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  1. 1 hour ago, StieliAlpha said:

    Correction: It is Stalk I, not II.

    While searching for it, I found this on EBay:


    Looks like all components for “Pattons Best” and “Raid on St Nazaire” on a DVD. Probably good to get a in depth impression of the games.

    Can't answer your question but I can let you know a remake of Pattons Best is in the works right now. Will be published at Compass Games most likely. 

  2. Yeah, my first tabletop wargame per see was Risk too but I was 7 years old when I first got in contact with the computer games so that platform was where I got my first taste of the blood.  Only returned to boardgaming after a friend lurred me into them a few years ago. Moving board pieces around activates other brain sectors then by playing pc games, I can really feel the change.


    Loving both mediums with plenty of unplayed or barely played Steam and other games in the library too.

    Got the Second Front already on my radar. Spoke with the developer - it is gonna be an arcady CM so not that sure I wanna have it but waiting for reviews to make up my mind.


    Thank you for chimming in.


    Off to sinking some more Japanese boats I go now - dog is tired from the forest stroll and games, wife went to the beach and the house is all mine now... Silent Victory here I come!

  3. 1 minute ago, StieliAlpha said:

    I did not read your thread since a while now. How is it going with your board games?

    I started about 45 years ago with AH‘s Battle of the Bulge. Then came Midway. Thereafter perhaps 150 others. Back in the 90‘s, I sold a few and I sort of lost track.😊

    I have at the moment Shogun (aka Ikusa) Empire of the Sun, Sekigahara, Silent Victory, D-Day at Peleliu, Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid, Julius Caesar, Pacific Victory: Pacific theater of WW2 and Napoleon: The Waterloo Campaign. The last 3 I made myself from the Columbia Games spare parts and user published map modifications which I printed on neoprene mats and modified player cards which in the end netted me bigger maps 'cos the originals were too small for ease of play and I saved a few bucks too doing so. 


    Have other board games but do not fit into the wargames cayhegory. Have a bunch of GMT games preordered and a big whish list of games I wanna have. 


    Haven't ordered any tactical boardgames as of yet since CM games scratch that itch already. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Vacilllator said:

    There's nothing quite like opening a wargame box and sifting through the contents.  Even if you have to earn it first, but as you say it can be enhanced by having to wait.  Enjoy it and let us know how you get on with the games 😉

    It is indeed a very special immense joy! Especially when the components are made so good - GTM has some top notch stuff going on for them. Will be some time before I can play them but will do, thank you. 


    16 minutes ago, slysniper said:

    I played through about six battles that it provided, then did some of my own to see how well the game did with certain match ups.

    then , put it aside, I want to play some h2h with it, but I have only one son out of my kids that I might convince to do that with me and being he is married with 3 kids. Finding the time for such things is not a common event.

    Maybe you can trick your son somehow to come or play the game on the vassal - no trickery needed for the vassal. :D


    12 minutes ago, slysniper said:

    Anyway, I played it enough that I was impressed by how such a simple system did a good job of portraying a complex thing.

    Where as, anyone that played ASL well and knew all the rules  and how to use them. Deserved a collage degree. I wore out my chart chards multiple times, it was a constant grind to go through all the charts just to have a dice roll.

    I still haven't found anyone who would play Conflict of Heroes, Combat Commander and Old School Tactical, all 3 boardgame systems and tell me what he thinks of each. I know tasted differ but soem general outlines for each compared to other could be given. 


    Thank you for your input. 

  5. 52 minutes ago, slysniper said:

    I use to play all the old stuff from Avalon Hill with ASL being my Love, with ownership of most of their modules in that and most of their other war games also.

    But once close combat and combat missions came out,  my love for board gaming really began to stop. I sold my ASL stuff and held on to all the operational and strategic games. But don't find the desire to play them much.

    The rules are too complex for most people to try and pick it as a game to play against most.


    But I will put in the suggestion of the Conflict of heroes series. My kids gave me Storm of Steel - kursh 1943 a few years back as a present.

    I will say, A much better design than ASL in that the Rules  are simple and not hard to understand and can be explained to someone else pretty quickly. High quality Board and units.

    It does a very good job of dealing with and having the feel of battle at the tactical level.

    So I feel good about having it in my closet  for when the world starts coming to a end and I have no electrical power. I have something to still spend my time on.


    I dont know if I would consider it great as a solo game, just for the fact there is cards that are being used by the players, so there is a factor there that is missed unless playing h2h



    Storm of Steel has a solo expansion - you might want to get it for when electeicity is out. I am only interested in Conflict of Heroes Guadalcanal for when the solo expansion comes out if ever. Not sure still if Old School Tactical system surpases it though. 

    I will defenitely put more time in studying tactical boardgames and decide if I should get me a tactical one and which one of these I will get. Most likely none but we shall see. 

  6. 9 minutes ago, ratdeath said:

    I played a bit ASLSK #1-2 a few years go, want to do that again.

