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  1. Not too many interested in the scenario (zero) :/ . I am still up for a go of any of the other breakthrough scenarios. I would overestimate my ability at intermediate level! I should be able to do at least a turn a day.
  2. Hey, Wouldn't mind trying a PBEM game of one of the smaller scenarios from Breakthrough. Have played the Balkan War scenario against the AI a few times and it was enjoyable. Probably balanced in favour of Allies but not by too much. Don't mind which side. If interested PM me! Cheers
  3. My general rule of thumb is : Research Reinforce Upgrade Buy new units Diplomacy
  4. Hi, looking for pbem opponent for CTA breakthrough. Dont mind which side. Would be interested in mirror game. Email papafourtwo@hotmail.com. Cheers
  5. Hey, as usual i am enjoying another one of your AAR's. I would like to make a quick point about the use of a whole German army in an attack on Serbia. In my opinion i think it is a bit gamey. I'm not saying that it was out of the realms of possibility at the time but was highly unlikely. German involvement to quickly knock out Serbia can be a major boost to CP's long term chances. I do think there should be some kind of penalty for CP for this to happen. Maybe operating through am allies territory should be more expensive or some kind of negative impact on units of different nationa
  6. hi, rookie looking for opponent for call to arms campaign. dont mind which side. email foxcolm@yahoo.ie
  7. Hi, Am looking for an opponent for call to arms campaign. Can play maybe two or three turns a day. Email foxcolmatyahoodotcom. rgds
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