the rotten b****** get away with it.
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    JM Stuff reacted to Aragorn2002 in The patch?   
    Perhaps YOU don't even exist. I don't bloody care. I most certainly don't like your malicious, paranoid comments. I just want to enjoy these great games, get some decent information from time to time from my favorite gaming company and be able to look forward to coming releases.
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    JM Stuff got a reaction from Bulletpoint in Mod to remove thunder?   
    😁 pOor Bulletpoint waiting to a correct answer ...will try to find something...
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    JM Stuff reacted to Andy_101 in Mod to remove thunder?   
    There's a lot of videos and memes being thrown around on these boards of late.  It's a bit like a classroom when the teachers aren't around (I'm looking at you Battlefront!)
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    JM Stuff reacted to Oliver_88 in German helmets not working to full capacity   
    Files that have an .mdr extension are models. The ones that have lod written into the filename are versions of the same model but in decreasing detail. They are used instead when games do not need to show the object in maximum detail, such as when the viewpoint is far away from the object, and so they use these lower detail versions to save performance.
    For example when opening them up in Blender;
    smod_british_helmet-para.mdr, the helmet model using 199 vertices, 520 edges, 320 faces
    smod_british_helmet-para-lod-1.mdr, the helmet model using 156 vertices, 396 edges, 240 faces
    smod_british_helmet-para-lod-2.mdr, the helmet model using 73 vertices, 172 edges, 100 faces
    smod_british_helmet-para-lod-3.mdr, the helmet model using 61 vertices, 140 edges, 80 faces
    smod_british_helmet-para-lod-4.mdr, the helmet model using 37 vertices, 76 edges, 40 faces
    smod_british_helmet-para-lod-5.mdr, the helmet model using 16 vertices, 30 edges, 16 faces
    You can see that with each model for this helmet the detail (number of vertices, edges, faces the models made up from) decreases. Having the most detail smod_british_helmet-para.mdr would be the one being used when your viewing the unit close up. And smod_british_helmet-para-lod-5.mdr having the least detail would be used when the viewpoints very far from the unit.
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