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    If you want the sympathy of the masses, you must tell them the most stupid and raw things.

    In the world, there are 10 types of people. Those who understand this message and the others.

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  1. Oh man oh man !! I lovhate peoples like you Mord 37mm,and cie... never completely satisfy to theirs mega headache work, insecure to the result, and always ready to starting again and again until... so beautiful and so real that,...the wind and the rain themselves stop, and hesitate a moment,...between, your pictures, and the reality!!
  2. @Lucky_Strike like in the reallity when somebody, knocking at your door your have two choices... Let enter ...or closing for a while untill you find yourself the right moment ! So believe me I can be patient and like only talking too much sometimes. ... be quiet and drink fresh the savour of the sips can be only better ! I don like and don t want to be a lapin and more have a comment without issues ! JM
  3. very interresting variant wish to have some in CMs ATK will be usefull !
  4. ... sorry can not resist, I drool, in the front of so many differents aspects of colors and aspects of yours (Lucky and Falaise) satane bocage! take your time, this will be only better and better and better... JM
  5. About the Bocage with a big B, because he is the king of the attention today, i will say only OMG OMG hope to see this one, soon finished on my own desk... ... and hope to see soon from @Lucky_Strike and @Falaise a texte similar as, download now...really impressiv and full of hope ! like said @benpark Fantastic stuff ! Titanesk and Headeache work !! JM
  6. Your fires colours look like really fire, are you using a own mod ? JM
  7. ...hmmm, would like to see a bocage mixed pictures and effects from @Lucky_Strike and @Falaise must be very interresting, usefull, and bordering of the reality ! ...could be the last that you could doing @Lucky_Strike but this will be your best of your best of , after, «nobody» will asking you to do something...unless...you are yourself not happy with the result ! and starting again from a to z ! 😁 JM
  8. Littéralement, ...un mot un geste et @Warts 'n' all fait le reste... Literally...a word a gesture and @Warts 'n' all does the rest... helpfull is this little warts...😆
  9. Yes Steph exactly perhaps a sentance like "french cancan for men" or gay hedgerow will be more appropriated, but yes only somebody with "Heavy" french knowledges, can understand it,... well our culture have also to be discover... Anyways... this was a joke that I couldn't let it pass !
  10. This one is extract... from the Combat Mission Battle of Normandy Scenario "La cage aux folles" !!
  11. For infos Arma have a lot of Camo faces on his website... I am searching to a camo paint, looking like the screaming eagles 506th airborne, with mohawks camo faces, but dont find anything for now, if somebody have something about, let me know... mixing with a mod similar as (Mos Remove Some German Helmets), this must be possible to do it, but for Usa or CW of course... JM
  12. ...mouth-watering for all these added futurs little projects and effects, that you made already with perseverance, or obstinacy (don t know exactly which one I have to use) never completly happy with your job, and searching always the perfection ! I take you at your word...(those vines jar with me, we’ll see ...) jM
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