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    JM Stuff got a reaction from MOS:96B2P in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    nice to see sherman riders, I hope one day to see that also for cmbn !
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    JM Stuff reacted to MOS:96B2P in New Mini-Campaign/Scenario: Alarmeinheiten   
    Partisan ambush triggered.  

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    JM Stuff reacted to Lucky_Strike in Is there a reason there has not been any Pacific campaigns   
    Yes indeedy. Bocage and low bocage, and even hedges to a lesser extent, are incredibly flexible for creating interesting ground cover. They can be combined with so many different ground textures and other foliage such as trees, bushes and brush to create a variety of dense cover. I have similarly experimented with using gapped bocage as the basis for thickets in European woods and forests since this is something which is missing as a foliage type in all the games. The results are surprisingly convincing in game and provide both concealment and more or less cover, especially when viewed from ground level.
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    JM Stuff got a reaction from Vacilllator in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    immersion total beautiful graphics nices sounds the first moments of the clip is very real seem to be the beginin fo a movie all is very nice !  also the sounds far away is nice ? really enjoying to see from the begining to the end !
    russian tanks slogans, externe noise also the engine and gear very nice 
    scenario seem to be also very interresting !
    missing only the tanks tracks trace and the foot step in the snow and all will be perfect !
    probably one of the best clip !
    ok sorry the response stay at the end of the video  I just delet my question ! 
    plus one 
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    JM Stuff got a reaction from Lucky_Strike in Mod Renaming Protocols   
    I am happy to read the content of Lucky and Erwin, towards his tests and this works cos we wan the best for our little tin soldiers
    so the brz that break your head, when they are, I will say unzipped
    from CMBN in particular,
    yes this module contains innumerable files, sometimes not essential, because obsolete or having changed suffix, and where an in-depth study of the files is necessary to dissect the content, for example :

    by sacrificing some textures with a copy of his game is necessary to discover that all the files are not used in the game, I have experienced it, and I have voluntarily drawn a colored circle from different colors on my uniforms, doing the same with helmets and faces to find out that not everything is used in the game.

    The face files are not all used to my astonishment, the 14 american skin files of my last mod, the famous
    CMBN Mod: US Helmet Paras Normandy Filthy,... more, over the face files have two names, and some could be put in the trash, like for example the following skins
    german-soldier-skin 1 2 3 .... bmp
    locate in the folder at the beginning brz H: \ 2 Normandy V4 \ Mod Tools \ RezExplode \ exploded \ a ...

    compare to the following ones in copy or with a changed name
    german_skin 1 2 3.bmp
    american_skin 1 2 3.bmp
    locate in the folder H: \ 2 Normandy V4 \ Mod Tools \ RezExplode \ exploded \ Normandy v200 \ skins
    this is only an example, and I am sure other files are also irrelevant about, helmets, uniforms, and other files ... and can be erased without danger to launch the game, which may save us a few seconds at the launch of the game, it remains to be seen which ones ?
    I had thought in the past, to choose the most suitable mods of CMMODs, and to replace the precious bmp wav files ... and thus form my own brz files, but this work is a titanic work, especially since taking only the last modifications are not enough, for example using only the last modification Normandy last patch is not enough, because one or two files will be necessary to launch the game, located in directories a, b, or normandy v100,101, .. or the slightest error is fatal for the launch of the game, and I therefore abandoned the creation of my own brz files.

