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  1. Are you perhaps not overcomplicating things ? Finding a good duration and intensity will be good enough...no? This looks like a good time to do some hotseat QB testing... Pick the types of maps(terrain) you would like to test...plink down some defenders on it...and blow it to pieces 😊... Testing different settings in the artillery interface....and then watching the results. That ought to give you the best answers..
  2. RtV...the latest module for CMFI is currently the only title that has scenarios and campaigns that...from the start... is designed with the latest improvements to the editor in mind. 😎
  3. A brunch it is...😊 But no BEER will be included...its to early in the day for that...
  4. CMFI will probably feel more different compared to CMFB...when comparing with CMBN... If you can afford the bundle...go for it i say 😁...many ssems to hold CMFI as their favorit theatre... You will get a brunch of new nations to play and by now it covers the entire conflict in that area... And by the time your 'tour' in Italy is finished the CMFB module might be finished and avaliable as a bundle with the basegame...
  5. The designernotes on the briefing screen could be used to guide the player as to what changes would make the scenario easy, average, hard or very hard... According to the designer that is 😊 .
  6. Yes...this could be a good option. In a singleplayer game i can see no problem with this at all...but maybe in a H2H game. If one of the players are somewhat less honest i guess he might use the units first for some time...and then exit them before the end of the battle 🥴... I hope and belive that very few would even considder doing this...but i guess that it could be possible... In a singleplayergame the only person you would fool would be youself...and that would be quite...retarded 😤 If need be i guess that the map could be designed to prevent this but it really shouldn'
  7. One thing that i am considdering to include , in some of my future scenarios atleast, is some degree of 'custom difficulty setting'... In addition to the default player-force that the scenario has been designed to be played with i'm thinking of adding some additional units (located on a small exitzone) at the rear of the player setup area. If the player would like to include some of those units he simply moves them of the exitzone before hitting go (during setup). This will make the scenario somewhat easier then the default setup. Simularely...if he would like more of a challange he
  8. I've just finished reading David Glantz, Zhukovs greatest defeat - operation mars. The russians that had the missfortune to participate in that operation would probably have been more then happy with CM casualyy levels...🤕☠
  9. unfortunatelly NO...It is a sad limitation with the new command...It would be most useful. I actually wounder if the on-map mortar areafire trick was intentional or just a lucky by-product of the existing areafire command...
  10. I will try to do better...next time 🤓
  11. Ooohh, gosh ! Typing on my Phone... I ment to write "mein"...atleast. But that doesn't help...does it ? 🙃 My, my...my old german teacher would cry ! 😊...
  12. A-H " High explosive boobs !!! The allies are developing nuclear bombs...and you come to me with...high explosive boobs !!?" Speer "Jawool, men Fuhrer !"
  13. Ace going ! 😊... To call it pretty is not...all that easy. But then again if it was a piece of art made by 'the right guy' instead of a weapon...you could probably sell it for 5 million dollars and the people who knows about these things would admire it...forever ! 😁
  14. i pretty much played all the CMRT stuff in the first year after the module released...I don't quite remember this scenario...but i might very well have to take it for a spin a second time some day soon 😎... but then again...CMFR is not that far away...so maybe not 🙃... My number ONE kill shot of all times were in CMRT...i don't remember the name of this scenario either but i was playing the germans and one of my pz 4s came across a number of russian SU76 assult guns. The panzer opened fire and hit the first one and the shot went strait through and hit a second one...and i'm almost s
  15. Ok...a light AT-gun vs two late war tanks is a nice trade though...It's hard to keep those guns alive... Getting kills with them is quite satisfactory 😎...Not quite as much as with hand hald AT-weapons but...almost...and in third place comes the tank destroyers...as satisfactory tank killers 😁. Glad things got sorted eventually...
  16. Ooohh, damn....my misstake ! 😏 Thanks...
  17. The caiber should be the same...50 mm. And the low number is normal as far as i know...it is somewhat random IIRC but always pretty low... Did the gun survive ? 🤓
  18. Yeah... That has to be a typo...😊 (HighExplosiveAntiTank)
  19. Yepp...i guess it does 😎... I guess that we can all be glad that the germans insisted on making misstake after misstake when it comes to the 'big picture'... Perhaps not so much applicable to CM but rather WITE2 when it gets released...it will be intresting to try various variations of the historical decisions made...
  20. Apart from the eastern front i'm actually longing back to Normadie... Hopefully we will see some new scenarios and campaigns depicting the Normandy fighting that take advantage of all the modules and the vehichlepack...as well as all the improvements that has been made to the editor and gameplay... It is currently quite a different game compared to when the original Normandy stuff was made... Could be intresting 😁
  21. Combine that with David Glantz Stalingrad triologi and Jason D. Marks Death of the leaping horsemen and you will have a decent understanding of the Stalingrad fighting...🙂
  22. If you are comparing the stock scenarios that comes with the modules then it should actually be the other way around... Early CMBN scenarios did not have the bennefit of triggers and only half the amount of AI groups compared to RT... Further improvements have been made over the years...SF2 and RTV also benefits from added AI options like area fire, withdraw and face commands as well as more AI order slots... All games have since been updated to the latest standard so they all have the same features for use in future scenarios...
  23. Markshot... If you like small/tiny scenarios then take a look at... SeinfeldRules scenario thread If you have not already. These are some of the best small scenarios around imo...
  24. IMHO if you are looking for "suspense" and hope to get it from playing your own CM2 scenarios...I belive you will be dissapointed. No matter how many AI plans they might have... If you get an idea for a scenario into your head and want to se how that set-up would play out...sure...design it ! play it...but "suspense"...probably not... The greatest "suspense" or reward you can expect to get from designing your own scenario is to see if you will be able to design it to work in the way you had intended...It can be quite challeging and rewarding if you succed. Then share it with the
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