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  1. I am enjoying Fire and Rubble's new content so far, a weird omission that I suspect was an oversight is that the Recon Battalion [Motorcycle] is present in the scenario editor but not the quick battle formations. As this is one of the only forces that gets the new lend lease valentines and halftracks it would be nice to have in regular quick battle. The only recon formations for purchase there are company or squadron size.
  2. That is true in the scenario editor, but not the quick battle unit purchase roster. For reference I am running v4.03 of CMBN with both set to July 1944in these images While in the scenario editor:
  3. Hello, I have recently returned to playing CM Normandy and have noticed that while present in the scenario editor the Porsche turret King Tiger are not present in quick battle even when set to June 44 Heer. I own and have activated all the expansions including the vehicle pack, so I am thinking this may be similar to the situation with the M8 HMC from a few years ago. I mostly play drop in quick battles online so I would love to have access to this vehicle. Unrelated, but back adding the Wasp from Italy to Normandy would be splendid in some hypothetical perfect update.
  4. Off topic slight from the prior posts, I know Fire and Rubble adds Luftwaffe FD and FJ formations to Red Thunder, but does it also add the Hermann Goering division? From what I have read, it would mostly be a cosmetic change but I have fond memories of user made campaign featuring them in CMBB and wonder if they would make a return.
  5. As far as I can tell, you get grey or green uniforms for all Heer vehicles in CMFI, tanks, assault guns, no black wraps appear for any vehicle in the heer formations at any time.
  6. I only noticed this with regular forces, not the SS or Luftwaffe.
  7. Greetings, it has been some time since I have played Fortress Italy and am having great fun playing online with some buddies. One things I have noticed, and lack the knowledge to answer myself, is that German tank crews all seem to be wearing a grey or green colored wrap rather than the more iconic black one, the exception being of course the special SS and Luftwaffe tanker gear. In fact, using the scenario editor to view battalions of armor across all three game years I cannot locate a single black wrap in any formation. Were the German forces so uniform equipped with this uniform in Italy historically? Or is this perhaps an oversight? A small issue if so.
  8. Oh baby I have always been bothered by the fact the T-72A was missing from the Syrian arsenal, since they are the only non Soviet operator of the type.
  9. New (I think) video about Uran-9 UGV from the Russian Federation. I had read it was supposed to enter service in 2017 and portion of the video seem to show a production facility building these, although I have no idea planned procurement numbers or how they will be distributed. Would be a fun toy for high end RF units though, 6xRPO 2xAtaka, and autocannon.
  10. I have previously done a look at this which confirmed the Oplot has some irregularities with its spotting abilities. I am uncertain if this is the most definitive post on this issue.
  11. Just some promotional footage from the designer of the skif missile. Top end model is pretty swag with fancy thermal camera and It appears to have at least one feature that I doubt current CM engine can support, that sweet remote control. R2-M warhead's claimed performance is also not bad, 1100mm behind ERA compared to the current R2-S's 800mm. Also, that vintage Soviet camo.
  12. I have encountered icon flickering once and I use a GTX 770. Unrelated note, is there a unmentioned change to the M36 GMC ammo depending on month? I ask because in Jan 45 panther glacis plates extremely resistant to 90mm fire at all ranges, but in Oct 44 the Panther is much more vulnerable. 45 it almost feels like I am using an M10 instead.
  13. He needs to upgrade to a 4 slice, toaster technology has improved over time.
  14. I have the same problem with crewed weapons sometimes losing and re-gaining their deploy buttons. Here are some screenshots from a recent game I played. At game start my MG42 teams have the deploy button, as seen in this image. At various points throughout the game they appear to gain and lose them. Here, four minutes later the button is gone. I thought this might have been because they were moving, but here is a stationary team with the same lack of button. (A note, I do not have both units selected despite the icon being illuminated, the rifle squad behind the LMG lost a man the moment the screenshot was taken.) I wonder if this might be due to the gunners switching to their pistols? I would hope the re-deploy option would override their hunger to be a pistolero but then handguns were always the classiest firearms. I have seen this less often with mortar teams, but have still seen it with them.
