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    If you want the sympathy of the masses, you must tell them the most stupid and raw things.

    In the world, there are 10 types of people. Those who understand this message and the others.

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  1. I dont understand always your Old English fine Art, but I like very much this one...
  2. Happy new year for you and your Staff Steve It s very comforting to receive new information, including very beautiful screenshot, thank you for that. I am really excited while waiting to see what the Fondation from the two "BF Sitlerine" (Les Deux Grands du Temp) will reserve us and will produce for us, and I am full confident to the alliance, and, for the time I can already remember a little text that makes me happy and smile, which is the word, "MIX", included many time in your text... for the time you can be sure that this serie of game that you and your staff created since loong
  3. Thanks you for thease added infos. Be kind and respectfull with peoples that you appreciated, be quite with the others I think this is the mode of some forums... Yes longtime ago, that we don t listening something about this sympathetic guy, all my hope is with him !πŸ€
  4. Hey Lucky Man I am really enjoying the panache of your Hell Work, however I have a question regarding Booties Vid do we have to installing the Barbarico tool to have more effects or this dont play any roll ? In the jungle of the differents presets is not really easy to see clear... Yeah! you deserve to have a citation under your name, and you just enter in the Dinosaurs Modders like, Mord Umlaut Aris and ManyMany others cos your mod is a must now you have only to jump to the others modules🀣... By the way have somebody some news about Mord ?
  5. Sound good Operation Dragoon could be very interresting...with a clever reworking files modtag all is already there to manage ! Let flowing your silly idea...if I can lend you a hand let me know !
  6. Good Idea, I will check the old CMMODs (III) completly in case of there is something !!
  7. Didn t know existe a Basic Pack, I have like you the two parts from CMMODS, like I guess lot of members of the forum , if you get it please let me know ! Cher JM
  8. Downloaded without problem, first approach, there are a lot of possibilities, something to make everyone happy, congratulations to this monumental work of hell, now I'm going to break down the zip filesin details, and try the test scenario that you included . I see something that you cannot see ... the respect that I have from people like you ... working many hours and hardly and never be completly happy with themselves, for our happiness! Soon the critics chapterS...πŸ˜† AND HAPPY HAPPY TO YOUR YOUNG BIRTHDAY, this day have to cover ALL your wishes with peace and happiness, f
  9. ...must be a fake message or spam I don't open this kind of things is too early to be real...πŸ˜† With this one you win the title of Mister Strike! I Will let you a feedback later... I want say much later... JM
  10. Interresting videos and infos about tactic in the 80' where some of us were in these real situation...
  11. FOR sure I'm ready when you are πŸ˜‰. Looking forward to it πŸ‘.
  12. Very nice picture,detailed atmosphere, we can feel the cold and the stress really beautiful...!
  13. Oh man oh man !! I lovhate peoples like you Mord 37mm,and cie... never completely satisfy to theirs mega headache work, insecure to the result, and always ready to starting again and again until... so beautiful and so real that,...the wind and the rain themselves stop, and hesitate a moment,...between, your pictures, and the reality!!
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