    There is a Pacific module (self contained) for ASLSK: ASL Starter Kit #4 PTO

    Unfamiliar with ASLSK? It's a light version of ASL on it's own or to learn the basics for the real deal :)


    Added it on my to study list. Am hesitant to get tactical level boardgames though.

  7. 12 hours ago, Vacilllator said:

    Which ones were the first 3?  I may have lost the plot in all of the posts 🤪.  Initial thoughts on what you got?

    Haha, yeah, no wonder, I was shelling you guys with boardgames.

    I got Silent Victory, D-Day at Peleliu and The Doolittle Raid. Only opened Silent Victory - my wife have given a green light to open that one and that one alone as a reward to me for cleaning up the garage. There are two more day -long things I will do around the house and for each I get to open another game. Fun, useful arrangement, haha. Also makes the whole arrival more valuable due to accumulated positive tension. 

    So I opened it and loved the content and then she came and I explained her the brief history of US submarine warfare in the Pacific and how it relates to this game. She said: "Oh but rhis is horrible, you can die in the submarine in this game!?" Hehehe. We went over the components, the medals, the historic captains and showed her where you put punched counters and she went: "Oh,  I wanted to throw away those plastic covers!" She thought my newly arrived counter trays were just some fillers for the games to stay in the box. Thanks (insert any diety you worship) she didn't! 



  8. 45 minutes ago, Zveroboy1 said:

    Yeah when you read other forums, you see that the biggest gripes other people seem to have about CM have very little to do with graphics, it is usually either 1/ the DRM and activation system, 2/ the pricing and 3/ people butthurt and salty about their interaction on the battlefront forum with Steve. Steam integration should take care of the first two.

    And even if the reviews are not stellar, it still means thousands of potential new customers.

    Now if we manage to integrate Steve into STEAM I think we have a winner right there - 3rd problem solved. ;)


    Seen people from other forums see CM crowd as an elitist, closed, militarist, uber pro usa bunch of guys who get hostile easily when someone says something that most often then not triggers them. Something down that line. 

  9. Ordered Silent Victory, Doolittle Raid and D-Day at Peleliu today. Yeeey!  

    Dropped Tank Duel from my list- not liking it. 


    Newly added on my whishlist:

    • RAF: The Battle of Britain 1940 DELUXE Edition with Mounted MAP -> the classic everyone mentions.
    • Tinian: The Forgotten Battle -> company level and its system gets much praise.
    • Picket Duty: Kamikaze Attacks against U.S. Destroyers, 2nd edition
    • B-17 Flying Fortress Leader, 2nd edition
    11 hours ago, StieliAlpha said:

    Interesting “shopping list”.

    Re P500: Be aware that the games still may be years away (like new BFC titles. Hehehe....🤓)

    Re the GBoH-series: I first bought SPQR, waited a looong time for the release, and was not too impressed in the end. For me all battles turned out into a “push and shove” contest. Years later “Lion of the North” came out and that one was much better: Introducing muskets, guns, a variety of tactical formations. Resembling the beloved “La Battaile” series, but obviously in a 30 Years War-setting.

    Yeah, I know how P500 works but thanx for the heads up. :D I might never get my Aelxander... Others are in more safe position though.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Zveroboy1 said:

    Just checking this thread to see how your shopping list is shaping up. The only game on that list I have in my collection is Alexander. Like you I am also looking forward to Pacific War; it is one of my grail games, been looking forward to the reprint for a long time. Not sure about the other ones.

    But I wanted to point out something I think you are probably figuring out on your own. Most of the "lightweight" wwii tactical games you are considering are not likely to bring anything new to the table if you're a long time experienced CM player.

    It can be a fun change of pace, an interesting side dish but I don't see how they are going to feel too satisfying for you unless you pick something that's either really in depth and detailed or that deals which another theatre, scale or era. CC for instance, to me it feels almost like a euro game, more than a proper simulation. Like I said, it can be fun and entertaining, in a refreshing sort of way to play something lighter but I doubt you will learn anything new.

    Again I hesitate to recommend Fields of Fire, but at least you know you will learn something here because of its angle and the way it portrays elements that CM barely touches : command and control. And my advice is to stay well clear of Memoir 44 unless you want something you can play with your son or nephew. It is very very lightweight.

    Yes, very sound suggestions that I agree with.

    I will see about FoF2. 

    I ain't considering Memoir44. 

    Tactical level in boardgames seems just meh after one plays CM games - very true that one and that is why I wrote I will probably by neither CC nor OST. 


    Do you happen to have Fields of Glory 2 PC game? Asking cos if yes I would be interested how the two systems compare (Great battles of history).


    Thank you very much for all the input.



  11. Am dropping Warfighter ww2 Pacific for the time being - seen the playthrough that just didn't click with me the way it should. Maybe I was not in the proper mood while watching it but the fact that the first edition is full of errata (missprinted cards, etc.) made me decide that I will probably wait until second edition comes out and see if it clicks for me then (saving 150+€ that way also). 