    But I think about it again and one day by making a copy of my original CMBN, I will manage to have my brz with the mods already included, and therefore save loading time by always having other novelties in my precious z folder.
    for info another similar bulkrenameutility software is as follows

    Advanced Renamer I think a bit easier to use.
    just saying 
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    JM Stuff got a reaction from NPye in Getting into more complex builds. Is it worth it?   
    Download on, this take time.. Meine Gott is really a lot a lot 16,8 ghz !
    Thanks you very much to share all your job, I m sure this will be really interresting, let you know when download is finish !
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    JM Stuff reacted to NPye in Getting into more complex builds. Is it worth it?   
    Ok heres the dropbox link please let me know if it allows you to download? Cheers https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vrkfrw40525ne43/AABy-v3KYZXlQohBsX-IQbzaa?dl=0
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    JM Stuff reacted to Erwin in CM3?   
    Well... many of us have been faithfully supporting BF as they told us when CM2 was released that the plan was to work back to Early War.  We're disappointed that process seems to have been abandoned - apparently BF doesn't consider it profitable enuff as the main US market simply wants to play US forces beating up on other nationalities.  Ditto re Afrika Korps - even tho' we already have xnt desert terrain in CMSF.  However, it seems that Afrika Korps games and some Early War are staples of most cardboard wargame developers.  So, this prejudice against Early War (incl AK) could be merely a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    Right now we have Koh leading the heroic work to produce both AK and EW mods.  When CMBN was released, some scenarios were produced that simulated East Front.  So, if the demand is there, you never know...
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    JM Stuff reacted to Erwin in Sophist's Modding Nook   
    Oh no...      Olek was doing some really interesting high quality work.   But, yeah... one often has to have a pretty thick skin dealing with certain people on the forums.
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    JM Stuff reacted to kevinkin in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Hi once again ... 
     This is my scenario design. But the back story for this video involves a few more hard working players. The video is perhaps the best within CM. Very well done and I cant take credit for it at all. 
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    JM Stuff reacted to Frenchy56 in kohlenklau CMFI North Afrika QB map-mod project   
    CMRT's model seems to be working properly. Here it is:
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    JM Stuff reacted to kohlenklau in kohlenklau CMFI North Afrika QB map-mod project   
    It is 0920 on a winter day in the Libyan deserts of Cyrenaica. A light wind comes from the northwest. It is raining and the ground is damp. You are just east of the safety of the Italian garrison at Bardia. That safety is not your destination. Your mission is to act as the rearguard and allow the escape of a
    battalion of Italian soldiers. A beaten and defeated unit, low on ammo and on their last legs. Some are in trucks, some shuffle along on foot.  
    You are attached to Gruppo Corleone of the XXXII Guastatori Battalion. You have trained and fought with this small group of men since last year. The burdens of your elite status have thinned your ranks. You are called on again today to perform above the highest standard of valor and selflessness. 
    The British are right on the heels of your Guastatori trucks! A mechanized force with light tanks.
    Select your initial positions very carefully. There is one large red set up zone for the forces you CAN position. The trucks coming up THE MAIN ROAD are part of your rear guard. Move them at top speed to a safer area to get into position as part of the defense.
    The exit zone is your objective for the retreating Italian unit coming by truck or by foot ON THE SIDE ROAD. Several more convoys are expected. Move them at best speed to the exit zone.
    Achieve Points by exiting those defeated soldiers and by destroying enemy units. If you have less than 10% casualties for your side, you get a bonus.
    Study carefully your Guastatori unit to fully utilize its capability. You also have 2 foxholes and 3 sets of mines. Take 15 minutes to achieve your mission. Your own escape is not part of this battle...
    get it here! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/icm3a2cnnfebzv5/AABxI54rnRxig2gmgMQcCuc2a?dl=0
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    JM Stuff got a reaction from kohlenklau in modding early war Soviets...   
    CMFI CMAK2 CMRT...you are everywhere and work like Ants...
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    JM Stuff reacted to Damian45 in Welcome to 2021!   
    Hi Steve,
    I really hope this feature of having a hat and helmet mixed in with the units to be added to most of the CM games especially Normandy, I want my British/Canadian and Polish paratroopers with berets and helmets.
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    JM Stuff reacted to kohlenklau in modding early war Soviets...   
    Thanks to @mjkerner for his excellent job adding 2 front pockets to the Soviet M35 uniform work in progress.
    Any uniform modders want to volunteer to take on some small tasks? Please PM me if you want to help pull the Barbarossa wagon across the finish line.

