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    Probus reacted to JMDECC in Which Combat Mission do you think has the most fun gameplay and why?   
    CMCW. Hands down. 
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    Probus reacted to LongLeftFlank in Operation Barbarossa Ever Winnable?   
    For those interested, dipping again into the writings of @JasonC, from years ago in these forums (and BGG):
    "Germany was the first great power to know there was going to be a war, but it was also the last to mobilize its economy. Predictably, therefore, it lost catastrophically.
    "It was an article of faith for Hitler that Germany should not compete in all out "material struggle" as it had in WWI, but should instead rely on Aryan superiority, quality and tactics to achieve cheap and rapid victories.
    "The decision to attack Russia in the first place showed a singular contempt for the military importance of odds. The British empire, Germany, and Russia were approximate equals in industrial and economic terms. The Germans drastically underestimated Russian military power. The idea was indeed annihilation battle, but it was also to defeat Russia in one swift campaign of a single season.
    "The hope was that Germany's new methods of warfare had made a war of attrition unnecessary - the complete mobilization, the millions cycled through the fronts, the massive expenditure of treasure and blood through munitions to grind down enemy armies. At the operational level, the Germans were seeking annihilation much more by maneuver than by battle. At a tactical level, they had come to believe in armor as the restorer of shock in the old sense, and the decisive arm, always to be employed offensively.
    "The German 1941 performance was outstanding in every military sense, with the Russian moves initially dismal and barely passable later on. The cards were stacked as neatly as you please.
    "The basic story of 1941 is the Germans chop the Russian army into pieces and gobble those pieces up. By the time they finish swallowing, there is a new Russian army in front of them. Repeat until the Germans miss a step and stall. People debate which step was the one that missed.
    "What defies basic logic is expecting to fight a state as powerful as Russia to the death in a planned war of extermination, without mobilizing your own economy.
    "The main issue was simply that they were in an all fired hurry, for no decent reason, other than not bothering to plan for a longer war. 
    "The German army in front of Moscow in November 1941 had absolute numerical superiority. It lost it by December. The reason is the Russians were mobilizing a million men per month and the Germans weren't mobilizing even enough to replace their own losses, which were a tenth those of the Russians.
    "Germans were still working only a single shift at critical war plants in the fall of 1941. Key plant was being used 10 hours a day, most women were not in the labor force. 40% of steel production was going to civilian industry. 
    "The Russians were much closer to losing in pure attrition terms than people often realize, because a 5 to 1 loss rate is one heck of a headwind to try to make up.
    "The Russians had been treating formations like ammo. The 1941 Russian economy was working much better than anything else in the picture - they were mobilizing, the Germans weren't; they got massive quantities of war material; they fielded new armies reliably and got them where they were needed, strategically speaking. And those armies milled around, in total chaos, until destroyed - under cockamamie orders and utter confusion. Chaos and confusion reigned in the "near rear" - roughly, railhead to front line in the active sectors. But the next lot were getting off trains 100 miles further east. 
    "The Germans overran areas that contained half of the Soviet prewar population. While something like 12 million workers were evacuated and men inducted beforehand and refugees, still around 50 million people passed under German rule. There wasn't any numerical discrepancy left to speak of, in the two population bases, by November.
    "Yes the Russians could pull back in space terms. But there weren't a lot of additional recruits to be had in the Urals. Not a million a month. They could keep up the huge mobilization rate for a while anyway, but not forever. Not at 1941 loss levels.
    "The sustainability of all the Russian offensives of the second half of the war depended on mobilizing manpower from the last areas cleared, and getting them into new units within 6 to 12 months. Those provided half or more of the new recruit flow. The loss rate simply wasn't sustainable without the front moving their way.
    "The Germans are wiping out over three quarters of a million men per month and the Russians are replacing it, but not gaining. The Russian force in the field has a half life on the order of 60 days. And it isn't the October mud pause that stops this - October is just as disastrous as the months before it, and the respite from the mud is too short to matter.
    "No, the key thing is that the Germans aren't getting anything themselves. 50k replacements in a time period when the Russians get more like 3 million. It is the sheer scale of the Russian mobilization rate that is the strategic shock to the Germans, and they don't even know it is happening. Every million men they wipe out, they think is the last. When it is just another month or so.
    "If the Germans had mobilized as they attacked, they'd have had double the Russian force by November and as many additional tanks as they produced in 1942. What happens in November is the German logistics start giving out, that lets the Russian loss rate fall and the front stabilize, the rear area chaos clears up somewhat (or at least, is matched by equal chaos in German logisitics by then), and Russian front line strength soars.
    "The Germans have 2.7 million men in the field and the Russians have only 2.2 million, on November 1. A month later the Germans are weaker not stronger, and the Russians have 4 million. The Russians just don't lose a million men in November - that is all it takes.