  15. I have seen this issue in Black Sea and Normandy, no screenshots or saves to document though
  16. I have run into this issue before. If you decide to suffer through long enough the Icons will eventually disappear completely. Toggling the icons on and off doesn't seem to have any effect either. Neither does restarting the game.
  17. I thought so too for sure. Indeed, it is quite a challenge. For this test I only used normal T-90A in service with Russia now and it proved very resilient. Is there an issue with Duplet ERA performance recorded by change? Oplot seems to rarely survive Russian shell hits.
  18. Known issue? Damn and after all that work. To best serve the human race at large I will post some random spotting info I collected over the past two hours. I used a split test field with two tanks on each end with 800m distance between them. Here is a picture. The victims were set to never engage and no measurements were taken from them. All target tanks were always stationary. Difficulty selected was Elite and all tanks were Regular with Normal motivation and 0 (which is in the middle) leadership. For a control I tested M1 first. All times are posted MM:SS. The cutoff point I used was from the moment the tank could have spotted the enemy (typically the start of the game) to the moment the vehicle's 3d model appeared. I would considered a unit spotting when it looked like this. Sometimes contact icons would proceed the contact, sometimes not. Tanks would never fire on contact Icons however. M1 Tyrannotitan targeting T-90A at 800m Buttoned Front Towards Enemy 0:56 0:14 0:14 0:14 0:14 average 22.4 seconds When the enemy was in front of it the M1 was both the fastest on average and the most consistent. Side Towards Enemy 5:13 7:18 3:30 2:33 5:27 Average 4 minutes 48 seconds This result surprised me, as I had bought into the hearsay that sensors were so advanced the tank could be fought buttoned with minimal spotting ability lost. This appears not to be the case however, as time to acquire went up dramatically. A factor of 13 times in fact. Unbuttoned Front Towards Enemy 0:11 0:08 0:16 0:20 Average 11 seconds The M1 appears to gain a mostly marginal advantage with the commander unbuttoned when spotting threats ahead it. Side Towards Enemy 0:17 0:23 0:16 0:57 0:20 Average 26 seconds This is an enormous improvement over the buttoned times, a factor of almost 22 times faster actually! BM Oplot Oplot testing is where things start to get a little weirder. Note that due to the range, the commander never tried to use the MG and was never in rotating status. Buttoned Front Towards Enemy 0:31 0:01 0:19 1:12 0:39 0:19 0:33 0:32 Average time 31 seconds Even with an extremely tactical one second spot, the Oplot still managed to be on average slower than M1. It was also very inconsistent having both the fastest and slowest times of those vehicles tested, causing me to run more tests than I did with M1 to try and achieve a true average. Still probably not enough of a sample size, but interesting. Side Towards Enemy 0:24 3:01 8:11 0:08 14:15 0:10 0:24 0:60 3:44 Average time is 3 minutes and 48 seconds. If the previous results were inconsistent, then these are out of control. I don't even really know what to say. It's fastest times are orders of magnitude quicker than M1, but it also has the single slowest spotting time I recorded at an appalling 14 minutes 15 seconds. But seriously an 8 second side spot of tank at 9 o'clock at 800m is really exceptional. Unbuttoned (BTR-san's Ukrainian vehicle skins are so hot) I did less of these tests since we were mostly concerned with sensor functionality but ran few just to give us more numbers to work with. Front 0:20 0:20 0:14 0:21 Average 19 seconds. Nice and fast. Not quite M1 fast, but fast. Also consistent, which is nice. I assume the slight bonus M1 has is the gunner is still using his sight since he hasn't turned out, as the commanders should be equal skill and equipped with binoculars. Side 1:43 1:25 0:55 0:45 Average time is 1 minute and 12 seconds I am driven to wonder what the difference is between the Oplot and the M1 in side spotting. Is the turret slowly rotating around and not visually represented, instead abstracted? As outlined previously, the commanders of these vehicles should be identical in ability. Unless the Ukrainian knights don't get binoculars or get cardboard ones or some such. Still faster than the buttoned times on average, but none of the recorded times were close to as fast as the very fastest