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    JM Stuff got a reaction from Centurian52 in Engine 5 Wishlist   
    -group isolated soldiers  who have lost their headquarters and be integrated into another squad regardless of their category (one helping each others).
    -allow any soldier to use weapons or vehicles with by exemple a penalty in time if this one is infantry (those who must learn the manipulations on the spot) but are able to use it after a certain time (suspense for the player to see if or when and how the soldier with be able to use it).
    -different colours to recognize squads.
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    JM Stuff got a reaction from kohlenklau in modding early war Soviets...   
    Waiting to your early war mods with your feldgrau blue colour I guess one day we will see probably some french battles like "La bataille de France" awesome job Phil !
    If I can help, you know my number...
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    JM Stuff reacted to mjkerner in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    If I had my way, it wouldn’t be.
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    JM Stuff got a reaction from MOS:96B2P in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    very nice details this tank is really strong also with the two hits, he is not dead, we can read the "gebraucheinweisung" to use the pazenfaust, hopefully he will  not missing it, on this distance... but also see that the @benpark helmets mods is also not dead !
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    JM Stuff reacted to Sophist_13 in Sophist's Modding Nook   
    Hello! Thank you for your feedback!
    I faced to a problem - mds. files (skeleton) aren't open with ordinary tools. This format was used by old games, as Return to Castle Wolfenstein etc. As it turned out, Devs use 'entirely different', custom mds. format. So, we aren't able to import and modify .mds files. So, I'm still able to create new elements of gear, but I can't synchronize these with animation. For example, I can put hood over-suit 6sh122, but it won't be synchronized with the animation of body. So, don't wait a complex Ratnik-mod, only light version can be released.
    1. It was supposed to work this way - only for new digital uniform. If you want to have a ttsko-version I can upload it.
    2. Hm. I checked covered or varied goggles on Oleksandr's uniform mods, only problem I faced, is different textures (helmet - body). Tell me what is uniform mod you prefer, and I'll make a compatible version. 
    Unfortunately, future versions won't see the light until autumn (If you want, I can share RU Forces Varied Googles). Now I'm working on a new redfor campaign (readiness - 14 of 16 maps, core units, partly - briefings, schedules, AI, etc). It's my first experience CM-campaing making, don't wait something quality.
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    JM Stuff got a reaction from Centurian52 in Engine 5 Wishlist   
    Including the comments above @Ultradave
    -A system of colours or icons to recognizes visually the differents squads
    -Representing each soldier in a squad
    -Having a Chief of Command Floating Icon
    -Introduce horses to prepare a futur early war
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    JM Stuff reacted to chuckdyke in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Thank you. I use XBox Game Bar for my screenshots and post process it in Affinity Photo. If you don't like the Photoshop Subscription, I strongly recommend this program. I don't use Mods.
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    JM Stuff reacted to Macisle in Kharkov Map Sneak Peak   
    I'll be away from the forum for the rest of the summer. Here's one last pic for the road:
    Some of the new WIP textures on map, with a shot of the same view from the real world.

    Have a good summer, everybody! 🙂
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    JM Stuff reacted to Lucky_Strike in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Thank you fellow modders.
    P.S. @JM Stuff I'll have some notes for you later, just got to write them up properly.
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    JM Stuff reacted to kohlenklau in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Serious request: Can someone please purchase a PzIIIG and take it for a spin? Do you see any odd 3D issues with the gun mantlet during elevation downward? I haven't messed with the mdr in Blender at all. But it seems there are some oddities...

    EDIT: OK, trying to be a good troubleshooter, I removed ALL my mods. Restarted CMRT. Here is what the PzIIIG did that I was seeing. (I was worried it was my 3D tinkering...)

    Maybe these things happen all the time and I just never noticed...like a guys thigh slightly sticking out a truck? 
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