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    Probus got a reaction from Lucky_Strike in Amoeba camouflage--prepare to be shocked!   
    I would be given the yellow with brown polka dots when I got to the front of the line...
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    Probus reacted to John Kettler in Tankova Brigada (Tank Brigade) English subtitles   
    All I'd ever seen before were stunning clips and VO in Czech. Thanks to English subtitles and the full film, here's your chance to follow a Czech Tank Brigade in action. There is a wealth of German hardware in this film, some of which will leave you stunned.  The Czech's gear is that of the Red Army from Operation Bagration on, and here's an opportunity to see for real what we've talked about for years. 

    John Kettler
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    Probus got a reaction from CraftyLJ in Combat Mission Professional   
    A YouTuber I've been watching tweeted about PRO:
    Dunno how much he can show but should be interesting to follow.  He's just started uploading CM videos. He has many good things to say about Combat Mission.
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    Probus reacted to Halmbarte in Cold War Module speculation...   
    After the central front in Europe that's my #1 wish. The Arab-Israeli were a grab bag of everyone's equipment and the lessons learned there drove tactics for a generation. 
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    Probus reacted to Ultradave in Combat Mission Professional   
    It's been a while, but if I remember right, there were times when following units wouldn't follow the waypoints. Other times they would pause at waypoints, causing a huge traffic snarl (I'm thinking of a column moving onto the map, say, like scenario 2 in Kampfgruppe Peiper (a really handy place to have it work 🙂 )
    There were a variety of problems and they didn't happen all the time. It wasn't like you could chase down a bug because, for example, units *always* got confused at road intersections. It worked sometimes like a charm. Other times it was just a mess. I think Steve/Charles decided at the time they couldn't afford to spend more time and resources on it and postpone it to "later."  I'll try to go back and search but that was the general gist.
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    Probus reacted to Rice in Combat Mission Professional   
    I have CMPE, and after playing a lot of it, testing it, etc, I have come away most shocked with how feature complete and functional the convoy command is. I am absolutely surprised it was never put into Engine 4, and specifically, that there are so many rumors about how non-functional it is. I hope it comes in Engine 5. I wonder what prevented it from becoming a universal feature?
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    Probus reacted to Ultradave in Combat Mission Professional   
    As a number of us had said before, when it was tested it only sorta, kinda worked. And the times it didn't or behaved weirdly were very annoying. And if it was annoying to beta testers who are pretty used to things going wonky along the way, then the users would have not liked it at all.  We pretty much universally declared it not ready for prime time because of that.
    I have NO knowledge of anything to do with the pro edition, nor do almost any of us (beta testers) I think. Haven't seen it, don't know what's in it, not even a list of features. If  it works now, that would be awesome. I'd really like that as a feature. 
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    Probus reacted to arpella72 in Valley of Tears   
    Hi!.Have anybody seen this serie?.It's called "Valley of Tears" ( HBO) and it's about the fighting in the Golan Heights between the Israelis and Syrians during 1973 Yom Kipur War.It looks great.
    Now that CW have been released it would be interesting to make an expansion about that conflict.I have read somewhere that one of the biggest tank battles ever took place there.I got some Osprey campaign books about the Israel-Arab wars time ago and I'm very interested in this subject.
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    Probus got a reaction from Artkin in Combat Mission Professional   
    Ahhhh @BFCElvis, I'm playing @Artkin.  You shouldn't have told him that!  Now its gonna be a fair fight!
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    Probus reacted to Howler in List of all the latest versions?   
    Because they expand the market for goods. It's the only reason BFC would consider it. It's better to receive less than 100% of something than a 100% of nothing.
    Also, it doesn't matter how good your product is if no one knows it exist. Here too Steam offers a platform to improve visibility and facilitate service to "new" customers.
    While I have not bothered to use Steam/Slitherine for titles. I won't bitch about the change to play once PBEM++ is launched. It may not be for me but I won't begrudge someone else using it.
    These new business partnerships don't need to be treated as zero-sum. Sometimes it is win-win.
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    Probus reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in List of all the latest versions?   
    Now that idea makes some sense. 
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    Probus reacted to Heirloom_Tomato in List of all the latest versions?   
    Well as they say, there is no time like the present. Send over that next turn and let's see who pulls defeat out of the jaws of victory!
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    Probus reacted to Kevin2k in List of all the latest versions?   
    I tried it once. The steam CMSF2 has the 'Game Files' folders as a subfolder of the Game folder, where the executable is. Same goes for the Slitherine version of CMBS. They do not use the My Documents folder like the Battlefront versions.