    Not sure about Combat Commander system either now - checked one video mission playthrough of it and hmmm, felt dry and emotionless for me while everyone and their mothers are saying the game offers lots of immersion. The portrayal of tactical level combat in it seems some way off to me. I watched playthrough of Old School Tactical and that system felt better. I feel terrible after writing this but this is where I stand now. Will by all means check some more CC playthroughs to see if I was just not in the right mood or something.

    Next step is to see if Fields of Fire 2 will do it for me - it felt better then Warfighter so far but more checking it out is needed. Afterwards probing Tank Duel, Interceptor Ace: Daylight Air Defense Over Germany and Amerika Bomber: Evil Queen of the Skies. Current updated boardgaming log is below.

    My GMT P500 preordered list:

    - Skies Above the Reich, 2nd Printing

    - Pacific War: The Struggle Against Japan, 1941-1945, Second Edition

    - Atlantic Chase

    - Great Battles of Alexander - Expanded Deluxe Ed, 2nd Printing

    My to be bought in the following days list:

    - Silent Victory: U.S. Submarines in the Pacific, 2nd printing

    - D-Day at Peleliu, 2nd edition

    - Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid


    My contemplating list:

    - Fields of Fire 2

    - Combat Commander Pacific OR Old School Tactical OR most probably none of these two

    - Interceptor Ace: Daylight Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44

    - Amerika Bomber: Evil Queen Of The Skies

    - Tank Duel: Enemy in the Crosshairs

    - Zero Leader


  12. 13 minutes ago, domfluff said:

    He does have the game that I preordered on GMT on the list:
    The Great Battles of Alexander: Deluxe Edition

    Well, I don't know how much I will play that really since I have Fields of Glory2 PC game that is considred the best in the genre and does all the calculations for you on the go while you have to do all the calcs yourself with a Great battles of history system but the art is amaing, wanna have a physical copy and it is regarded as one of the classics - in the end I will be happy also if not played much andwill be in my house as a throphy. :) 
    The rest of his listed games are of no interest to me.  

  13. 1 hour ago, domfluff said:

    Without getting into any personal opinions, you can see his game collection and comments on his BGG page.

    It's worth bearing in mind that very few of the reviews are for the games as-is, but instead he appears to be mostly rating and commenting on games he has house-ruled significantly, which clearly affects how useful that can be.

    Can you send me his BGG link please?

  14. 12 hours ago, SimpleSimon said:

    I played A las Barricadas and wasn't too impressed by it at first. I did grab La Battaile de France but by then I modified the rules of the War Storm Series to make more sense and clear up some oddities or translation errors.

     Memoir 44 can be had with all of its (gigantic) set of expansions for free on Vassal Engine and tbh it's great that way. It's way more granular with its subsequent add ons but easy enough to play still. The DVG Board Games are also all great. Sherman Leader and Fleet Commander Nimitz I had tons of fun with, and they're solitaire based so you don't have to arrange anything like other players or make single player rules for them. 

    The trouble with a lot of these games is the BOX O DICE' stuff with way too much +1/-1 stuff going on in the rules. It's not always bad, but too much of it gets really grating. War games tend to work a lot better on cards I feel, and i've been meaning to try out Warfighter or at least give the rules a read sometime soon. 

    I will probably kickstart their Zero Leader game in less then two weeks time when it opens. :D

     Still have to see how Corsair Leader plays via youtube playthroughs to determine if this is it for me.

    Seriously thinking on splurging 150€ on Warfighter.

     Might check Memoir 44 on the vassal. Just typing Memoir 44 vassal will get me to the right site?

  15. 4 minutes ago, c3k said:

    You missed a sale last month. Operation Mercury, new, was around $40.

    Yes, I know. Would still pay a hefty shipping and tax costs on top of that so the game would probably still cost me double that amount which is still almost half less then they normally cost. Their games weren't discounted in Europe. To pay the full amount I would really need to be extra invested in the game and am not sure if those monster games would be for me and played much.


    I am considering splurging 150€ on the Warfighter WW2 Pacific with Shore invasions, Medals, Vehicles and Ammo storage box expansions - checking video playthroughs now to see if the big extra monetary expenses are worth for it. So it is not I wouldn't pay that much for a game but it would have to really be good and immerse me into it. Got many wargamers suggest me to get this one as the most immersive of the bunch so I am slowly "testing" why they said so. 


    Made a big blunder yesterday night (shouldn't have happened, seems like a bug on GMTs site). Ordered a pack of 10 counter trays from GMT. The stated price was 20 dollars (below the tax limit for EU so no extra tax costs) and I had the chance of picking the fast air mail but opted not to and figured them trays will just take some more time to arrive to me without that option checked. But when I placed the order I was charged extra 45 dollars for the fast air shipping that I didn't choose. Now those nice counter trays  just became way too extra expensive for me. Wrote to GMT if this order can be cancelled and my money redirected to one of the P500 preorders I made with them or if something else could be done. My previous experience with them is they are slow repliers so I might get them counters delivered before they reply. Will tey to get thwm via their online chat system.

    Darn it!

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