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  1. Thanks for the update, much appreciated. I will now haunt this thread until they are out.
  2. Outstanding, this is seriously good news.
  3. Benpark: Absolutely love your work and can't wait for these to be released. I would agree the hessian cover had gone by 1944. Just lots of folliage and hessian cloured strips, plus the odd field dressing as well. These mods will make the base game far more immersive. Any hint when this might be please?
  4. Whoops not a happy customer.... I must admit to being surprise at the quality of the King Tiger. But I'm sure that it will be modded by one of the excellent artists out there soon.
  5. Many thanks. Excellent work again. Downloaded and in use.
  6. Re install Vins animated text 2.10 mod. I had the same problem and it stopped it. Available in the Repository
  7. Yes it worked for me. Even pre CW games had been effected.
  8. After installing CW all British and German units are shown with designations from Combat Mission Afghanistan. Bren carrier is Tribal Militia, 6pdr is a T72 and Infantry autocannons!! I do have the earlier Jujus interface installed. Maybe that's the problem. However very odd.
  9. Strange bug... All British and German units now have names and designation on the unit panel from Combat Mission Afganistan!! eg a 6pdr atg is described as a T72, whilst a bren gun carrier is tribal militia. Infantry units are automatic cannons. I do have CMA installeed but am reluctant to delete it.:confused:
  10. Congrats.... Battle of Rauray as a first and very accurate too. Well done BFC, many thanks.
  11. Yes I always per-order from BF, but I have to agree that this time I'm less than impressed by the silence. Could have done with being thrown a bone but Friday again and ..................:confused:
  12. With the latest patch this is becoming a game that for the first time provided serious competion for CMBN. With rapid development of DLC and eye watering effects this is a very good product. The latest patch even includes cover armour arc/anti aircraft fire only. They have tweaked the infantry AI who are now less suicidal. There is a growing Mod community as well. My only issue is the bonkers updating system. Believe me this takes some getting used to. I still love CMBN as it is just ahead on a whisker. APOS gives one something to chew on whilst waiting for the Commonwealth module...
  13. " Breaking The Panzers" by Kevin Baverstock. The 2 day battle of Raury July 1944. Superb blow by blow account of the 9th SS counter attack against the Tyneside Scottish, 24th lancers and 2nd Kensingtons (HMG) Regiment.
  14. So it was you by the tin pavilion on Hampsted Heath. I want my new drawing pins back.
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