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  1. How do I take care of the many partisans - with such a low limit in garrisions? Gets really hard with me having Yugoslavia, Greece, France and Russia...thanks...
  2. And to Partisans - if I put Garrisions wherever they spawn, can I hinder them from spawning - like the ones in the woods? Thanks! How can i surpress those guys or I just need to hunt them down?
  3. For SU - when i dfo not honor the Polans pact and invade Yugoslavia (I do invade Greece as well - both Yugoslavia and Greece before the officially join the Al.lies) early SU ist already at 72 and rushes quickly higher - each turn like 5 points and blows up at 87 - any idea how to change it? Thanks Is the suffiecient number of units for SU just the Garrisions or more units?
  4. Yes -as I have all the games from SC - a list might be agreta sticky as well ;-) thanks
  5. Hi, I just rejected Vichy and conquered Algiers (twice I tried atually), but never got that decision with Spain - Italy conquered it and then it said I have peace with Vichy France and they got the whole from Germany conquered France and North Africa - so somehow does not seem to work or has Germany to destroy Algier so that this event fires... As I said really enjoy the series - any new part soosn to come? ;-)
  6. Hi, can someone give me infos about the best Mods for all SC titles and where to get them - have downlaoded all of them including the expansions - thanks!
  7. Just found something else funny ;-) When my Italian forces crashed the remnants of France in North Africa ( I did not accept Vichy) all of France turned Italian - weakening my German forces PP wise a lot - cause they had conquered it all by themselves before - and it said Vichy was killed ;-) Please ficx it - Germany needs the PPs to get rid of SU... How to see the partisan activities on the map - where to place garrissions?
  8. I believe I found a bug - after I deployed my Garrison on iceland and the USA received a hit from the USA on war readiness - two turns later the britih put in a Garrison and the whole Island changes to them - both by event ;-)
  9. Hi, really love the game - actually all Games - have bought all SC and SC2 and SCWWI titles by now. I have a few questions though... What can I do to keep the SU as long out of war as possible? Is there any possibilty to keep them out of war later then 1941? What are their factors to enter war? The same for the US - how to keep those guys out of war after the Peral Harbor incident? Will Spain always join after I have not accpeted Vichy and conquered Algiers or are there other criterias as well?
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