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  1. Thanx for the info - now I know where to get the smoke Should I position my mortars in this level in direct or indirect mission? I see that direct missions gets them fire very quickly but are also prone to be hit by enemy artillery. Seems also that as soon as I put my tanks in the position first one of them gets hit by a AT gun and when the gun is dealth with my tanks get hit by the heavy German offmap artillery. This level is really hard but now I'm making some progress. I opted to split one pioneer unit into two parts, send them quickly towards the bridge to blow up the fences an
  2. He sent one divided platoon to the bridge in order for the first enemy positions to be uncovered and had pioneers follow that platoon in order to destroy barbed wire and clear the mines. He managed to get to the bridge with those two groups without any bombs falling on them. In my case I get bombed before I manage to get to the bridge. Maybe I should have used the quick move order to negate the time needed for the enemy spotter and artillery to start firing on me? What I forgot to do though is to mark all other units to be hidden - will do so next time I play it and see the results. Also
  3. Yes he did but as soon as I move any of my units artillery barrage starts falling to where the movement is. I haven't divided my units though, maybe that is the cause.
  4. I got totally raped in that level by the German artillery! How did he manage to arrive to the bridge untouched? When I sent my de-miners towards the bridge they got shot at by the arty and fleed. Are you supposed to fire smoke shells from the start so that you hide your approach?
  5. Does anyone (besides the devs obviously) know what has been fixed/improved and when approx. can we expect to see the patch to be released? I know that the patch will be lunched with the new expansion but that is all I know. Now if someone can indulge me...
  6. Seems like another bug to me - needs to be adressed by the devs in the next hopefully soon to come patch!
  7. Ha ha so funny - one user said the devs will say exactly what they then actually said on the matter! Well I really hope it gets fixed!
  8. OK, thanks for clarification! Hope it gets fixed. Do you think a patch will come together with the new expansion?
  9. OK! This means only the destroyed optics issue needs to be addressed in the next patch and the tank combat will be simulated properly.
  10. Am new to the series and need a little help. What is the XO unit? How should I use it? I concur it is some kind of the observer but lacking the radio it's use seems kind of limited.
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