buttoned times. Small sample size though. By shooting infantry first and then driving out from behind an obstacle with the target tank at 9'clock I was able to initiate the perpertually rotating commander bug. I then measured spotting times at the same 800m range. Rotary commander Side 800m 16:05 1:05 11:32 3:45 Average time is truly monsterous about 8 minutes. Not sure what to make of this, results pretty much inline with the wild and out of control numbers we got without the commander rotating, but my sample sizes are small. (I was starting to question the value of this process) Side At 150m 1:18 0:35 2:24 Average about 1 minute 25 seconds. This is pretty much guaranteed to be a fatal encounter for the Oplot. The enemy took 1 - 5 seconds to get a fix on it at this range, while it was quick to react as a glacier. I then re-did this test but without the commander rotating. With normal commander condition At 150m 0:50 0:14 0:23 Average about 29 seconds. Still likely to get fried, but rolling out from behind cover with an enemy at 9 o'clock watching you is still a very tough spot. Possibly shows the effects of the rotation bug, but with this small sample size its hard to tell. During the second half of this testing I had a spare T-90A not being used as a spotting target. I reversed the roles and let it try to spot the Oplot, while the Oplot was ordered not to engage. Mostly just a frame of reference. T-90A targetting BM Oplot 800m Buttoned Front 0:49 0:50 0:45 0:45 0:28 0:15 1:15 0:10 0:24 0:34 Average times is 37.5 seconds. Half as fast as M1, just a little slower than Oplot. Although those Oplot number are ridiculous, so I suppose any comparison is probably frivolous. Halfway through this testing I started recording the BM Oplots choice of shells to confirm a suspicion, and was soon proven correct. The Oplot seems to heavily favor the Kombat ATGM at this range, often firing two back to back to finish a target. At 150m range, the APFSDS and T-Heat warheads are used about equally. I am not sure what shell the BM Oplot is modeled using, but it sucks quite dramatically against the T-90A. Even at 150m it had at best a 50% change of doing heavy damage or destroying the vehicle. Types of shells fired by oplots fun and learning chart APFSDS:7 T-HEAT:6 ATGM:15 Thus concludes this episode of wasting time on video games.
  19. Finally, I was mere hours from composing a short story set in the Year of Our Lord 2145 with the view point of a soldier made of Hyper-diamond committing a holocaust of mainland China in the robo war being suddenly reminded of his human past when he stumbles upon an update from Robo-Steve from 2143 stating "Don't worry website almost robo-done. CMFB probably next week." This trauma awakened him to his true identity as one Mr. Vor and caused him to renounce violence and become a member of Communist Party. Thankfully I don't have to.
  20. LoL triple post, your RA regulation skins with markings link appears down could we get a re-up?
  21. Post install update, that Oplot skin is so good.
  22. BTR, that was a very long week. I am glad it is over.
  23. Honestly the Ukrainians don't have that many options for tanks to be added, most of the most logical ones are already present. However the T-80 is just far too cool to be ignored. I also think it would be pretty boss of Ukraine had some US lend lease panzers, like some of the old M1a1s we have warehoused. But such an option is even further fetched than adding t-80 in a new module. Although if its a future where we are willing to go to war over Ukraine, we might conceivable have provided them with more serious hardware, who's to say.
  24. It seems Ukraine has refurbished some of their old T-80s with hopefully more to come. Future expansions now have an even better excuse for some sweet, sweet T-80bv action in a future expansion. I know this is only a handful of them, but more T-80 is good. Also Russian T-80s should be in the future too. T-80.
  25. Does anyone know how many bros the boomerang with the 30mm turret can contain? Infantry bros that is, not crew bros. If it can carry a full Russian squad I will state for the record it is my favorite non Typhoon new Russian vehicle. Typhoon-K, the MRAP thing with four wheels at the front is the best thing man has ever created. We should intro an exact copy into US service for no other reason that its appearance. Are there any plans known about Typhoon-K production and if it will be widespread.
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