    EDIT: As for Erwin's initial question. This page seems like a good reference for all the latest version numbers:
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    Probus reacted to JM Stuff in Cold War Module speculation...   
    67 dont forget 73 82 merka desert middle east...I feel sparks in my eyes ...
    ...wait !!  I go already making a mod or a conversion from the us halftrack for the btr 152,  armed the super Sherman and prepare the sand guns !
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    Probus reacted to Erwin in CM2 FULL INSTALLERS and BIG BUNDLE INFO as of SEPT 11, 2021 (updated)   
    To help folks who BUY DIRECT FROM BF know what are the latest (as of September 11, 2021) versions that everyone should have.
    Also, a guide where to locate the FULL INSTALLERS and BIG BUNDLE d/l locations:
    CMSF2           v2.03             last updated 7/16/20
    CMA               v2.01             last updated 7/17/13
    CMFB             v2.03             last updated 7/16/20
    CMFI              v2.11             last updated 7/16/20
    CMBN            v4.03             last updated 7/16/20
    CMRT             v2.11             last updated 5/3/21
    CMBS             v2.16             last updated 5/26/21
    CMCW           v1.01
    Some like CMA (v1.03) and CMSF (v2.04) may require additional updates.
    Where to locate:
    One has to locate one’s latest purchase of any of the Big Bundle games and that links to the big bundle d/l site for all of them.
    CMSF2 and CMA purchases have to be located separately.
    Hope this ends up as a sticky as we all need this info. 
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    Probus reacted to BarnesWhittle in Differing CMCW prices   
    Thanks all for the helpful replies.  Yes I am in UK.  I am so used to Matrix and Steam showing UK tax inclusive prices that VAT never occurred to me.  Anyway, I bit the bullet even harder and ordered the game.  I was based in Germany in 1983 and have always had an interest in that era.  The Cold War felt very real at the time.
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    Probus reacted to Heirloom_Tomato in List of all the latest versions?   
    Go to www.Battlefront.com and log in. From here go to the My Account section and then to My Orders. I am going to assume you will have bought the Engine 4 Big Bundle Upgrade, find it in your orders, click on the download link and here you will find the Full installers for CMBS, CMRT, CMFI, CMFB and CMBN. You will then need to find your order for CMSF2 and CMCW and those download links will also bring you to a full installer page. Each of these full installers will give the most current version of each game.
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    Probus reacted to Erwin in List of all the latest versions?   
    Yeah, but we need all that info in one easy to find location.  Have now done that.  Hope it's made into a sticky.  (We do not all use Steam.)
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    Probus reacted to Monty's Mighty Moustache in Armored Vehicles: Buttoned or Unbuttoned?   
    I haven't played much of the non-WW2 stuff but usually I don't unbutton anything that has "IR Optics" listed in the subsystems damage panel, thermal optics are better than the mark 1 eyeball.
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    Probus reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Armored Vehicles: Buttoned or Unbuttoned?   
    If it's of Soviet origin, unbutton it.
    If it's of Russian origin, unbutton it if it doesn't have a panoramic thermal sight (ie: if it's not a T-90) or radar (Khrizantema).
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    Probus reacted to slysniper in Armored Vehicles: Buttoned or Unbuttoned?   
    The best way is to just make a test map and place the units on it with both button and unbutton forces and let them spot enemy units at the range you want to verify which is quicker.
    IN cmcw, there is plenty of units that still do better open hatched. American Armor also. 
    In CMSF  its mostly russian forces with older equipment
    IN CMBS most things do better buttoned up.
    there is a little more to it than just what sights are being used. but I will agree its the main factor in many situatuions.
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    Probus reacted to Centurian52 in Armored Vehicles: Buttoned or Unbuttoned?   
    Modern vehicles will have vastly better long range spotting when buttoned, since the crew have access to advanced optics. But in any era they should have better close-in situational awareness when unbuttoned (even 2nd generation thermal optics can't compete with having full peripheral vision and being able to freely swivel your head), although I haven't really tested this much (exposing your squishy crew members at that distance probably isn't the smartest move anyway). In WW2 any vehicle will have better spotting when unbuttoned in pretty much any circumstance, it's just a matter of how much risk you're willing to take with your TCs. In CMCW it's a mix.
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    Probus reacted to Erwin in Armored Vehicles: Buttoned or Unbuttoned?   
    Here is a possibly incomplete list of vehicles that spot better while buttoned all the time (but only to the front of the vehicle).
    M1A2 Abrams
    BM Oplot
    M2A3 Bradley
    M3A3 Bradley
    M7A3 B-FIST
    I don't know for certain, but I think it very unlikely that vehicle crews have night vision goggles, so nearly all vehicles should stay buttoned in low light conditions.
    Recon-specific M1127 Stryker with LRAS3
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